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 posted in Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts on Jan 5, 18 4:22 PM
when i move the parts to complete the picture in the village house - the pictures do not line up!!! The gingerbread house is only on the bottom have. Is there a way to get the sliders to go across the whole picture!! The star will not reach the tree either. They are the only two i have left. Help
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Mar 9, 16 4:39 PM
figured it out - use the awl to pop the innertube on the left, take the crowbar and open the vent!
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Mar 9, 16 4:32 PM
I am having the same problem
 posted in League of Light: Silent Mountain on Oct 15, 15 4:59 PM
I gave up and started the game over and got through it.
 posted in League of Light: Silent Mountain on Oct 14, 15 4:58 PM
How do I move the rings to show the right solution?
 posted in Strike Solitaire on May 24, 15 2:48 PM
This game and the other 2 in the series would be high up on my list of favorites if:

it did not deal two sets of cards at time - use a joker to get rid of top 2 to get to the ones i need.

if it did not start me on a new hole after one round of cards

in strike 3 game - there is only one ball on tenth hole

I have been playing through all these glitches but i have reached my limit. If the glitches are ever fixed i will try them again but not until
 posted in Strike Solitaire 3 Dream Resort on Dec 18, 14 2:42 PM
I am having the same problem. Should get 2 balls to at least try for a spare and then one more. I only get another ball if I get a strike. Glitch in the game.
 posted in Strike Solitaire 3 Dream Resort on Dec 18, 14 2:40 PM
How in the world am i suppose to get anywhere in the 10th frame if i only get one ball?!!! Unless i get a strike it stops after the first ball!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Weird Park: The Final Show on Dec 8, 14 4:23 PM
never mind - found it - hint in wrong place
 posted in Weird Park: The Final Show on Dec 8, 14 4:18 PM
am in the extra part in the theater
did the HOP on the balcony
got everything but the hint to where the rest of the perfume bottle is there is nothing there. have spent 5 minutes or more clicking on that spot. Any hints as to where it is?
 posted in Weird Park: The Final Show on Dec 7, 14 4:55 PM
don't know if you got the answer yet but here is how i got it open

on the left put the b and the x on opposite sides
on the right change until the other two letters come up no matter where they are
and the door should open
 posted in Mayan Prophecies: Blood Moon on Sep 8, 14 4:59 PM
I have the CE. There is one HOP near the end in the High Priestess's room I cannot get the last object - a knight. And I cannot get to the Mahjongg instead to get it that way. Any help? Is there a fix for this game and if so where?

 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jun 17, 14 9:21 AM
I have played through to rowboat part. All of a sudden the screen flashes at me - I can see the thing but they are not there long enough finally had to do the CTL ALT Delete thing to get out of it. I went back in and it did the same time.
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jun 16, 14 9:34 AM
I gave up and skipped it.
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Jun 16, 14 9:07 AM
I have put all the pieces of the rowboat and cannot place the last piece. It looks like it should be a rudder but it will not let me place it. Help!
 posted in Webbies on Mar 14, 13 6:28 AM
Thanks for your help but I goofed.
I got through Level 22
it is level 23 that i need help with
 posted in Webbies on Mar 13, 13 3:12 PM
How do i get the 5th orange?
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden on Nov 27, 12 7:52 PM
I am stuck also but at a different spot. Where you have to find a way in the 3 doors.
I found and finished the first one. Am in the big one in the back. There is a hidden object scene where a door opens and closes. The Hint button keeps telling me to go on the side of the door - when i do that it opens, if it is open it closes. There is no way to click where it wants me to without activiating the door!!!! Help. Is this just a glitch in my game?

Thanks for any help.
 posted in Svetlograd on Feb 6, 10 10:11 AM
I love this game. After i play two rounds i am booted out of the game. I have to get out after each round in order to save it and then go back in and play again over and over. Why am i being booted out each time!!!?
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