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Karenmae08 wrote:I am having a problem with the cable that is over the coin on the Christmas tree. I have wrapped the cable with the electrical tape, but it is still sparking. And I cannot move it away so that I can pick up the coin. Any help will be appreciated...thank you!!

having the same problem. is there a solution? thanks.
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Nov 14, 11 7:51 PM
I really enjoyed the game, loved the story line. Well! I couldn't find the balloon which in reality was an Oxygen bottle I then broadened my vocabulary and thought outside the box when I couldn't find stuff - used a few hints but found my way through. Loved the extra scene games. I didn't have a problem with the cursor either!! Glad I purchased it I would rate it as a four out of five loosing the one star for bad translation.
 posted in Love Story: Letters from the Past on Dec 21, 10 4:39 AM
Don't be sorry this game was so different - like you I played it in one sitting I just had to find out what happened. Your post was my exact sentiments - I also cried in some parts!! Music was great too!!
Just so refreshing after all the ghosts, death and horror stuff we have been getting. The mini games were cute and so easy to play on my new touch screen. To the script writters - great game hope we get some more like this.
I haven't read the other posts, after reading yours I won't. I soooooo agree with all you have written.
 posted in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure on Apr 10, 10 2:36 AM
I loved this game, well worth the money and lots to accomplish. Highly recommend this one, and works great in Windows 7.
As for building the well - it just happens when you find all the items on the list, build the township for your people.
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