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update 10/30

After several days of not counting, it has started counting hats again. I didn't do anything different on my side, but obviously I'm glad it's working again.
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trixiebubbles wrote:
robin94122 wrote:I am stuck at 23/30 hats in spite of having collected 3 more. The count never goes up, so I can't get the reward. I am playing on an iPad mini with the latest iOS. Very frustrating!

Something's very wrong....have you tried shutting the game down and then shutting your iPad all the way off?

Yes, one of the first things I tried. Nothing helps.
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I am stuck at 23/30 hats in spite of having collected 3 more. The count never goes up, so I can't get the reward. I am playing on an iPad mini with the latest iOS. Very frustrating!
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I have collected most of the items for the Witch Halloween event, but suddenly it has stopped crediting me for finding the magic hat, which is the last item I need. I have been stuck at 23/30 in spite of finding 3 more hats. Very frustrating!

I have an iPad mini updated with the most current iOS.

update 10/30

After several days of not counting, it has started counting hats again. I didn't do anything different on my side, but obviously I'm glad it's working again.
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Thanks! I'm a slow clicker, but your method worked very well. The timer was blinking, but I made 3 stars the first time.

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17. If you haven't already, tear down the sawmill and build the 3rd windmill there.

18. If you need to build a house next to a windmill, just build a cabin. The three two star premium mansions will get you plenty of rent money.

19. Paint and light houses as needed to make the appeal rating, starting with the smallest houses first.

You will not need to tear down the workshop as long as it started out on one of the two right bottom nonpremium lots.

You will end up with 4 two star mansions (one of which you don't own), 3 windmills, 3 cemeteries, one substation, one workshop, and a variety of small houses.
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I took a slightly different approach, but I'm a slow clicker. This got blue ribbon time for me.

1. Restart until the workshop is sitting on a lower right square where it will not negatively affect any houses, either the lower right corner or the lot just to the left of the premium lot that's in the lower right.

2. Buy a 5th worker.

3. Tear down a cemetery and build a farmhouse there. If there is a cemetery or substation next to it, tear that down, too. Immediately sell the farmhouse--don't paint it, light it, or appraise it.

4. While you are waiting for the farmhouse to sell, tear down the remaining two cemetaries and the substation.

5. Buy the smallest amount of materials. This plus the materials from tearing down the other structures should give you 1,000, enough to build a sawmill.

6. Put the sawmill either in between where two houses will go or on a lot by itself. In either case towards the end of the level you will tear it down and replace it with a windmill.

7. As soon as the sawmill is built, buy enough materials to build a mansion. Also buy the 4 more workers you need.

8. Build the mansion on any nonpremium lot. Just leave the set up so you will be able to place 2 windmills in between two houses, one in the upper left and one in the middle right row. Upgrade the mansion to two stars, appraise it, and sell it. Do not paint or light it. Do not buy any other properties until the mansion sells.

9. While you are waiting for the mansion to sell you can buy more materials so you are ready to build the next mansion.

10. Build the 2nd mansion on the premium lot. Upgrade it to 2 stars.

11. As soon as the first mansion sells, buy the efficiency upgrade at the warehouse. Now buy another 5,000 materials and workers up to 18.

12. Build two more premium mansions and upgrade to two stars each. (You will have to buy the smaller house on the 3rd premium lot and tear it down.)

13. Also buy any property that comes available that is $300,000 or less. If it's where you want to put a windmill, or it's one of the 4 industrial lots on the left, or it's on a premium lot, demolish it. Otherwise paint it and light it.

14. Keep buying materials as needed. When convenient, buy 3 more workers for a total of 21.

15. On the 4 industrial lots in the middle left and bottom left build one substation and 3 cemeteries.

16. As convenient, build a total of 3 windmills on nonindustrial lots. Two of these need to be in between two houses each.

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Starchild6's method worked very well for me with one tweak. Once there was one mansion, one manor, one substation, the workshop, the sawmill next the manor, and all the rest 3 star lighted and painted Victorians, I tore down the sawmill and replaced it with a Mortuary. This is -25 instead of -15, and saved me about $300,000 when I bought back the manor. I had plenty of time to do this and made the blue ribbon time easily.

So everything else was just the same as Starchild6's method, I just replaced the sawmill with a mortuary while I was waiting to collect enough money to buy back the manor.

This only works if you bought the efficiency upgrade for the workshop as soon as you could, though. But then it works very well even for slow clickers.

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This one is actually a lot simpler than it looks as long as you build and sell a couple of houses right at the beginning so you have cash. You are going to paint and light your 5 Victorians and 5 cabins, so all you'll need is 3 windmills between houses to reach the 200 approval level, you won't even have to tear down the workshop.

There are several different ways to do this, this is what worked for me.

1. Buy 100 materials. Build a Victorian, paint it, and sell it immediately.

2. As soon as it sells, buy 2500 wood. Build a farmhouse, paint it, appraise it, and sell it immediately.

3. Build a sawmill, then build a workshop. The sawmill should go where you want a cabin eventually. It doesn't really matter where you put the workshop, just try to save 1 industrial lot for the substation and 3 lots in between two houses for windmills. Buy 2500 more materials while the workshop is building.

5. Once the workshop is built, buy 4 workers. These are all the workers you will need for the level. Buy the workshop efficiency upgrade.

6. Build a mansion, paint it, appraise it, and sell it. You don't have to worry about collecting rent from it.

7. Buy 5000 materials. Build a second mansion, paint it, appraise it, and sell it.

Now you have lots of money.

8. Buy the cheapest house on the industrial lots (pay double if you have to), demolish it, and build a substation there.

9. Start building 3 painted, lit Victorians. Buy any properties Farmhouse size or smaller. Don't buy Manors or Mansions, you won't need them.

Buy back the other 2 Victorians when they become available, paint them and light them. Inspect them as convenient.

Buy materials in 5,000 unit lots as needed.

10. Once the Victorians are done, build 3 windmills, each in between 2 houses.

11. Build 5 lit cabins. Inspect them as they are finished. Once you have the Victorians and the Windmills built, tear down the lumber mill and replace it with a cabin. You won't have to tear down the workshop.

12. Keep an eye on the approval rating, and if you need some more points, paint some cabins.

You should earn the ribbon easily.

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shoestringplayer wrote:How can you get $8.5 million dollars? I tried building and selling as many mansions as I could but I just can't make enough money. Suggestions?

You'll get it by selling 6 mansions very quickly at the end. Before then, build mansions before upgrading any of them, just save out two spots for the manors and two spots for the bait shops.

UnclePaul has a detailed method in an earlier forum post, I've bumped it up to the first page for you.

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Fast clickers may want to do a lot of lowballing in this level. I'm a slow clicker, and I didn't have time for that. This is what worked for me.

1. Build a manor and sell it immediately. You will have to buy it back later, so it's good if you put it on a lot where you can build a structure next to it. Buy 500 materials.

2. Build a sawmill and buy 5,000 lumber when it is ready.

3. Buy any premium lots that come available if you can afford them, and build Manors there. Buy the industrial lot in the bottom left whenever it comes available and just let it collect rent until it needs repair, then demolish it. Buy empty lots as you can afford them.

4. Build a workshop and buy 3 workers Buy more lumber as needed.

5. Build a mansion. From now on inspect each house once as convenient. Inspect one house twice as you are doing the upgrading.

6. Buy 3 more workers.

7. Build a 2nd mansion. Buy the efficiency upgrade at the workshop.

8. Upgrade the manors to two stars each after the mansions start bringing in rent.

9. Upgrade the mansions to two stars each. You should now have 3 premium 2 star manors and 2 2 star mansions all bringing in rent.

10. Build the substation on the industrial lot on the lower left. Buy more workers until you have 22.

11. Build mansions 3, 4, and 5. If needed, you can pay double for an empty lot at this stage.

12. Make sure you have at least 7,500 lumber after building mansion 5, then tear down the lumber yard and build a 6th mansion there.

13. Upgrade mansions 3, 4, 5, and 6 with 1 star each.

14. After you've built 6 mansions, buy the original manor as soon as it becomes available. One time I had to pay double for this, that's fine.

15. Start lighting all the houses. Buy materials as needed, you should have plenty of money.

16. Inspect as many houses as you need to to meet the 11 inspections requirement, but not more than that.

17. After you have met the 11 houses inspected requirement, tear down the workshop, build a cabin there, and light it.

18. If needed, add upgrades to the mansions to meet the rent requirement, but you probably met it already.


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8 houses with paint and lights = 80 happiness
One police station in between two houses (bottom right row) = 30 happiness

That gives you plenty. As others have said, demolish the substation and rebuild it on one of the industrial lots on the left.

I demolished both the sawmill and the workshop before the end so I had enough lots for the 8 houses. That way you don't have to buy back the first mansion you sold.

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Glad you made it!

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There is a topic "Level 58 for slow clickers" that uses a slightly different strategy. It might help. I'll bump it up for you.

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OK, the quicker clickers are doing fancy timing with the workers picking berries in the lower right to get them available later. Ignore all that! Pick those berries earlier so you have the food for the 2nd dovecote.

As soon as the pirate is paid, start the well. Don't clear the lots next to it yet!

Count to 3, then send two workers to clear the two lots.

When the worker is done with the well, immediately start two cabins next to the well. You should have one worker at least from clearing the lots, and you have the worker who just finished the well! So you don't need to get tricky with the timing on the berry pickers as long as you don't start clearing the wood from the bottom lots until a few seconds after you start the last well.

Build two upgraded cabins with gardens on the bottom, and you're done.

Once I realised I had plenty of food and I needed to focus on getting the woodcutters started in the first phase, and I had to slightly delay the lot clearers in the second phase so the well would be ready, everything went pretty smoothly.

I don't get 3 stars every time, but I do get them more than half the time. And if I don't it's usually because I forgot to buy a dove!

Good luck!

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I am a slow clicker, and it took me forever to figure out what I was doing wrong on this one!

I did finally get 3 stars reliably using the method from the official walkthrough but with a few important tweaks. I don't know if anyone else is making the same mistakes that I did, but just in case, here are a few tips that helped me.

1. In the beginning, until you've cheered the leprechaun, focus on getting wood as quickly as possible. There will be plenty of food in the lower right corner. But I found I was losing 20 or 30 seconds because I was bringing in all the berries from the lower right and not paying enough attention to the tasks that would generate lumber.

So, start by chopping wood, clearing the lot, and demolishing the two cabins..

The instant you have 50 wood, build the bridge to the berries. Now send only 3 workers to pick berries. You have plenty of time to pick them all in this level, and I was spending too many clicks on the berries that I should have been spending on other tasks.

So now you have one worker chopping wood and 3 workers picking berries.
The instant you have enough wood to build the bridge to the forestry, do so.
Meanwhile, hire two more workers. They will help a lot.
Then immediately start chopping wood there and repairing the forestry.
As soon as the forestry is repaired assign two workers there.

At this point you have 10 workers. 2 in the forestry, 1 chopping trees next to the forestry, there may still be 1 chopping trees on the other side of the bridge, 1 to 3 picking berries at the bottom, depending on how many berries are left.

Now as soon as you have 50 wood, build the well at the top.

Now build the two chalets and put gardens on them.
Build the dovecote and buy two doves.
Once the dovecote is built, upgrade the two chalets as soon as you get more wood.
Next build the well left of the forestry.
Cheer the leprechaun.

Clear wood from the lot in the middle left.
As soon as you have 2,000 gold, pay the top pirate. This will reveal the bank.

Now go ahead and build the 2nd dovecote. Send one worker to get the berries at the bottom right. Buy two doves as you have resources.

As soon as you have 3,000 gold (not 3,800), demolish the bank. Build an upgraded cabin with garden there. (You already built the well next to the forestry).

As soon as you have 4,000 gold, pay the pirate. Send a worker or two down to the berries if you haven't already. It's fine if you pick all these berries before you start the well.

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Thanks! I used the first part of your method and it really helped.

I varied a little after that, though. I found I didn't need the extra two workers, I went the whole game with just 10.

Once I got the bridge built, I built the bank right away, then the sawmill.
I bought 100 wood right after building the sawmill.

Then I built the gramophone and one fountain before clearing the next lot and building the dovecote and the last fountain at the same time. The main thing was just to keep my workers busy even if I didn't have 3 available for the next task.

And the most important thing for me was to never let the bonfire go out, even if it meant paying the pirate a little early.


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patway wrote:r u sure you used cottages and not cabins could not get this to work...

Sorry, yes, 6 cabins. No cottages. I edited the post.
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I am a slow clicker, and I found the official walkthrough and most of the tips available online just didn't work for me. I could get two stars, not three.

So I tried quite a different strategy, one that took into account my own slowness. I can get 3 stars consistently with this, so I hope it's helpful to others. Most of the strategy is designed to reduce the total number of clicks you have to do.

First, I don't use a bank. 6 cabins work fine, I had more than enough gold.

Second, I don't demolish both markets close to the castle, but leave one there and demolish the one in the upper left instead. This way every trip to buy food took a little less time.

Third, I always click on the thing I want to do next while I'm waiting for something else, so I'm ready to click as soon as I have the resources/workers. For example, at the beginning when I want to buy wood but I'm waiting for the workers to demolish something to get gold, I click on the sawmill and just wait. As soon as I pick up the Money I can then start the sawmill.

Fourth, I didn't need the two extra workers, the ones I had were plenty.

1. Demolish market just above the castle.
2. Pick up the money and buy 50 wood.
3. repair the obelisk above the sawmill.
4. Demolish the 2nd sawmill. Buy 50 wood.
5. Build the obelisk just above the 2nd sawmill.
6. start chopping wood, then Demolish the highest market and the 3rd sawmill.
7. When you have 100 wood from chopping, build the bridge.
8. Buy 100 wood.
9. Repair the obelisk just above the bridge and send two workers to the gold mine.
10. Repair the obelisk to the left of the gold mine and send two more workers there.
11. Buy 250 wood and 250 food. Be patient! Buying 250 now simplifies everything later.
12. Build 5 upgraded cabins with gardens.
12. While building, buy 50 more wood and then demolish the sawmill.
13. Buy 250 more food ASAP. This is enough for the 6th cabin and the glutton.
13. build a 6th upgraded cabin with garden
14. As soon as you have demolished the sawmill and have at least 2000 gold, start paying druids and inflating balloons.
15. pay the glutton, and keep inflating balloons.
16. Pay the druids a little early and just keep inflating.

I won't say this is easy, but it's doable. By buying wood and food in bigger lots, you cut down on the amount of clicking you have to do.
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