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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 29, 15 3:06 PM
what format are you playing on?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 29, 15 12:33 PM
Dbingamen wrote:Diane... This is a 3-part quest called Lost Pages

Dice x3, Broken Carriage x3, Book of Evil X1 (3 pet medallions)
Three Dragons X1, Airship x 240, Binding Egg x1 (4 pet medallions)
Fortune Wheel x3, Mirror Nave x3, Bar Counter x3 (6 pet medallions)

Really not too hard and you get a Gold Chest for completing it!

Remember, if you look at the outside ring of the daily quest guy, it shows you how many parts the quest is. I just found that out recently after playing for almost a year, thanks to sbaker! Thanks again, Susie. Happy gaming!

Thank you very much for the info. Maybe worth sending for the airship a bit early then! At least I know what to expect, that really helps.

And I had no idea about the ring. I will pay more attention. There are so many little things. Part of what makes it enjoyable.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 29, 15 11:07 AM
OK, this must be a new daily quest.

Starts with 1. dice x3, carriage x3, book of evil x1
then I just got to 2. three prisoners x1, airship x240, binding egg x1

airship x 240!!!! Talk about a time sink!

It is worth 4 pet medallions, first time I have seen that!

Anyone know what comes next?

I am assuming this is a 10 part, or more....
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 28, 15 1:59 PM
Gemmam77 wrote:Never open both quests, complete one first then move on to the next, this game is all about taking your time & ploughing through the quests but if you try & do them at the same time it is very daunting, take your time, do all the HOS & you will get through this.

Or, I chose to go to all with quests at one time, but to pick and choose which to fill so I can make some progress, knowing I will not do all at once. Some want easier items than others. If all I have to chose from is craft items it can be much more daunting than if I can fill some easier requests. Mix it up a little if possible.

Different strokes.....

Find what works for you, but you cannot do it all at once, unfortunately. As they say about the stock market, I think it is best if you play this game for the long haul.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 28, 15 11:53 AM
Thank you all for the clarification. Whew...

I only had ~16 hours on the quest clock when I started this am, and spent an hour completing Strange Papers. Now I get Gnome Spy, 18hrs .

So I will complete a few parts, but no way to finish without a lot of gems! So I save myself from trying to complete an intermediate one that asks too much inventory thinking I might complete them all for the gold chest.

It pays to know what you are getting into
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 28, 15 6:03 AM
I have just moved up to level 28 and wow, cool stuff!!

In the beginning I too bought gems to speed things up. By reading the forum I learned that it is better to be patient and collect by using all the HOS's regardless of need for items there. That way you build up coin, stamps and food. If you shortcut by buying too much stuff, you will always run short on something.

At first I found it very difficult to just do the rounds without trying to solve the castle quests. As I progress, I find it easier and easier, and find that I am having urges to be a hoarder. Wow. I have built up my inventory of high demand items slowly as I go along. Started at level 20 with a goal of building up at least 10. I have finally reached minimum of 20 items at all times so I won't use an item if it brings my inventory down below the min.

Friends are great for helping with this too!

Boy is it fun when you can fulfill quest after quest without having to do loops in between.

Anyway, you should at least try it.

There is an earlier thread on millionaires vs. zeronaires. Both ways work without spending your own coin, it just take a lot more time and patience.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 27, 15 2:20 PM
TiramaSue wrote:

Those are the rewards for the first daily quests.

The second batch that was issued gives a bronze (metal, rusty) chest for the 10 part quest (but these 3 quests are very easy. I've completed Rare Editions in less than 1 hour.) and a gold chest for the 3 part quests. These 3 part quests are as difficult as the original 10 part quests.

With the 3 and 10 part quests, you can tell whether you have an 'old' or 'new' quest and which chest you will receive by noting how many coins you get for each part. 30 coins means upon completion a bronze chest. 100 coins means a gold chest awaits you if you finish.

I do not have the info on the rare editions quest and have noted 2 new 3 part quests not on the list in the guide. Is there an updated list somewhere??

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 27, 15 2:16 PM
Dbingamen wrote:Diane... I seem to be missing something. I am counting Robbery of the Century as taking only 14 hours to complete and Service of the Record Keeper as 8 hours. Gnome Spy is the same at 19 hours.

I do look ahead at what is required and that is usually what stops me from doing a daily quest even if I have the time to do it. I rarely have the inventory required to do the Flag (3x) and for others, I just don't want to use so much of my inventory. It just doesn't seem worth it.

I just copied what was in the MC strategy guide.

1. 3x fire fountain...
2. 3x frozen treasure..
3. 2x skulls....
4. 2x armor n banners....
5. 3x scroll storage...
6. 2x belfry...
7. no HOS
8. 2x fairy sculpture...
9. 3x crypt...
10. 2x broken carriage....

Please let me know where it is incorrect.... Cause it adds up to 22 as is at 1 hr. each. Maybe I missed an updated version??? If so thank you for letting me know.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 27, 15 1:10 PM
I just want to say that the people who play this game and participate in these forums are the best!! They are generous and helpful.

If you are frustrated or having a bad day, just hop on the board and read stuff that will cheer you up and/or help you better enjoy your game. Threads for every interest. Solutions for most problems.

I love this game!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 27, 15 10:39 AM
Diane8722 wrote:Hi

Anyone in the Android format (kindle) have a phoenix egg to spare??? I know it is highly unlikely, but had to ask, you never know for sure until you do.

A wonderful person has agreed to donate the Pheonix to me, so no longer needed.

I have an extra piggy if anyone on the Android format needs one. I hatched the one I got on the fortune wheel so no need for the one a got from the achievements.

Any takers????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 27, 15 7:08 AM
Thanks for the heads' up guys! I have over 1200 right now, and have been gifting. Was thinking it was just an "easy item" to gift, but now realize it is a desperately needed item.

I will be more appreciative of the plain stamps I am receiving in abundance right now (level 27)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 27, 15 7:04 AM
you are so right _Frank. Was going through the list.

For those not sure, there are 3 part, 5 part, and 10 part quests. 3 part gets you a metal chest. 5 part a silver chest and the 10 part a gold if you complete all requests. You start with the 3 part and work up as you complete.

Of the 10 part quests, don't even bother with Robbery of the Century (just came up for me today). 22 hours req'd and 2 trips to the binding egg. Of course you get to keep the zz items, but still. 22 hours???

In the Service of the Record Keeper is only 9 hours but 5x iron chest, harp-n-blossoms and Prison Cell.

Gnome Spy requires 19 hours but zz's fairly easy.

It is definitely worth checking out the requirements before jumping in to complete, unless you just want the pet medallions or statistics.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 26, 15 11:32 AM

Anyone in the Android format (kindle) have a phoenix egg to spare??? I know it is highly unlikely, but had to ask, you never know for sure until you do.

I have lots of unique food and no pet for it, and none of my friends seem to need it.

Could do a turtle egg instead given availability, but I am still short on pet medallions for that, although getting close.

FYI - I see my dragon at the dice table has a hippo egg at the moment. Not sure if I will try or not. Piggy eats same food.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 26, 15 11:21 AM
for any who are not aware, in the MC guide thread there is a list of all the daily quests. I have noted that there are some new dailies that are not in there, but if you want to know what might be coming up, they are there. Just used that yesterday.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 25, 15 1:25 PM
jlongjt wrote:PLEASE HELP! I was at level 37, $45,000, and some diamonds when we got our first software update a few months back. I did the update wrong and started out at 0 everything, but I accepted it as my fault and started over. About 7 days ago my Kindle died. I was at level 26, $$$$, and 20+ diamonds. Because I had spent almost a year to get to Level 37 the first time, I spent a lot of cash to move to Level 26 fast by buying lots of diamonds to get things or speed up waiting periods. Is there anyway to get back to the level 26? I can provide a list of my purchases from Amazon if needed.

jlongjt-I am no expert (even on posting using quotes) but I think the best thing you can do is contact Big Fish directly with your player id and explain to them.

Maybe someone else has a better suggestion????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 24, 15 6:19 PM
That does kinda make the column of the fallen seem like a walk in the park, eh..

Thank you all for the words of wisdom and welcome. Much appreciated.

This forum is a great place! I don't know how I will handle it when I find another job and cannot play MC all day long....
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 24, 15 5:10 PM
And it eases the frustration of not getting the items you need most from the HOS's if you are just collecting and looking at it as inventory or future coin.

Kinda feels like you get what you want more often that way.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 24, 15 5:02 PM
Two things.

One - I have a bow figurine on mirror lake that only wants HOS items. I am at level 27. I presume the bow figuring you are talking about is different??? I saw a list of all the items in the tips and tricks thread. Does the one I am speaking get worse or is the one being referred to something else entirely.

Two - I am still new at this, but after reading some of these forum posts, I am finding my own comfort zone with money and inventory. It is hard to spend days cycling to gain coins/inventory with no forward movement, but it is soooo rewarding when you can fulfill request after request once in awhile.

I presume my comfort level will evolve as the game does....
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 24, 15 2:51 PM
I am on the Kindle format, and have noticed that there are no longer all the X's on the crafting wheel. Still have all the teaser items, but at least always getting two gifts (coins, stamps, wand, or crystal ball - maybe still diamond but have not noticed it yet). Great improvement.

Not all complaints!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 24, 15 2:41 PM
you are up to 45 Pegster. I just hit 27.
I gift everyday too, but struggle to gift those looking for the same items I am.

friend a532125 DistanceRider
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