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 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 23, 15 2:13 PM
If you drag the piece to one of the arrows at the bottom, it will flip in that direction, then fly back to the margin. Then you can pick it up and play it.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 17, 10 4:42 PM
I have this game on the PC and solved it. I am trying to play the iPad version. I tap the animals and they light up, but the "shapes" in the rectangles don't appear, and I can't get the room with the fish/shark to open. I've tapped the animals themselves and the squares and they glitter but nothing else. Trying Hints are just decreasing my Hint count.

I have the latest update. Any other suggestions, or am I just being forgetful? Thanks,
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Apr 30, 10 1:40 PM
Like Luxor for iPhone, this game has a fixed landscape orientation. Landscape is fine, but it's UPSIDE DOWN when used with the Apple iPad cover and several other popular cases that prop the iPad at an angle for easy typing/viewing.
C'mon BFG, this is an easy fix. Pretty please?
 posted in Detective Stories: Hollywood on Jan 21, 10 5:12 PM
I, too, got stuck on this level. There's obviously a reason this game was the $2.99 deal of the day. The resolution is low, the timers are fast, and the penalties for guessing harsh. I'm mostly an adventure gamer, and it seems silly to complain that a hidden object game is a pixel hunt, but you ought to be able to tell a piece of a key from a random line.

Thanks for the clue about the brush...
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