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 posted in Gobs of Fobs on May 8, 17 2:02 PM
Purchased this game yesterday and really enjoyed it-then much to my chagrin discovered it won't save my results.Feel this is not good customer service as I see this question was posted in January as well, but didn't receive an answer or solution to the problem.Have purchased many games from you ,so how about some answers .
 posted in Fashion Story on Feb 15, 13 1:32 PM
I have just recently re-discovered this game-I love it ,but lately it has stopped saving my games and when I switch my pc off and back on ,it starts anew.very annoying.I played it years ago when it first came out and cannot remember having this problem.
I think it may be a technical error-would appreciate any advice on how to solve this problem.
thank you.
P.s. I see that I have posted this problem before and didn't receive any suggestions or help.As I purchased the game here I am hoping this time things will be different.
 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Aug 15, 12 1:41 PM
Hi, can anyone tell me which games are similar to beetle bugs 2 and 3.please?
These are the type of games I love-I tend to play them over and over again until they get too easy.
 posted in Beetle Bug 3 on Aug 12, 12 9:43 AM
I am not sure if level 26 is the one where a "bomb" machine is hidden under the grass or not.if it is you have to free it and can then create bombs to get rid of the rest of the grassy bits .
 posted in Beetle Bug 3 on Aug 12, 12 9:39 AM
Sorry,but this isn't a reply to a question.I am having the same problem as the other writer and am getting really fed there a flaw in the game;should I re-install it, or is there a trick to the level?Would love an answer :-)
 posted in Wonderland Secret Worlds on Aug 31, 11 11:51 AM
Hi-am ready to give up on windy hills-help,please:-)
 posted in Wonderland Secret Worlds on Aug 31, 11 12:39 AM
Thank you-will do as you advise.The strange thing is that I don't have those problems with the game on my laptop.
 posted in Wonderland Secret Worlds on Aug 30, 11 9:22 AM
Hi,I have uninstalled and downloaded the game twice now and it still has white ,flashing streaks across it.It also doesn't show how many keys you have collected at certain levels.What can I do-great game though!
 posted in Fashion Story on Jan 19, 10 1:19 PM
Thank you will do that-but it is terribly annoying.
 posted in Fashion Story on Jan 19, 10 5:25 AM
Hi I have recently purchased Fashion Story and can't register it. Also when I turn off my computer and want to play again next day I have to start from the beginning as -even though it says "your game has been saved" it hasn't .Does anyone have any suggestions.I must say I purchased it from a different website and before I buy it here I want to find out if this problem will persist. :
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