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 posted in Design This Home on Mar 15, 14 7:45 PM
Okay, I'll try some of that. I just found out that I can put the tall 2-star black fridge in front of one of the paintings, so at least I don't need to look at the hideous thing. And to minimize the pacing, I'm putting furniture in front of the doors. I just started building the master bathroom, so the baby should show up sometime tomorrow.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 14, 14 5:57 PM
That's a good thing, because for sure none of the adults ever pay attention to it.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 14, 14 10:34 AM
So... I put up the 4 cupboards and microwave in the kitchen, and some time later I get told to put TWO paintings on the kitchen wall.

Hello, game designers... you cannot do this, because you have only 1 kitchen wall to work with (plus a tiny little bit of a dividing wall between kitchen and living room) - and it's a short wall. There is No. Way. to have 4 cupboards and 2 paintings on the kitchen walls, even getting rid of the microwave. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

So I moved one cupboard to the tiny dividing wall, and now it can't be opened because it's blocked by another cupboard (why can't we move these things?). Another cupboard went into the sunroom, and so did the microwave.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 14, 14 10:29 AM
Well, I started this one, have the library and master bedroom, and no people yet (maybe they'll be too busy to go on vacation? One can only hope...).
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 13, 14 10:26 AM
Add fireplaces to the bedroom, dining room, office--even the master bath!

I never thought of putting a fireplace in the master bath. It's a shame we can't put stuff on the wall over the fireplace, or plants on the mantel.

I did put a dart board next to the main door. That would be a good way to deal with pesky salesmen, if this were a normal kind of situation.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 7, 14 10:27 PM
I don't mind characters if they're fun or interesting. Have you tried the Gardenscapes game? The butler, Austin, is hilarious. You can make him dance the disco, or an Irish jig.

The characters in this game are basically useless, in my opinion.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 7, 14 3:38 PM
Considering that these creepy residents annoy me (they never interact with each other, they never eat, sleep, sit, or even notice when the babies are crawling everywhere), I'd be just as happy to build the house and never have anyone living in them.
 posted in Design This Home on Mar 5, 14 5:23 PM
Never buy anything unless the game tells you to, because you won't get credit for it otherwise.

When putting up wallpaper or wall tiles, the price is per wall, not per room.

You cannot put a painting or mirror over a fireplace.

You will probably have an extra baby that appears for no reason whatsoever, crawling around in places that make no sense - long before you build the baby's bedroom. And when you finally do build the baby's bedroom, you get an extra baby.

Unless you turn the master bedroom into a dormitory, there may be more adults living in the house than there are places for all of them to sleep.

Some small kitchen appliances will not fit on a countertop. That's why my coffeemaker sits on the floor.
 posted in Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures on Mar 3, 14 7:10 AM
Well, that was boring... the annoying music all by itself made it a no-sale for me.
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 22, 14 7:37 PM
Since this doesn't work, we should get the coins credited to us anyway. It's not like we haven't honestly tried to do those tasks.
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 22, 14 7:35 PM
Some of those 3-star "fancy" things are really ugly...
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 22, 14 7:33 PM
I wish there were an option to give the baby to an orphanage, or something. It's ridiculous to have 3 adults, a teenager, and 2 babies in the same house when at least 2 of them have nowhere to sleep.

Unless the reason the master bedroom is so big is because we're supposed to convert it into a dormitory...
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 22, 14 7:31 PM
People don't usually have outside doors on their bathrooms, though.

 posted in Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice on Feb 22, 14 4:55 PM
I did not know the Inuit apparently have oodles of gold. Someone should tell the real Inuit that, so they won't have so many RL worries about how expensive most things are in Northern Canada.

I also wondered if any penguins would show up, 'cause apparently even though penguins are native to the Southern Hemisphere and the only ones in the Northern Hemisphere are in zoos, they always seem to show up in visual media about the North.

If the game creators wanted to make one based on the Canadian Arctic, they should have done one about the fate of the missing Franklin expedition. There's still enough mystery about that to make a good game, without bringing in nonsensical stuff about lost gold and penguins that couldn't possibly be there.

No sale here - there are too many RL-related inconsistencies and contradictions that insult the intelligence of any Canadian familiar with this part of the world.
 posted in World Mosaics Chroma on Feb 18, 14 12:21 PM
I love the other mosaic games here, but not if it's "free to play" ('cause we all know that sooner or later real-world $$ is going to have to be paid to get anywhere).

No sale here. Not even a download.
 posted in Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone Collector's Edition on Feb 13, 14 10:09 PM
I really enjoyed this game, in spite of a bit of a buggy time when I kept getting directed to the proposal sculpture - and I had already done everything I could do there. I restarted with a new character and made it to the end, although I missed finding two of the coins (and therefore didn't get to play the third game).

I don't usually care to have the music on for a lot of these games, but the piano was very relaxing in this game.

The storyline was interesting, and I honestly did not see the Big Reveal coming!

The only real disappointment was in having to leave those adorable little kittens to fend for themselves in the garden.
 posted in Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone Collector's Edition on Feb 13, 14 10:02 PM
It doesn't seem right to leave those little kittens to fend for themselves out in the garden.

You should get to adopt them at the end of the game.
 posted in Design This Home on Feb 4, 14 5:57 AM
Okay - I'll start a "storage corner" for all the old, useless stuff.
 posted in Design This Home on Jan 31, 14 4:59 AM
It would be nice if the 1 and 2-star rugs weren't all either glorified bathmats or boys' sports rugs. I had to put a basketball rug in the office.
 posted in Design This Home on Jan 29, 14 7:14 PM
So old stuff can add to the value of the house? I've just been selling mine since they can't be re-used for new tasks.
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