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 posted in Legend of Gallant on Jul 26, 15 2:34 PM
The game ran fine for a while ( couple of weeks) then suddenly won't load the building screen. i have un-installed and re-installed to no avail. I am sure it's not my computer, all my other games work ok.
 posted in Runefall on Jun 6, 15 5:53 PM
hellfern wrote:If you look carefully, there a little yellow twinkling stars on the map to give you a hint where to jump.

Yes, AFTER you buy the upgrade.
 posted in Runefall on Jun 6, 15 5:49 PM
burf90 wrote:Actually, For any sequels. one thing that might be a real help is to just make the jump feature available all the time.

Having that feature from the beginning, just as part of clearing a board and without having to charge it up, would really be useful. You could jump everywhere and speed up the board progress considerably, even if you choose to uncover every tile. It would also be fairly easy to implement for the programmers. A mid-level save feature might be much harder to add, but this should solve most of the issues, without too much work.

To me, having to charge the power-ups is just part of the game. It would be too easy otherwise. It is nice when you get the 2x charge, given that the boards are HUGE and sometimes I just want to get done!
I agree with the person that said they would like to know how some of the side quests turn out. Maybe that will show in a sequel?
I, too am not fond of the music, but I don't on any other game except The Island:Castaway.
Overall, I find this game enjoyable. Sequel, please, developers!
 posted in Runefall on Jun 6, 15 5:37 PM
I, too, have had a couple of times where the game froze. had to con/alt/dele and start the daggum level all over again! Also, on one of the levels, I could not find the tools to open two special areas. Went over the map at least 4 times (I was VERY determined) and still could not find them. Exited, and re-started the level and found the items quickly. One other issue which I don't think is a tech issue, is the map. When you make the upgrade and are given the map (thank you developers) it says on every level you'll find one. Um, no.
I have Windows 7, 64 bit.
 posted in The Tiny Tale 2 on Jun 30, 14 12:46 PM
I have sent an e-mail to customer service, on my pc (windows 7) the game has hiccups. Play will stop briefly, then resume. on the first 5 or 6 levels it's not too frequent, but the hiccups increase as I go on in levels.
Trying to anticipate the hiccups is tiresome. if I click on, say, a pumpkin, and the game hiccups, when it resumes the check mark may or may not be there!
I have done all the "help" solutions, un-installed and re-installed and the problem only seems to get worse.
Disappointing. I was looking forward to this sequel.

P.S. I was contacted by customer service (very impressed with the speed of the response) and was instructed to update my driver. I did, and tried the game again. same issues.
Curious that none of my other games have any problems, innit?
 posted in The Tiny Tale 2 on Jun 27, 14 5:06 PM
The game has the hiccups. Every few seconds it freezes then releases. I have gone to and done all that the help pages say.
I run as admin, on (ugh) windows 7.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Mar 19, 14 3:30 PM
I cannot get this game to load. I went to the help pages and did all I could, but still get the "peacecraft" error message. Can I get a refund?
 posted in Zuma's Revenge - Adventure on Mar 8, 14 2:04 PM
Can anybody tell me what is an "ace" score? And, by whom is it set? I tend to beat the ace scores on many levels, and my daughter ( a WoW player) seems very impressed.
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 5, 13 9:36 PM
I tried many times to get this level, now that I've read FRHgames solution, I'll try again.
Great little game!
 posted in DragonStone on Jul 9, 13 4:25 PM
On level 5 and higher when I try to drop a ball, all it does is act like a shot. I have completely removed my finger from the right mouse button (the shot button) and still balls won't drop. Doesn't happen every shot, but often enough that I end up dropping the wrong color. Getting frustrated.
 posted in Geisha: The Secret Garden on Feb 28, 13 1:15 PM

This has got to be the most addicting game I've ever played!

Nice mix of genres, challenging but not too, good graphics.

My only issue is I wish the garden items could be rotated.

 posted in Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife on Aug 23, 12 1:55 PM
The actual game play is good, once you get past the narrations. Which takes forever.
I don't like the flashing light of the sundisk when you level up (each level), it gives me a headache.

Overall rating would have to be a thumbs down.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Feb 1, 12 9:33 PM
I downloaded the trial, opened it, adjusted the settings and the game shut down. The gamemanager said times up! I hadn't played at all!
 posted in Crop Busters on Aug 24, 11 9:40 AM
I too have seen the game move very slowly, but my main problem is after playing for a while, the game shuts down! No message, just boom it's done.
 posted in Ouba - The Great Journey on Aug 14, 11 4:24 PM
Completely agree-frustrating and totally addictive.
I did at one time, finish all levels!!! Was not easy and took alot of concentration. It is possible, though. Too bad that computer died, now I have to re-do the game!
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 3 on Aug 14, 11 4:14 PM
This was a no-buy for me. The game is all action and no thought. If you like really fast clicking, you're ok, but I like to plan moves.
Did like the sense of humor tho, got the "Impatient Award" for clicking 3 times while the game was loading.
Oh well, on to something else. Too bad the majority of the new games are gloom and doom, I have enough of that in my life, I play the games to have some fun.
 posted in Vesuvia on Jun 3, 11 8:27 AM
Sometimes, when I advance a level, the sounds stop working! I've noticed it is normally after a "dark" level. Not that I totally miss the ooh-oohs, but still....
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 19, 11 8:48 PM
Nansky69 wrote:
carthappy wrote:Thank you for that list! I am wondering, how do you increase a character's strength?

rainwater + golden relic + wood : increases mental strenght
rainwater + golden relic + rock : increases physical strenght

Thank you, I finally got a character with good strength.
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 17, 11 4:29 PM
Thank you for that list! I am wondering, how do you increase a character's strength?
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 13, 11 8:54 AM
Thank you!
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