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 posted in American History Lux on Mar 21, 10 3:56 AM
 posted in American History Lux on Mar 21, 10 3:50 AM
 posted in Avenue Flo on Mar 21, 10 3:48 AM
yes i like
 posted in Avenue Flo on Mar 21, 10 3:43 AM
like? i like o jou?
 posted in Art Detective on Mar 21, 10 3:42 AM
do jou like
ello, love this game but am very stuck now so would very much appreciate some help. I'm not even that far into the game so this message might be the first of many.....yes I am blonde......
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Mar 21, 10 3:38 AM
I agree with poodlebear that the artwork alone makes me want to buy this game, it is very good. The objects are quite easy to find but for me, not too easy and the storyline is interesting, music not too intrusive.

I would have liked a timed option (I think I'm in a minority here ).

No-one should be put off by the:- WARNING: May contain disturbing imagery and themes, so far I haven't found anything to warrant it but maybe that depends on how easily one is disturbed and I suppose later on there may be some things that make the warning necessary. I would guess at 'spookiness' rather than 'blood and gore' hopefully lol.

Have played for only half an hour but I love it and will definitely buy it.

eta: hope you get to play it Blabs, it's a good 'un
 posted in Azada ™ on Mar 13, 10 11:52 PM
It took a while for me to beat him ,until someone said go slow then I got him okey ,but to get more orbs you must go back to beginning and use new mame and start again ,I done this believe it or not 8 times then followed all the way through on the 9th,lol
 posted in Blackwell Unbound on Feb 21, 10 5:01 AM
not bad
 posted in Aveyond: The Lost Orb on Feb 21, 10 4:58 AM
Oops, got my steps confused! You're right, of course
 posted in Asami's Sushi Shop on Feb 21, 10 4:57 AM
 posted in Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box on Feb 13, 10 10:01 AM
I love love love this game. I would recommend to all new and old fishes if HOG's are your thing
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