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 posted in Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper on Sep 12, 12 3:28 AM
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 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 28, 12 3:46 AM
Folks, just popping in to let you know that the link provided by Ms Freddie and mentioned by Cedo is still working as of 5:45am CST.
 posted in The Fool on Apr 2, 11 12:11 PM
Hi, DC, this is a shot in the dark, but the problem could be with your video card, particularly if you are having problems like this with more than one game. Most of the newer games that have been released in the last year or so have been much larger files requiring more robust processors, video cards, and RAM. I don't know anything about your setup, obviously, but it seems like a lot of fishies in the pond have older computers (and by older, I mean 2 or more years, which in computer life is old).

Double-check the system requirements and compare them to your setup. If all is well there, then you might have a video card going out. If your card and/or computer setup is relatively new (less than 2 years old), and you have way more RAM and processor speed than the system requirements call for, then it is something else. At least you have something to check out, though.

Good luck!
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Mar 20, 11 3:35 PM
For those who are having trouble with the game not launching, if you are running Windows 7 or Vista, try launching the game from your administrator's account.

I could not play the game with my normal account, but it played on my administrator's account, so I am guessing there is some kind of permissions issue in the file launch. I'll notify tech support.
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Mar 20, 11 3:11 PM
I, too, cannot get the game to run. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a trial version of the game, but it still will not launch even though Game Manager says it is running. I am running Windows 7, 64-bit machine, with 4 or more gigs of ram, so memory and processing speed are not an issue. I downloaded several games to trial and this is the only one that will not run.
 posted in Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None on Sep 20, 10 5:39 PM
Did you go to the beach, Shiprock Point, study, garden, etc. (listed in no particular order)? You should have run into Blore and Lombard first at the Southside cliff path, then at the shed much later in the chapter (after speaking with Vera at Shiprock Point and the general at the beach).

If you Google "And then there were none walkthrough", you should come up with a number of sites to help you get past where you are stuck.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Sep 10, 10 4:47 PM
eg1001, I can't remember where the music box shows up (considering that I'm still playing the game, I might not have gotten there yet); however, have you checked out the walkthrough for the game? I bet there will be something in it to help you out.

The link to the walkthrough should be in the forum for the game.

Good luck!
 posted in The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus on Aug 8, 10 6:22 PM
tropdechats wrote:This is a straight forward junk pile HOG with mini-games. ...

Thanks, tropdechats! This is exactly what I wanted to know about this game. Since I've moved on past straight HOGs, I don't need to download this one to try it out.

Thank you for saving me time!
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® on Jul 20, 10 7:52 PM
Out of the 100+ games I've purchased since becoming a member, I have to say that Drawn is, IMO, the most beautiful game I've ever played. I think that even if the game had been a little boring, it would have been worth it to see the artistry. The fact that the game play was fantastic really made it a winner in my book.

Needless to say, I will purchase Drawn 2 without even bothering to demo it. It will probably come out as a CE first, but I'll wait to see what the CE contains before putting out the extra $$ for it. Still, a definite buy.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 19, 10 6:07 PM
For all those who are stuck, have you checked out the walkthrough that is available? It is very well done and helped me a lot going through the game. You can get to it by clicking on the Blog link on the lower left side of the BFG home page or click on the Walkthrough information post at the top of the Salem Witch Trials forum. If it can't help you out, post again with a little more information about where you are stuck (what chapter you are in would be helpful).

Good luck!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 15, 10 6:20 PM
Cuddlefish, I'm not sure I can help, but I'll try.

You say the game is now you mean it will no longer play or are you stuck? If the game will no longer play, you might have a corrupted install. Although it will probably mean starting from scratch, I would uninstall and reinstall the game and see if that fixes your issue.

You were supposed to use the put-together gavel back in Chapter 4 to open the chest next to the desk. The warrant for the arrest of Sarah Good was in the chest. It could be that if you didn't get the warrant back in Chapter 4, you might not be able to get it now, which should mean that it is not necessary to finish the game. Can you click on the chest that is to the left of the desk and beneath the bookshelf?

You should have been able to pick up the law book after finishing the hidden object sequence because that was the very last item to find. The book actually goes on the bookshelf near the door you come in, not the one next to the desk.

I hope this is at least some help to you. It is hard to tell if your issue is a technical glitch or if you haven't completed a task yet. In any case, I hope you will be able to finish the game soon.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 15, 10 5:55 PM
Here are some to check out in addition to what has been already suggested:

MCF: Return to Ravenhurst
MCF: Dire Grove
Penny Dreadful's Sweeney Todd
3 Cards to Midnight
Deadtime Stories (not as creepy, but great game)
Lost in the City
Love and Death: Bitten

That should at least get you started.

Have fun!
 posted in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! on Jul 15, 10 5:44 PM
Bakersfield native here. It is located in the southern San Joaquin valley in California, about 70 north of Los Angeles. We are considered part of southern CA even though we are divided by the rest of southern CA by the mountains.

emi1y, I've lived here all of my life, and I want to drive through it!

Actually, it's not too bad considering the cost of living here is better than most other places in CA, and although there is not much to do in Bako itself, we are a short drive from everything--1 hour to the mountains, 2 hours to the ocean, 2 hours to LA. So it is a great place to live if you want to be centrally located to everything.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 13, 10 6:04 PM
The coal is located in the engine room on the lower left.

Hope that helps!
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Jul 13, 10 5:56 PM
Ariztokat, I totally agree with you on how frustrating it is to go through a bunch of messages to find the answer you are looking for.

Just thought I'd mention that I'm pretty sure Princess Isabella has a walkthrough posted, which will give you another source to check when you are stuck without having to go through a bunch of posts. You can get to the walkthroughs for all of the games by clicking on the blog link found on the home page for BFG, then click the link on the right side for the game walkthroughs list.

Hope this helps!

Glad you like the game! I agree--it is a beautiful game and fun to play. If you haven't checked out Drawn: The Painted Tower, I highly recommend that one as well as it is even more beautiful than Princess Isabella, IMO.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 11, 10 9:18 AM
nwl43 wrote:You will use the gavel to unlock the drawers.

That's right! Thanks, nwl43! You'd think since I just finished the game yesterday that I could remember what it was. Oh well, slept since then!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 11, 10 8:55 AM
I got stuck at the courthouse, too, but the walkthrough helped get me past it.

KateBe, don't worry about the basement of the courthouse yet--you won't need to get in there until much later in the game.

LETTIdee, if I remember correctly, there are actually no drawer knobs. You use something from your inventory to open the drawers (I think it is the thing that looks kind of like a key at one end and a socket wrench at the other). Check the walkthrough to be sure, though.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jul 11, 10 8:45 AM
rowan987 wrote:I'm stuck as well and even looking at walkthrough didn't help, same thing with Tiger's Eye so I haven't bought any new ones.

rowan987, perhaps you can post in each game's forum exactly where you are stuck to get some help if you can't resolve the problem with the walkthrough. I've had a lot of help doing that.
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Jul 10, 10 10:14 PM
l_c_aversa, rumor has it that they are making Drawn 2, but I don't know when it will be out. This is an actual BF game (meaning that the game actually comes from BF, like the Mystery Case Files series), and their games take a lot longer to come out. The quality is so worth it, though, as this game is a testament to that. Drawn has to be one of the most beautiful games I personally have ever seen, IMO.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Jul 10, 10 10:07 PM
I think I read on another thread somewhere that if you contact CS and ask them, they will credit you the SE game price, then you can purchase the CE instead.

I rarely purchase the CE of a game, but I did this one and it was well worth the extra money in my opinion.
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