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 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie on Dec 28, 16 7:57 AM
Thank you very much.
 posted in PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie on Dec 21, 16 5:55 AM
I am in the same pickle as Mamayaya. The map shows no points of interest and I've re-visited every scene and the hint just tells me to move on.
I also have one ballerina and two walnuts.
 posted in Dark Romance: Curse of Bluebeard on Nov 14, 16 7:19 AM
I'm probably doing something wrong but the 'Hint' button isn't working.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove on Dec 24, 14 8:22 AM
What a great game! The graphics are first rate as is the story line. This is, without doubt, one of the best games I've played all year.
One down note is that I found the games confusing and tiresome but that wouldn't stop me giving the game five stars.

Many thanks,

 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest on Nov 19, 14 6:20 AM
I couldn't agree more with Fifiluna614. A wonderful game in all aspects. Good graphics, storyline, HOS and mini-games. It was also a decent length.

Many thanks,

 posted in Relic Rescue on Sep 13, 14 7:51 AM
Thanks to those reviewers who spoke up about having to pay extra. I like games like this where you can switch off your brain and have some fun. (I have 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow'.)
After downloading and having some enjoyment I thought that I would purchase this game but, as always, I read the reviews first.
Thank goodness I did! I thought, erroneously that Big Fish games meant 'Download, try and buy (or not). This game is 'Download, try, buy and buy and buy etc.

As one of the reviewers said, "Shame on you!"

 posted in The Other Side: Tower of Souls on Aug 16, 14 5:48 AM
Shoot it down with what? All I have in inventory is an axe. I've been backwards and forwards and clicking on everything but nothing! In desperation I even spent some time just clicking on the bubbles.

 posted in The Other Side: Tower of Souls on Aug 13, 14 8:06 AM
The axe is see-through when in the wrong place. It becomes solid when it is over the proper place.
My problem is that after striking the right place and clicking on two little pebbles they disappeared and I was still left with just the axe.
What now?

 posted in Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion on Apr 17, 14 7:28 AM
Quite simply, a stunning game! The best game I've played in some time. Graphics, story-line, voice overs and games were first rate.

Thank you BF and devs.
 posted in Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion Collector's Edition on Apr 12, 14 5:58 AM
How do I scare away the glutton?
 posted in Order of the Light: The Deathly Artisan on Mar 17, 14 9:38 AM
Use your hankie to clean the outside of the antique shop's window.

Good luck.
 posted in Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol on Dec 29, 13 6:26 AM
This is ridiculous! I agree with Dorina. We are not stupid and there has to be a glitch. As for "when you think you've got it right just click on the present" all that does is move the right arm again!
 posted in Phenomenon: Meteorite on May 6, 13 10:05 AM
This is a beautiful game very well crafted. The story line, graphics, HOS and mini-games are excellent.
It also has a good playing time.

Many thanks,

 posted in 9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame on Apr 19, 13 8:38 AM
A wonderful game. The graphics, animation, story line, music etc all great.

I agree with layzeedaisy about the map, it was a real bonus.

I can't remember if I've played the other '9' set in London but I'm about to check and, if not, I'll be getting it ASAP.

Many thanks BF and DEVs.
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Apr 18, 13 7:37 AM
I really don't know why I'm bothering because the DEVS don't seem to be paying any attention to our many moans BUT after I added the last key to the xylophone they just disappeared and now I'm stuck!
Also, the lances on the door in the stable simply won't move.

I was really enjoying this game so can we either get a fix quickly (and tell us when we have one.) or give us all a token for a different game?

Many thanks.
 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Apr 16, 13 8:48 AM
As soon as I put the third xylophone piece in place, all three just disappeared and are nowhere to be found. Stuck!

Also, in the stable, the lances will just not move and so I can't enter the room.

I was really enjoying this game so I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library on Mar 13, 13 9:07 AM
I am pleased to say that I didn't come across a single glitch.
This was a wonderful game with great graphics and an interesting story line.
I often get a bit fed up with HOS where you are given lists and you have to find the object. This game gives you articles to replace in the scene. The trouble is that they are all like this and a mixture would have been preferable.
A minor criticism as the game was up to the usual high standard from this DEV.

Thank you,

 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Feb 20, 13 7:21 AM
Oh dear! So promising and yet so disappointing.
Technically, the game plays well but the graphics are old fashioned. Also there is no map or diary to refer back to. If you want another look at a document you have to scuttle back to where you first saw it.
The story line is good until the end when there is no confrontation with Legion making me think that I had been wasting my time!

I am sorry to be negative.

 posted in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil on Jan 28, 13 8:35 AM
SANDTH. Thank you so much. I was stuck in the loop after using the drill on the suit of armour FIRST! This time I used it on the Iron Maiden first and everything was fine.

This is surely still a glitch. Knowing that you would need the drill twice, it shouldn't have disappeared after the armour in my/our first attempt.

Thank you again,

 posted in Shiver: Poltergeist on Oct 16, 12 12:14 PM
I enjoyed this game although it wasn't as good as "The Vanishing Hitch-hiker".
As previously noted, the graphics were very grainy and what a crappy ending!!
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