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 posted in Green City on Feb 18, 13 6:46 AM
OK I just did this level ! It's a hard one ! But this is what I ended up with...doesnt matter what order you place them in...

One Mansion
One Cottage
One Sub. House
2 High Rises

One Hotel with upgrades of 3 for Eco and 2 for power

2 Nature Reserves
1 Air Montering.
As soon as you place the Air montering thing your money shoots up very fast !

Oh and I kept buying workers..ended up with 14 or 15 !
It's hard, but it works !
Happy playing ,
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 30, 11 5:53 PM
Isn't it fountain, hotel, fountain, hotel in the middle of the middle row
and then fountain, hotel, fountain, hotel in the middle of the bottom row ???
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 30, 11 5:49 PM
No sorry to say I did not, but I enjoyed the game anyways !
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 30, 11 3:45 PM
This is one of the best TM games ever !! It has so many different things to do and think about, never a dull moment.
I loved every single level. A few frustrated me, but once I caught on, it was so fun. Everyone enjoy this one.
 posted in Shop It Up! on Feb 14, 11 11:53 AM
Same problem only at level 32. Help
 posted in Shop It Up! on Feb 14, 11 11:50 AM
SAME problem....I get to level 32...getting tired of that level !! HELP !
 posted in Mall-a-Palooza on Apr 22, 10 11:25 AM
Mall 6 Bauhaus Shopping

1. Build the movie theatre in a big slot with 2 small slots on either side. Build a toy store on one of the 2 sides. Immediately sell the toy store, should go for about 5 grand.

2. Build a large clothing store on a big slot, where you have 2 preminum lots on either side.
3. Build a large electronic store on the big slot that has 3 slots on either side ( 2 on one side and one on the other, I believe is correct!
4. Build 2 small clothing stores on either side of the large clothing store.
5.Build 2 small electronic stores ( one on either side) beside the large electronic store.
6. Find 2 small slots beside each other and build a toy store in each.
7.Hire a repairman
8. Hire 3 janitors
9.Upgrade the 2 small clothing stores to the max, making sure you have hired all best employees

1. Build the bank
2.Buy one security guard
3. Build the 3rd small electronic store
4. Build 2 small music stores side by side
5. Start to upgrade all store including security cameras
6. Build the fountain
7. Purchase blockbuster movie LAST.
Keep the mall clean by using janitors and trash bins.

1. Build 4 restaurants
2.Once the stores by the restaunts open up, build 2 stores that are alike
3. Buy cheap stores
4. Continue buying until you have 17 stores ( one extra, so you can sell at the end to make your goal of 80 grand.
5. Wait until you have 15 grand and buy the expensive movie.
6. Keep checking the bank and collect your money
7. Once you have 16 stores start the fashion event.
Most important part is to keep everyone working, upgrade all stores to the max including cameras
If you have any left over spots, use decorations.
Running expensive movies will really help your cash.

 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 10 3:47 PM
I seem to be having a problem. I want to try the game but it says I need to update my billing information. I did, and when I go back it stills says this. This is the only game it does this for.

Having the same exact issue. Have never seen this happen in 3 years. HELP !
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 18, 10 11:51 AM
You need 2 not 1
 posted in Tourist Trap: Build the Nation's Greatest Vacations on Feb 10, 10 8:09 AM
Very unhappy !
I bought it...finished in about 2.5 hours.........this game has so much potential and great graphics, but it leaves you hanging....
Guess I learned a hard lesson, read the boards FIRST !!
Thanks for everyone who posts, I will read this more often !
 posted in Mandragora on Feb 8, 09 6:30 AM
I agree, spent more time using the water can then anything else. How boring is that ??
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 12, 09 3:42 PM
Make sure to place plenty of the buildings that automatically fix the houses...that way your population will stay up and not go down while waiting to fix the house.
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 11, 09 8:40 AM
Build the apartment buildings as fast as possible. Be sure and add the building that 'automatically' does repairs. I built 1 apartment building then next door one of those buildings and then next door to that another apartment building. Be sure and demolish all the statues, trees etc. upgrade to 3 stars and then buy all the property that comes for sale, demolish and build the apartment building. It went very fast once I had 3 apartment buildings and 2 repair shops. Since it does automatic repairs, it keeps your population up high.
Hope that helps,
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