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Yup, this game is hard. And the quests are timed - meaning if you don't do them fast, you get a different reward, this is absolutely fine. I got the Collector's Edition version (it comes for free pre-ordering Legends of Eisenwald) and the game seems simpler, units cost less gold.

For scenarios with undead, bowmen are useless, priests and such fair way better against the undead. Also, death magic protection items are very helpful, as well as some spells that increase immunity to magic.
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Check the hints on the forum of the makers of this game:

I often leave troops somewhere to save gold. In Quiet Harbor you can do the same...
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I found this game on Steam Greenlight, it's called Legends of Eisenwald:

And they give Collector's Edition of Discord Times, there is a new scenario there, Tales of Wanderings, and the translation has been improved according to what they say/
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Family sword can be found on the way from the town to the castles on the upper right... If you go past woods there, there will be a message that it looks like someone went right through the bushes here. If you go to the right, you will find that sword and you can return it...

The dagger you get in one of the villages on the lower left when you fight the undead...
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DeepSee wrote:
Thanks, spd347. I guess there is hope, then.... Have you really crushed all the big bad bullies? Wow! You have my respect. Maybe now I'll go get bashed around some more until I too discover the great secret of figuring it out and completing quests.

Thank you, DeepSee, for your kind words... I posted a couple of walkthroughs and instructions, I hope they will be helpful... By now I know many ways how to complete all these scenarios - for example, I know a simple way to go through the Ramen Kingdom, and a tough one - in a simple one it's possible to avoid some of the battles with all the big bad bullies and complete missions, and in a tough one I crush them all! Needless to say, the tough way is much more fun.

All in all, DT is not really a casual game, IMO. It's small in size and graphics is simple but has all the ingredients of a big game. In many ways it's similar to Disciples II (that I too love, by the way).

And if you have questions, post them here - I am past the stage of just enjoying this game, now I want to share what I know
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The point is not to keep castles (even though they do bring money), the point is to complete quests. To win here it's necessary to think and that's what I like - it took me quite a while to figure it out, but then it felt so satisfying to crush everybody ))
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I could solve problem with missing video - after I changed the resolution of my monitor to 1280 x 800. My monitor's native resolution 1920 x 1080 was not working...
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By now the king should give you another quest. In the beginning of this scenario, the quests come pretty quick. The king will ask you to defeat an army which is located in the mountain west of the mine. This time you are going to want to approach the mountains from the south (pick up your army first). After some searching you should see a little path through the mountains. This will lead you to the northern side of them, and then you should be able to easily find your way to the bad guy. Once you have defeated this army, you will be given a necromancers book among other things. The game will ask you if you want to break the seal on the book. Its up to you, (you can sell it later to a mage who is located by the kings castle). I personally prefer to break the seal because in this particular scenario the spells you will acquire are pretty useful. When you report your success to the king he will reward you. If memory serves me correct you get money, a ruby, and a metal. You can sell the ruby at his castle or a trading post. But, do not sell the metal (or any metals that he gives you after this). They serve absolutely no purpose, but if you sell them the king will fine you. Now the king will give you another task. You are ordered to head to the South and help the Bishop. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ARMY. You must take them with you this time. During your absence some pirates are going to take your castle. So, pick up your men and head south. The best way to get there is to follow the road South of the kings castle. You will travel quite a ways, but you should be able to pull up your map and gage your distance from the church. You will then encounter a bridge that leads to the east. When you begin to cross it a message will pop up asking you to pay 10 dollars to cross. You must pay it. Now just travel east until you get to his church. Once you enter the church the bishop will ask you to head north because you need to retrieve an item that belongs to the church. Follow the road east of the church. You will encounter another bridge, but there is no charge imposed on this one. If you run into the owner of the land, I believe his name is Redwall, he will say something along the lines of not wanting to see you again. Don’t worry, he doesn’t pose a threat as of yet. If you continue to travel east and south a bit. You will reach the shoreline and find a boat rental. When you enter the boat rental a merchant may ask you to take him to a Northern location. If you agree he will pay for your boat. Go ahead and do it. Your financial situation should be okay and it isn’t that far out of your way. When he arrives he will pay you with a Ruby or an Emerald (I can’t remember which). Now head over to the area which was highlighted when you received your quest from the Bishop. Dock your boat on the shore and travel north. Before you can reach your destination you will have to fight an army inside a burnt down inn. After you beat them you will receive a weapon for your archer. It decreases your actions to one and increases your attack by 100%. So, it ends up the same, but you get to shoot twice in the first round of battle (rash attack), so equip it. Finally, you can head to the burnt church (I think that is the name of the building. Please excuse my lack of knowledge of the names and places, as I said I didn’t take notes). After you have defeated this army you need to actually go inside the burnt church. Once inside you will receive the item which you can now return to the church. I would advise heading back to the bishop before you attack the pirates. You can resurrect your men and he gives you a reward. Now you can head north to the pirates. Use your boat because traveling by water is much faster than traveling by land. Always travel by water whenever possible. Once you reach the shore there will be a detachment of pirates waiting to fight you. After you finish them off you can fight the army inside your castle and regain control. From here on out, it is safe to leave your army in the garrison when you are traveling back and forth from the king to the bishop and so forth. Now you can report your victory to the king. He will once again reward you and should assign you another quest. He will inform you that Dorian Von Redwall is a rebel. The king will ask you to head over there and defeat him. Pick up your army and jump back in your boat and head south. Redwall is the guy who owns the castle near the boat rental. At this point in the game he is pretty easy. I advise beating the castle before you take him out on foot. You can milk the scenario for a while and let him re-stock his garrison a couple times before you attack him. After one or two restocks he will be by himself, and you should be able to take him down with out loosing any of your men. Once you have defeated redwal and taken his castle, you can leave your army in there. Travel back up to the king to claim your reward. You may have to chill for a while. You can collect the tax from the villagers or check your castle to see if you have any messages (sometimes the peasant will leave your fifty bucks and barrel of beer, which you can sell). If the king hasn’t given you a quest yet, go talk to him. A messanger from the church will run up to you or he will ask you to visit the bishop. I know this scenario involves a lot of back and forth. Keep an eye out for pirates on the water, but you should be able to avoid them pretty easily, and once again, you are profiting from your castles since you aren’t paying an army. Now, travel to your new castle, pick up your army, and pay the Bishop another visit. He will send you to defeat some heretics which are located west of a near by city. You should be able to find the heretics pretty easy. They will be on foot. The Bishop will have given you a guy to take with you. He hits and heals. Keep him in the front row and use him for attack, but if you get in a bind you can use him to heal your soldiers after the first round of battle. If you equip him with any of your items be sure to remove them before you return to the church. He will not remain in your service after this battle, and once he is gone so are your items. After you report to the Bishop you can gain some experience while you are in the area. Near the spot of the heretics there will be some ruins. If you defeat them and travel back to the Bishop he will reward. I think I am going to stop now. I will post some more tomorrow. In the mean time, if you continue to play the scenario, avoid the East Coast. If you tamper to much over there it will mess up the game and the king will quit giving you quests. Then, the game becomes impossible to beat (as far as I know). You can stop at local inns and do some of those quests. Or you can travel North and defeat the pirates and their den (They pay pretty nicely).
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There may be a message left on the main screen for you inside your castle. If an archer asks you to pay $250 and he will serve you, take the offer. Now you have a free archer for your army that you will never have to pay for. Located north west of your castle there is an abandoned ruined. But, it is not abandoned. There is a small army of bad guys which you can use to level up before heading North. After clearing the ruin head back around to the other side of your castle and north up the road. You will reach a burnt looking castle. The bad guys inside should be pretty easy to beat. Sometimes you may have to try a few times using different strategies. Remember, the game auto saves every 12 hours (game time) so if you loose you can pick up right were you left off. Try to keep as many of your men alive as possible because as soon as you leave there will be an army waiting to fight you. After you defeat the garrison of the castle, you will receive some potions and other items. You might have to use these potions in order to defeat the army that is waiting outside for you. After you have finished them off, head back to your castle. Your army will be safe there for the time being. If you haven’t already done so, you can get your first quest from the king. If any of your soldiers have parished in battle you can resurect them at the city/castle where you picked up your lay sisters earlier. By now, there should be a guy waiting for you. He will ask you to take him to see his fathers land (the castle you just freed up of bad guys). When you take him over there he will be thankful that you “kept the castle safe” so to speak and he will offer you his services. He will be much help to you at this point in the game, and he is FREE! So go ahead and say yes. Now you can return to your castle and get your army to finish the Kings quest. The king has asked you to rid the mine of ghosts. You can get to the mine by following the road north of your castle. You will want to veer off to the west before you hit the castle you already beat. Approach it from behind, but before you go in, you may want to cast a spell or rearange your items. Ghost can be pretty difficult, but after you finish the mine you can return to the king and he will give you the mine to exploit for a period of time. I think it pays sixty dollars a day. As always, you can stop and leave your army at the castle before visiting the king.
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Upon beginning the game you are asked to deliver a message from your father to the neighboring king. The game will light the screen in the direction to his palace. I brought my army because those pesky fugative peasants are too difficult to beat by yourself, yet. The king will give you a blessing after paying him 20 bucks. The game will inform him of your message and he will reward you with some money. Your first quest is complete. Now head back to the castle because before you get there a messanger will run up to you and inform you that your father “is at deaths door”. Go back to your castle and try not to stop. If you take too long the game will end. Once you arrive at your castle your father will give you your second quest. He will ask you to travel to a castle to the North which is inhabited by some raggamuffs. You will need to beat this castle pretty quick because you can get a free soldier out of it, but you do have a little bit of time to level up first. Your father will give you some money and the castle which will provide you with 100 bucks a day. Now take your army and get rid of those annoying peasant. After you have done that leave your army in the garrison and head back to the Kings palace. Here you can hire a lay sister (I hired two so I could upgrade one of them to a witch) or other members for your army that you can’t get at your castle. The entire way there you will be profiting off of your castle since you aren’t paying an army. You may be approached by a messanger from the king during this time. If you go to him he will give you a quest, but we will get to that later. Return to your castle. You can collect money from the your two villages along the way, but be careful how often you collect tribute. In this senario if you do it too much, the game will send an undefeatable army to beat you. Once you are back at your castle you can pick up your army.
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I don't have a trainer but here are several simple recommendations:
- Always accept hunters gifts (furs) in the villages
- Don't accept spells in the villages as a payment unless you have enough gold
- There are times where you have to walk with your army back and forth and pay you army - in these cases leave your army at a castle so you don't have to pay (this helps a lot in the "Other Side" scenario)
- Buy only good items. Some of the best are: Knight's Token, Knight's shield, Knight's sword, Warlock's ring (for mages), Crossbow Radiance (to fight the undead), Crossbow "Black Shooter", Sharpshooter's bow, Lamellar Armor or Armored Mail or Coat of Mail, Hero's Helmet, The Helmet of the warrior of Light, Silver ring (adds 40% protection against Death magic, Warrior's ring, Holy scripture (30% against Death magic, Archmage's token, Icocnostasis (90% (!) against Death magic, if equipped with Crossbow Radiance, you can shoot any ghosts with that very easy), Cross staff (for bishops), Warlock's ring
- In the back line of your army have a hunter (develop into a chasseur), a lay sister (develop into enchantress), two pilgrims (develop one into a bishop, another one into an archmage) - this well balanced back line will be good to fight both regular troops and the undead. Bishop can be used to kill ghosts, he just needs one item to up his protection against death magic
- In the front line develop militia men into knights (mounted knights are very cool but more expensive - get them only if you can afford one)
- Delay upgrades of units until a big battle
- Occupy castles - they will bring income. However, don't always leave a full army there, do it only after the surroundings are clear of enemies
- Follow the quests, there is a time limit - once a big undefeatable army appears, it means you spent too much time avoiding a quest (in Ramen Kingdom in the beginning, after all quests are complete, you can leave your army in your castle and get gold from villages. Once the first enemy army appears, you can get back into your castle and fight them using the castle as protection. After you defeat that first army get out and get to the Wild Wastes scenario since there is no way to win against the second army that will appear later)

If something else comes to my mind, I will add it... Good luck!
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The game loads, I hear music and see a mouse cursor and then it switches back to the rest of the screen. I updated the drivers, directx but nothing changed... Anybody else having these issues? I have Vista SP2 32bit, DirectX 11, Nvidia 130m...
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I love this game, this is one of my favorite! At first it was hard for me but then I realized that there is a time factor for this game. Once I started performing the quests, it all worked and it was fun to do it, not easy, but fun... Low level troops get upgraded enough to fight the big guys if you follow quests. And often if a huge army appears (like in the Ramen Kingdom's first scenario), it's better to run away since it will be impossible to win. Big enemy armies are usually a sign that something was done too slow or wrong...
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22. Go to the Black gate. Pick up Sir Juan on the way.
23. Attack Black gate – two battles there. Enter the area, avoid Army of the Dead, return back to the church.
24. In the church you will receive iconostasis, go get the Holy wine in the Kopshtad citadel.
23. And then go fight everybody behind the Black gate. First attack all the castles inside the area, I usually go first to the Secret Fort, then to the Limb castle, then to the Blaze fort. Then attack the Army of the Dead. Before that, you can cast a spell “Holy Protection” – buy in the church beforehand. Buy holy scriptures, iconostasis, a crossbow “Radiance”, a silver cross. Accumulate enough magic for two times using “Holy protection”. Don’t search treasures pointed out by Viola, they are pretty much useless and take time. Good luck!
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13. Return to Kopshtad, hire some troops there or get troops from the Slot castle. In the front line only your knight, esquire and cavalry man – no need for another character, this way your troops will receive more experience. Later you could use one monk on the back line, one on the front line. At the end – 9 troops: knight, esquire, cavalry man, Sir Juan – front line, Viola, two monks, nun, witch doctor – back line. In the beginning of the battle you can leave lay sister in the reserve, then trade places with witch doctor. Go to the bridge next to Kopshtad, fight ambush. Then go to the Downhill Fort, hire a witch doctor if available.
14. Go to attack the Blon castle – in the left upper part of the map, also attack Blon’s army. Leave garrison there, return to the church.
15. Get the quest to go to the hermit. Before going there, attack vampires near Kopshtad – your troops will get a lot of experience there. Make sure you get already some artifacts against death magic.
16. Leave everybody except Viola in the fort, go to the hermit, give him 100, then go to the grave, step on it and move left, leave 150 gold there, go back to the hermit. Then back to the church.
17. Get the next quest in the church, go get the relics.
18. You can get the troops, go on ship and attack the High Tower castle, leave garrison there.
19. Come back, leave your troops in the fort, go to the Black gate. Stop in front of it, until you see a message. Go to one side of the gate, see a message, go to another side of the gate, see a message – so you won’t get into a trap afterwards. 20. Return to the church, take the quest to attack Black gate.
21. Retrieve your troops from the fort, return to the church, receive what Sir Juan left you there.
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I didn't see many walkthroughs of this game, but I found one on Internet - I couldn't go through Trein's Issue (that was definitely the hardest one to complete). So here it is:
We start as a knight.
1. Take in the castle right away one militiaman and 2 hunters. Go to fight brigands – usually, you could lose one hunter and one militiaman. After battle we get the sword “Defender”.
2. Go to the ruins, answer yes three times to get medical tincture and a beer mug. We lose another hunter (if not, I usually banish him later). Get out of the ruins, head to the village, take Viola the female brigand with us.
3. From the village go straight to the town of Kopshtad, over the bridge. In the village near the bridge (Bog-End village) it’s possible you will get into a battle with peasants – knight, esquire and Viola should be enough. (Banish everybody else after the ruins).
4. Get the ship, go to look for a chest. When found, do not open it with your sword, choose to open it later in the castle. Open it with a dagger.
5. If there is time, go to village to collect money (the pirates will attack your castle at the 4th month, 3rd day, 15 hour. One way to go to village takes 6 hours.
6. Fight the pirates staying in your castle, kill the swordsman with arrows right away.
7. Back on ship and go to Kopshtad town. Get a quest: city archives of Kopshtad. Hire there a hunter, a cavalry man (if there is one), or a militiaman. Back on ship and go up the river to get the Slot castle. Leave garrison there, take only esquire and Viola with you.
9. Head to the All Hallows Church, hire a pilgrim and go to fight Saldom. Give the sword “Defender” to your esquire or Saldom will kill him (after that battle you will lose that sword). Go back to the church, get all the quests there, if there is a lay sister, hire her now.
10. Back on ship and go to the city of Hamburg, pay 150 for the archives. If you don’t have lay sister yet, hire her. Take the quest with the merchant. Return to Kopshtad. If on the way back you run into trireme, attack it.
11. In Kopshtad get a quest “Talk in merchant lanes”, agree. Go to Sir Juan, choose to talk to him first, then return with him to Kopshtad, receive the sword of courage from him.
12. Return to the church, you will have two days off.
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