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 posted in Letters from Nowhere on Sep 23, 12 4:17 PM
Well, this is pretty late in the day for me to post this, and I've been enjoying this game for a long time now without using any walk thru at all...but I took a look at the BFG walk thru for this game last evening, and something struck me as pretty odd. So I went over it again...

Someone correct me if I am wrong - please - but nowhere in that entire walk through do I find ANY mention of the letters! Sometimes they might be circled as an ordinary item to be located, but it doesn't look like even that little bit occurs every time. These letters appear once per episode, and are vital to to the story. And if you miss a letter, you can't go back and get it later. How could any walk through not even mention this?

Surely I'm wrong, and as I said above, most humbly, somebody, please correct me if I am. And thank you.
 posted in Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover™ on Sep 5, 12 2:13 AM
I'm one who loved Gardenscapes I, and couldn't wait for the second to come out. I bought it as soon as it was released, and you know...I'm actually pretty disappointed with it. Yes, it's great, and yes all the features we loved so much have been brought back for the follow up. But we avid players cried for more rooms to the house, and more items to buy once we had finished the main storyline. We didn't get them. There are some added rooms, but the choice of furnishings, and decor is abysmally small. You have only four choices of living room suite, you don't redecorate any other room, and the rugs, etc and color schemes are locked into one of the furnishing styles and don't go with any other, so that you can't even redo the color without making the area look frightful.

It's way too short, too. Where the original at least lasted a bit longer, though not long enough, this one is over right away, with very little replay value. I hate to pan a game I love so much, but there it is. My fondest hope is that Playrix checks these reviews and listens this time to those of us who asked for "more, please" in the way of item styles and colors, more rooms to work on, a longer game, not shorter, and something that opens up, unlocked, when we finish the first game, that is different garden pieces or new decor styles for interior of the house. And more rooms to search, but to decorate, too..

In re not all the rooms opening up for some of you, yes, I've found that too, but they more open the more objects you find, so they say, and I have found that in subsequent games, using a different character, different rooms open.

Also, yes, they do have incorrect terms for many of the items, but this is not due to carelessness on their part, it's because the English is translated. Overall, the translation is excellent, but they slip up here and there.

I dearly hope for a Gardenscapes 3, and this time maybe more variety in choices, and a longer game.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: The London Caper on Feb 14, 12 4:47 AM
Just to echo what "half" of the other reviewers said: I love the Pop Cap hidden objects games! They have at least four series that I am aware of, and I have all in each series.

The reason many people do not like these series is because each entry in each series is the same as the other entries in that series, as far as game play goes.

The reason that so many of us LOVE these series is the same as the one in the preceding paragraph.

You've played another game for hours, one that maybe challenged your vision, or possibly that was mentally challenging and needed all your wits. You had a lot of fun with it, but now it's later in the day, you're tired, and you still want to play a game before retiring, but you're burned out with the demanding ones you so love during the earlier parts of the day.

The wonderful thing about the Mystery P.I. series and the other series put out by these developers, is that you know what to expect. There's no learning curve. The most you need to find out at the beginning is what two objects you're going to have to look for in each screen, amongst the other objects, and also if there is a third that will be hidden in each screen - sometimes there is, sometimes not. Another is the "signature" objects found in several screens. Spin tops, for one, those charming cats for another.

The screens, though, are new. You haven't seen them before. Sometimes the objects are new too. But in every one of the games from these developers, for those of us who love them, the experience of playing them is like coming home. And playing it again weeks or months later is, for me at least, a choice made by the setting of the game.

They're welcoming, these screens. You know where you are in this game, and series, too; that is, you don't have to remind yourself of all the things you needed to know for other games.

The London Caper was a bit easier, I found, in many of its screens, but got more difficult as the game progressed. As others have stated, all these games in this series are long. I found the end puzzles in The London Caper more involved, too, than in many of their others.

And as other reviewers have stated, I have never run into any technical issues with any of the games from these developers either. Fun, friendly, and well-created, all these Mystery P.I. titles are great.
 posted in Lucid on Feb 19, 11 5:35 PM
As so often before, I agree with gimmegames. And I also agree that this game is addictive. It's just the type I've been crying for in other forums, an M-3 that gives me the time to plan my moves. Unlike Age of Emerald, which, when you remove tiles, will fill the emptied areas by the direction you followed in the removal (if that makes sense), Lucid drops the tiles from the top and this makes things somewhat easier to plan, when you're lucky enough to have the colors you want in the right places to begin with. If that ALSO makes sense, lol.

But I have a question about that little circle up in the upper left, and that is that it sure does act like a timer to me. It might be that I am completing the number of tasks for that round and just get so engrossed I don't see that, but I keep getting the impression that the circle fills up as I take a move, whether it's one to prepare a chain, or one to remove the chain itself, and that when I have made enough moves of one type or the other, the circle fills, and that's that.

A point: If you do fail at a level it automatically starts you again at that level, which I like. And for beginners, if a level isn't working for you just start from another area.

AND I most heartily agree with gimmegames on the visuals here, too: the FX are not comfortable for me at all. The FX for the ending of each level is okay, though I find it unattractive and unnecessary, but I don't at all care for the movement of the cubes as my cursor passes over them. The music is okay, not bad, in fact.

I too kept wiping at first by hitting the start before I saw the continue button. You have to bring up your name before you begin each log on even if you're the only player listed. Then select your name and the continue button pops in, just as ecblisa said. Until I caught on to that, I got a lot of practice learning the game without going anywhere, lol.

Question: why do certain cubes "light" at various times? For instance, I may be seeking a gold chain, and a red cube in its own little group with suddenly begin sort of flashing. Why?

Another question: why the ghostly hand cursor passing over various cubes in another area from where I am working? Anybody know? I thought it might be a hint, but doesn't appear to be a good one if so.

It's a fine game, tho, all in all, and well worth buying. I'm glad I did.
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Feb 18, 11 7:40 PM
This is a wonderful thread from a bunch of really nice people...I just wanted to jump into it to (consider this yelled, don't want to use caps, lol) Hey Fishies, dja see the news from the dev? See the thread just following this one; there's a new build coming!
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Feb 18, 11 7:35 PM
Just wanted to pop in here to say Thank you, Andrewlum, for doing a rebuild, and also for letting us know about it here. This news was so heartening to read, and I hope that all the other posters in the Comments and Reviews thread see your post, too. They'll be as happy about this as I am. You've got a lot of fans out here! Thank you so much.
 posted in Shop It Up! on Feb 14, 11 10:50 PM
Thank you all, your reviews were super! I really wasn't even going to give this one a try, but I read what all of you posted, and it seemed as though so many of you added just a comment or two, or elaborated on another one that somebody else had made, that filled in lots of little mistakes I would have made about how the game ran, or whether I wanted to get it. I like the idea of TM games, but I'm not happy IN them, lol, timers start to harass me something fierce. But in this game, as you told me early on, Stevi, (your comments were so helpful; your comments always are, but these were extra helpful ), the timer is generous, though gets tougher later. That information made me start to consider giving it a try early on. Then, when others added how many levels it had, my next worry, and all the description of what you were to do in the levels, plus telling me it was such a happy game, I knew I would be in safe waters with this one.

All in all, where I thought this was a game I'd pass up easily, it's turned into a buy for me. Thanks, all.
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 14, 11 9:37 PM
Hi, guys;

Just wanting to pop in here and tell all of you a special thanks for posting your feelings about this game. I saw it on logging and right away I was intrigued, checked out the blurb, and it sounded really good. My habit is to check the forums next; so many of you regular posters never let the rest of us down, you're saved me having to download the game, having to uninstall it, and the disappointment too of creating something in my imagination before I actually saw it that was a far cry from what I would have got.

I always TRY - it isn't always easy, and not often possible, either - to give new developers that extra chance, just to help them along. But in this case, I'll have to give it a miss. It's a no-buy for me.

And I gotta say, feeling stupid here, but what is an STD? I've seen you use this term before; tried googling it and got an unpleasant medical term instead, lol.

Thanks all, for all your comments, tho.
 posted in Around the World in 80 Days on Feb 4, 11 2:50 AM
After playing this game for months and months now, I have a short list of requests that I only wish the devs of the game would see. I do know that Playrix is adding the relaxed mode to all their NEW games, but my first request would be that they would do a remake of THIS game, and:

*Include the relaxed mode option. OR, worst case scenario, do the levels where the timer won't advance UNTIL you make your move. At least you could plan your strategy a little better than you can now.
*Upon completion of the storyline, REMOVE it from the continued game, since there is absolutely no reason to read all that stuff all over again
*Add some new twists to the continued levels after the story part of the game is completed. What's the sense of continuing the game the way you have done, when it just keeps repeating the same story over and over? As I said above, just remove the story elements, and keep the feel of the game flowing, and going.

And so many more people would love this game if only that doggoned timer was dealt with!
 posted in Bird's Town on Jan 18, 11 10:39 AM
Thank you, all, for posting these comments. And Gimmegames, thank you twice - for your comments here and also in the Sea Journey thread, which is what brought me to look at this one. I would have passed on this game altogether, were it not for you, and with everybody letting me know what I need to about it, it's a buy for me, too. I don't see any conflict at all with playing these along with some dark and gloomy's, or any other genre. Creativity, right? or something like that.
 posted in Jewel Match 2 on Jan 17, 11 3:21 AM
I remember your saying in a review for another m-3 recently, that you got a headache from the graphics, and in a later review of my own, I mentioned that I had some visual problems with the graphics for that game, too. I have Jewel Match, and found that the way the graphics were done it did bother my vision and so after awhile I just removed it from my hard drive. Soooo, if you were asking if others of us have trouble with the way they did the moving pieces, etc, yes, I do, but I have found with some match three's from other developers who tried to use innovative techniques on the graphics that turned into vision-killers for me, that eventually, after long periods of adjustment, I finally did seem to adapt to them and could handle the effects. I won't say I like them, because I don't. But eventually my eyes can take the onslaught. A long-winded way of saying that since I do like the first in this series, and I like the Winter Wonderland from Jewel Match, too, I'm going to hazard it, and get this one. Hope that answered your question.
 posted in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery on Jan 12, 11 12:40 PM
I grew up in an area and family where several people were from Europe, and I suppose that is why language - colloquialism, innuendo, nuance, and grammatical articles, syntax, etc - are less of an obstacle for me as they are it seems for many others. English can be a very difficult language to learn, especially local dialects, and we abound with those here in America.

I missed this game when it came out, and never stumbled across it in the lists of titles, either, until yesterday, when in a thread for Hexus, I came across mention of it and learned that it was by the same developers. I was already wading through some initially negative comments for Hexus on that thread - these eventually began to give way to much warmer appreciation of that game, and this one, too, and I decided to look this one over, as well as Hexus.

I love the fact that this game has a timed and a relaxed mode - thank you, Eugene. That matters so very much, in all types of games. I also deeply appreciate that you give us time to read through introductions and historical background necessary to your setting and theme, instead of whizzing it by us as so many other games do. I like having an option to advance at my own speed.

Of course, having read first the other thread for the other game, and then parts of this one for this game, I already knew it was a game I was probably going to like, but I have to say, I think the way the setting and mood are created right in the beginning are superb.

I think the choice of music, the opening presentation, the historical fact, the depth of the theme, the rendering of it, all are well done. It was a happy day for me discovering this along with Hexus, and I bought them both.

Eugene, if you should see this, thank you for the effort and quality you have put into these games, the accuracy, and educational value, the intelligence, and the innovations you're developing, too.
 posted in Hexus on Jan 12, 11 11:37 AM
I thank each and every one of you who took the time to learn the game, discovered it was great and educational, that it used strategy, that it was absorbing and fun and that it blended several different types of game play - and especially do I thank you for coming back to this forum and telling the rest of us about that. For awhile there, yesterday, this thread was really getting me down, as it had to have been for Eugene, too.

Btw, Eugene, thank you so much for caring enough about your game/s and about our reception of them to join in the forums as your are doing. That means a lot to us players. You've been polite and open to the comments all along.

I need to ask, would the name missillusioned suggested, Mauses, be acceptable to you? That struck me as the best mentioned yet. I mulled over the name all night last night, wondering what could be done about the problem people were having with it. I thought of quoting Shakespeare's comments on names, but that would have served no purpose, lol. And actually it was rather bothering me, too, although it would not have stopped my playing Hexus, nor would I necessarily have brought it up - I might have. But I think Mauses is the best suggestion I've read yet.

I'm also very grateful for the themes you have used in your games, Eugene, and for your care to be historically accurate. FINALLY, a game one can bask in - and I don't mean to run other games down, I have lots and love most of them. But this is the kind of game with depth, challenge, and variety that one yearns for, but seldom finds. Thank you.

And also, one more thanks, and that is to all of you other fishes who brought up Jane Angel. This is another game that slipped past my notice, but after reading about it here yesterday, I looked into that one also, and found again a theme I applaud.

Both of these games are definite buys, for me. They're great!
 posted in The Race on Jan 11, 11 8:16 PM
Well, I tried this one with some misgivings, based on the other comments, and expected I wouldn't buy it. But I was actually pleasantly surprised. I have an older machine, and XP for my OS, and no wide screen monitor, but the game runs just fine for me, the artwork is crystal clear, and the game is Sure it's not one of these big grab-you-by-the-neck ones we've been getting lately, that are so immersive, so great, and fun and just keep you enthralled till the very last minute. It's easy to get spoiled - I know I am. This game, tho, has tools which it points out to you right at the first, tools that are very helpful indeed in locating objects if you need help, and a magnifying glass to look at areas more closely. It has a timed or a relaxed mode. Graphics are more on the style of cartoon, but they're good. I'm enjoying this game, and it's yet another one I would never have encountered were it not for the Daily Deal. Thank you, .
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jan 3, 11 2:35 AM
Well, this is a fine time for me to come back to this thread - and I really wasn't even sure why I was doing it, either, lol - but I'm sure glad I did! Thanks to all of you who posted after I did, because you gave me new information I didn't have, and now I know it's a game I'll love, too. I'll buy it, at $6.99 if necessary - but if you hadn't set me straight on the timer, for one thing, and the nice long length of the game, and the tasks, and - oh wonder of wonders, the EASTER EGGS (I thought they'd disappeared from games altogether these days!), I'd have missed it completely - thank you, all of you!
 posted in Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil on Dec 31, 10 3:34 AM
LovetoMissLisa, hello! And welcome to the forums. Thank you for that great review, it told me all I needed to know to make the decision on whether to get this or not. In other words, it's a buy for me, too.

Oh, and I LOVE that term "piglet"....this one we gotta remember, Gimme, for future use, it's perfect.
 posted in World Voyage on Dec 28, 10 2:20 AM
Good morning, all.

Smb, I have muscular dystrophy too, and the timer killed any thoughts I might have had of buying this game - and I did have the intention to, before reading the forums, and trying it.

The good news is that yes, there ARE match-3's that don't use timers, or have the option to be timed, or not run any timer at all. Have you looked at Ballville yet? It's charming. Age of Emerald is a poorly taught game, and does have a timer, but that timer is movement based, not time ticking, which gives you the ability to plan moves. Woodland Chronicles by the same developers as AoE, is almost identical, but is a much fuller game, and gives the option of different ways to make matches. There are many others, especially over the last year or so that have come out with relaxed modes that let people like us, with limitations that prevent fast moves play and enjoy the games too. My real gripe is that the majority of developers for these things don't seem to read forums like this, and so don't even realize how many more sales they could ring up if they would only take into consideration people's abilities, too.
 posted in Christmas Puzzle on Dec 25, 10 2:03 PM
Goofyduck, bless you for your great (as always) review! And huge thanks to for that lovely sale today - I dare not read over all 25, but I bought this game, and I also bought The Perfect Tree, and thank you so much for bringing them both up in the same thread, all. That helped me a lot. And I LOVE match-3's, lol. I also love the dark and creepy and the HOG's and IHOG's and FROG's and all the others, too.

Merry Christmas, all. It's a wonderful day.
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Dec 25, 10 12:48 PM
I think that if you change the resolution it will correct the problem of the game not fitting on the screen, plus it seems to me - not sure here, however - that you might be able to change it just for the game, and it will correct to your normal settings after you log out. This might be only for bigger online games, tho, so consider me uninformed.

Also, I believe that the Access violation errors pertain to the Game Manager. I think the best bet for all problems running the game is to click on the green envelope to the right of these posts, at the bottom of the column there, and report the difficulties to Customer Service. They are wonderful in helping.
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Dec 25, 10 12:40 PM
Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention (shame on me), GRATS to MEnr56, Happy Morph Day too. A Herring now! Good for you

Thank you, Stevieferr, for starting this thread.
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