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 posted in Mind Snares: Alice's Journey on Apr 19, 14 4:50 PM
I have the same problem with the sword - I have it but nowhere to go with it and nothing works including the hint button - in objectives I still need to complete the last totem. There is a bug but the funny part is the first time I played the game I do not remember this problem - Now I am playing it for the second time and seeing this at what seems to be the end or final chapter of the game.

I guess I will contact customer service to enquire about an update or fix for the bug.

 posted in Through Andrea's Eyes on Feb 5, 14 1:23 PM
I get a whole series of issues with this one.

First installation it said a game was already being played - after reboot, etc - still the same error. Deleted everything and started over.

Second installation it got stuck on 'activating' - at some point it told me the game was in the process of being updated and to hang on. Hung on.

Message is then Trial expired. Since I know I haven't played this game I deleted everything again and started over.

Third installation back to stuck at 'activating' and now stuck - can't even uninstall it from the download queue - the icons are there as if it installed but there is no file to delete.

I am done with this one and not important to waste a day to figure it out.
I guess this is therefore just a RANT.

Going to play something that actually works.

 posted in Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers on Dec 30, 13 3:45 PM
If you are stuck in the mirror here is what the Big Fish says.

Thanks for writing in. We are reaching out to everyone who has mentioned an access violation error or freezing at the mirror in Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers. While we haven't had the chance to read through each and every email yet, we wanted to let you know that we’re working very hard to get back to providing the timely service that we are known for.

The developer has been working hard to resolve this issue since it was identified. We are hopeful that there will be another update released very soon which will clear up the issue.

When an update is released it will be announced on the Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers Forum. There is a link to this below:

Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers Forum

(U R Here)

Yeah - it is that third jewel - I am so glad all we need to do is wait because I didn't want to give up this game which I love.

 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child on Jan 31, 10 3:48 PM
I have the blog walk through for this and know what the buttons are to click to align the planets on the puzzle. However they assume the first configuration when they say click B 2x, click A4 x, etc. My problem is once you play around they are misaligned to begin with, so clicking the right order the right amount of times does not have the right effect. Anybody know how to reset it so that the sequence will work? Thank you.

 posted in Mushroom Age on Jan 25, 10 6:10 PM
LizzieK wrote:I have posted photos from the Mushroom Age of various solved mini-games.

How to find my photos
Photobucket is a world wide site that hosts billions of photos. Put the word photobucket in your search engine, I use Google but you can use any search engine. When your search brings up the results just go to the main Photobucket site. On that page there is an Image Search box. Put the two words lizziek photos in that box and search.

It will come back and say “No matches were found to your search request. Are you looking for the Photobucket user lizziek photos? Click here to see this user’s album.” Click on that and you will be on my main page.

Look on the left of the page and you will see the game album names. Click on the album Mushroom Age. Some of the games also have sub-albums within the game album and they will also be on the left, if there are any available.

I hope they help. Good luck!

Thank you so much LIZZIEK for saving me from tearing my hair out with the mirrors. I can't stand it when you can't skip a puzzle or get any hints. Somehow I got through the whole thing the first 2 times and now was completely stuck. Very frustrating but at the same time so gratifying when you finally get through it! Bless your heart.
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