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 posted in Ziro on Jun 3, 10 10:16 AM
Yes, there will have plans for version for Mac of Ziro.

I dont know when will be.. but I hope that will be ready before end of the year.

I know that is long to wait, but with any luck it will be sooner.

Thats it for now,



 posted in Ziro on Feb 22, 10 5:30 PM
Try to move block number 6 from bottom to top part (where are 1, 2 & 3), and blocks 1,2 & 3 move to the bottom.

Then try to solve the level.

Yes, you need to capture one block with magnet but in process will be free.

Ask if you need more directions

 posted in Ziro on Feb 22, 10 5:23 PM
You need path for that level, there is a problem with missing element at that level.

So if your game is version 1.0 need to upgrade to version 1.1

You can go to offical site of the game for that.

Ask if you need anything else

 posted in Ziro on Feb 2, 10 4:06 PM
Ok, I see that you have made your questions... more or less.

If anyone stumble on this forum for some questions and does not find answers, please, contact me via e-mail

It might be faster reply, anyway..

Thanks to all who was active on this forum and gl hf

 posted in Ziro on Feb 1, 10 12:32 AM
No problem at all.

Ask if happens that you have more .. needs

 posted in Ziro on Jan 30, 10 3:23 PM
I will try to make detailed guide for you on private message.

But, but before that I will give you a question to think over.

Look what Teleporters do - they teleport all elements that are within filter (point over teleport with pointer to see the filter)

Question is:

What happends when block that IS NOT in the filter goes towards teleporter?

If this does not help, I can still make you a private guide.

Let me know tru private message.

 posted in Ziro on Jan 29, 10 1:26 AM

As if for level "A circle", he is 1 of the teleport levels. So if you quit playing it, you will will resume from same lavel later on.

If you are not on that level, then I agree, it can be a problem when you get a spree of hard levels under one city on the map.

If is any comfort, I see that you have played with great speed and you are near to the ending of the game.

I am impressed!

If you continue with this rate, you will beat the game in less then 5 days, and not even 2 months passed from its release!

Our ETA for this game was 2+ months, but...

Anyway... feel free to ask more. Cya

 posted in Ziro on Jan 28, 10 2:08 PM
banditrider wrote:I'm stuck on "A Circle" I'm probably missing something simple but I can't get to the 6 in the box

Well,what to say... its not easy to solve this one if you think about belt conveyers. I mean . its impossible!

Not a single conveyer is moved during my solution.

So, you need to find the way to skip their activation.

Some tips:

- Block n4 on up-right part of the level (above block n6) goes left and stuck on magnet. Very important move!

- Block n4 on most left of the level needs to join to bottom block n4 (can be done ) and using upper block that is held by magnet to free from its corner block n4 form bottom-right part of the level.

- To get block n6 form outside to inside section you need all 3 blocks n4. Only then you can match two pairs of 4, not before

I tried to be of help, but not to solve the level for you. Let me know how i did

 posted in Ziro on Jan 28, 10 3:30 AM

I will try to help.

You need dodownlaod a ptach for game form following link:


Save ZIP archive into Ziro installation folder on your HDD and unzip archive. Just launch ZiroPatch_v1.1.exe to apply patch. More info about patch you can find in READ_ME.txt file.

This patch solves the problem of level DEVIDED. It can not be passed without this patch, because there is missing element in that puzzle.

With this patch you get that element and, and you can then solve that level.

If you need anything else, just tell me. I will try to help.

 posted in Ziro on Jan 27, 10 4:43 PM
Yes, thats explains the thing.

Let me know if you have any more questions...

 posted in Ziro on Jan 27, 10 2:36 AM

Thanks for the info about transition of save positions form system to system.

.. and thanks for your pick of a level.


Maybe, now is a good moment to clear out something about game structure.

Game has in all 315 levels.

Levels cannot be skiped (well maybe can be done with future path but for now - nada)

All levels are devided in 15 groups, each holds 20 levels. (every group has 5 cities, each holding 4 levels, 4x5=20)

That makes 300 levels, but where are other 15?

After finishing group of 20 levels, you need to play one of 2 so called "teleport" levels. They are not makred in a special way, so people who play the game might not see them as diffrent thing.

First group of levels has fixed order within the group.

Other groups has random order, each time you start a Quest mode.

Starting point does not change the orders of group.

"Teleport" levels are not available in practice mode nor skill mode.

I think that this will clear any doubts on how game introduce a new level to a player.


P.S. dbe97 you have solved Flitter128?
 posted in Ziro on Jan 26, 10 4:36 PM
dbe97 wrote:hi djrije
you say i need to sacrifice a block in fillter128 but u dont say a 1 or a 2 or which magnet etc.ive been looking at this level for a day or so and i cant get the moves i have out my head so plz enlighten me a little more.
many thanks

Plain answer is:

Block number 2. on most right magnet (the one that holds block number 7).

The role of 2 is to make support point for others blocks to get to the bottom of that section and to make for block number 1 to get to the that confined block number 7.

W          2 <- there
W          M
W          7

W- walls
M - Magnet
2- Block number 2
7- Block number 7 (that is already blocked)

I hope that I helped.

Let me know if you need more tips, for that level or any other.

 posted in Ziro on Jan 26, 10 4:21 PM
banditrider wrote:Hi Darije,

I found where the game progress was saved. I'd been looking in the registry but the profile is saved in the documents folder.

I am glad that you have find that out. Anyway.. let me know how transfer from OS to another OS went.

banditrider wrote:
I managed to complete Flitter 128 but in a slightly different way to yourself. I brought all blocks out of the middle instead of leaving one there. I'd had the right idea but couldn't see the wood for the trees.

Well done, keep up the good work!

I use this post to invite everyone that might follow this forum to vote for hardest level.

I know that still there is no one that have completed the game, but still I'd like to hear from you what you think.

Also, I'd like to know which level you find fun and well designed.

Looking foward for your replys.



 posted in Ziro on Jan 25, 10 10:50 AM
Hi, banditrider

About technical matters

The game itself store profiles, out of game folder, where is installed. Even if you uninstall the game, profiles are kept in registry of operating system.

If you install more then 1 copy of Ziro (i.e. in diffrent folders) profiles made within both instalations will be available in both versions of the game.

So, knownig that, I am affraid that change of operating system will cancel all of yoor progress unless you can keep files from registry and put them in registry of new OS.

I will let you know more about this if I get more info in a day or two. If not, thats it.

About level solving, like I said I can give hints.

Flitter 128

This level needs to be planned from the begining in order to be solved.

- 3 8's at the bottom just stay there. You neeed to bring 4th 8 down.
- From central section of the level (3 2's & 3 1's) you move 5 blocks to upper part of the level. Only remainig dice can be 1 or 2 but in my solution I prefer dice number 2.
- On left side you have 2 7's and they can be matched with help of 1 block - thats easy part.
- On right side you need to add 1 to the 7 on the bottom of that part and bring up to the confined 8.
- To do that you need to "sacrifice" 1 block, for a short period of time, That block needs to be held by magnet. You can free that block later on, using adding.
- Last advice - keep matching of blocks (i.e. 7 with 7) to the very last moment. You need all support points that are not magnets.

 posted in Ziro on Jan 24, 10 6:03 AM
Good day to all of you..

... that play game Ziro. Thank you for time and questions.

I will introduce myself:.
My name is Darije. I am the level designer for puzzle game "Ziro".

I am very glad that you have started a Ziro topic on BFG forum.

Also, I am very glad that you gave me very big and profund feedback about quality of the game.

Since I am here to help you about puzzles, for the the techincal issues I cannot be much of a help, at least, I cannot be fast with replays and answers, as for solutions.

I gave a look to previos replays on this .. Ziro forum, and I suggest for me simplest solution.

Since I am here to discuss and help, and I just arrived on forum, I am hoping that is not much trouble for you, to ask all you need - using new posts.

I am sorry that I didn't come earlier, but I hope that I can help, still.

About forum on site [url removed by Moderator]...

Today the web master will work on issue that makes forum in curretnt state non usable. There is a problem with visibility of posts.

For now lets use BFG forum, but with bit of luck we will soon pass to our forum.

I am aware of problems that this game might have on diffrent computers and again, I cannot solve all your problmes, but I will do as much as I can.

So, please lets concentrate on puzzles and soultions, and later on I will give you more info, as the discussion evolves.

Intoduction is over.

Yes, level DEVIDED was impossible to solve until patch was realsed.
Level LOST SHEEP can be solved without patch.
Level STANGE WAYS can be solved without patch.
Level CORNERED can be solved without patch.

For all of you who buyed game, and still didnt patched it, please do it, because you cannot pass DIVIDED without patch. Patch is free of charge.

Even demo version needs to be patched, if you make to get to level DEVIDED.

About solutions

I am not here to solve for you a puzzle (well not always), but I can help with suggestions of any kind. You can choose the way:

1. using textual step-by-step explanation
2. Making a short movie so you can see yourself the general idea.

Second option will be avaialble as soon as our forum is up. I dont think that I can put any attchment on this forum.

On youtube there are solutions of first 20 levels. Since the game lucks real tutorial, I invite you to go to youtube and search for some answers there.

Ok, that it for now folks and thank you again.

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