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I enjoyed this game. the hos were innovative and fun. puzzles were decently difficult and the story line was good.
 posted in Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Collector's Edition on Dec 8, 17 11:19 AM
Not for me. Boring, cutsie little helpers are passe', puzzles are basic and the hos are just meh....Pretty much standard for this dev.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 26, 17 11:17 AM
Well done You! Thanks for this~
One of the best things about the Thanksgiving holiday for me was always the new MCF. Guess all things change. I am not a fan of this latest offering. Besides the appearance, which I find unpleasant, the game play is boring. Just not getting any good vibes from this one. So miss the original quality and interest. This is a no buy for me. I will, however, d/l one of the best, Return to Ravenhurst. Now that was a complete package, satisfying, and beautiful.
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom II Collector's Edition on Oct 26, 17 3:07 PM
i, too, have attempted a 3 star review, which so far has eluded my efforts. thanks for posting this idea,ArmyMomOkc, of the two left first. i will try it!
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China on Oct 13, 17 4:58 PM
I've played umpteen levels, hoping to get better, but it's all the same tasks with no new actions. strictly a time waster, frustrating, irritating. but that's just me
 posted in Leaves: The Journey on Aug 1, 17 1:24 PM
my computer is newer, won't even allow me in. goes straight to 'play again' screen
 posted in Puppet Show: Arrogance Effect Collector's Edition on Jul 29, 17 6:08 PM
I was taken aback when the demo finished, it was incredibly short, and that was with my absence for about 10 minutes with it running. i was sure i would run out of time.
I still had 33 minutes to play. So that happened.
I was bored with this demo, hated the helper's voice, sounded like a chalkboard chicken being choked to death.
Puzzles were absurd and mostly annoying wastes of time, no real challenge if you have half a brain.
Graphics were ok, but one expects that nowdays, One also expects something new and interesting, but one doesn't always get that, at least not with this game.
Sorry Devs, i just call em like i see em. I have all this series save this one, and I am calling it off between us. If you can't come up with something better than this, let the Puppetshow close.
 posted in Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector's Edition on Apr 15, 17 5:38 PM
Meh. not loving this. blue green graphics. typical eipix and that's not great.
truly bored. not a buy. so disappointing
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 17 3:52 PM
so. i played the entire demo. not impressed, not buying. i know MCF and this is no MCF. very disappointed,
dark blue murky graphics are so last century. storyline is just ok. puzzles are boring and the directions are vague and misleading. i played on "insane" and yet there were still sparkles, etc. the dialogue is meh. no where did i get the sense i was playing anything but the usual Eipix game with their silly 'helpful' messages from all the other games. so disappointing....
going back to my purchase history to d/l a real MCF game to supplant the memory of this boring irritating game. think it will take RTR or Madam Fate. maybe both!
i have never been able to get into the bonus game. i have received info that it was
unlocked, have received all the things required according to the blogs. it keeps asking for the key i got from the Grimes quarry, which i got but disappeared when
i ued it to unlock the gate. i have logged on with 3 different names to try to get
it opened.

any ideas?

agreeing with tookat on this game, whispered secrets everburning candle ce....enjoyed this immensely, from the cool graphics to the story line to the puzzles and hos. great game, thanks, devs, for a beauty!
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 15 8:29 PM
best game the dark side! great scenes, enjoyable puzzles and intros to hos, extremely well done. i enjoy these devs very much, and look forward to their games, but this was astounding. first time in a very long time i wanted to play the bonus game and wasn't bored out of my mind half-way through.

Great job, Devs!
this game kept my interest throughout the entire game and bonus game. most interesting and well done concept. i had no tech probs. i did need the hint on occasion, which was fine, the game was not boringly easy. i liked figuring out what to do and how to get to where i needed to go next. i recommend this game to anyone who is bored with the usual overly ornate but predictable journey through ce games. good graphics are fine but a story needs to be told, and needs to have substance with which to tell it, or it ultimately disappoints. this game exceeded my hopes. i will play it again one day.
Good Job, Devs!
 posted in Weird Park: The Final Show on Dec 15, 14 5:17 PM
i truly enjoy these games, well done, devs! great story line, excellent puzzles and interesting hos, PLUS a clown that doesn't freak me out! keep up the good work!'
Thank you to your entire team for a job well done. I truly enjoyed this MCF, Dire Grove, Sacred Grove CE....very beautiful and well written and voice-overed. Good change-up on the method of the HOS and great puzzles! This game made my holiday quite enjoyable! Looking forward to replaying....
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Nov 28, 14 6:12 PM
read the blog stating this was a good sub for MCF....dunno if it was that good,but it was definitely up there in the running...lots of good hos and puzzles that were not no brainers. i liked the story line in MCF better, ie Ravenhurst, Madame Fate, Dire Grove, but this game stood me in good stead while waiting for the new one. Will not play it until I finish the ones already downloaded. one must have some order in one's life. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, may the big fish be with you and yours.

 posted in Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 14 12:55 AM
sorry to disagree, but these devs can be rather inconsistent in quality and length of game. i found this game too short, would like to have seen at least two more locations to qualify this as a CE.
the first two 'cases' were good, interesting and somewhat challenging, but i feel they rushed the last part and were repetitious. the music was discordant and not in tune with the actions, and i absolutely did not appreciate the interactive map with the glaring bright lights every time i changed locations. very hard on the eyes.
i thoroughly enloyed the premise, helping death, and loved the voice over. some good puzzles,and different presentations of the hos.
i know these devs' work quite well, and know that they can do much better.
looking forward to their next offering...
 posted in Grim Tales: Color of Fright Collector's Edition on Nov 22, 14 5:16 PM
This is the best game I have played in years.


 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition on Aug 22, 14 4:01 PM
I also have all the games in this series. I was more bemused than amused. Great graphics, nice story line, rather easy on medium difficulty. I might go for on a sale but not at this time.
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