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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 18 1:14 PM
bfgMurrumbidgee wrote:Hi again,

The software that powers the forums is fragile and very old. It is for these reasons that there is no option available to us to update the software.


So, if the software that powered billing was "fragile and very old", would the solution be to simply stop billing? Of course not! New software would long since have been found, which is what should have happened here. BFG USED to actually be concerned what their members thought, but those days are long gone, and they ain't coming back.

While I deplore the shutdown of the game forums (and agree with those who think it a stupid decision, financially), I am not surprised. I no longer believe anything I read on this site, and fully expect that at some point, the plug will be pulled on access to our games. Expect a class-action suit should that happen.

 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 30, 18 8:34 AM
I very rarely write any reviews, but this game earned one. I was hooked from the opening scene, and loved the different worlds aspect of this game. I played in Custom, as I always do, and found the challenge level to be just right. For once, I found every morphing object and collectible the first time through without hints - not because they were too easy, but because they were well-designed. (And yes, Mad Head should change out the spiral collectible.)
There were two puzzles that I had to go to the SG for, because my brain just doesn't work that way; that can't be considered the devs fault.
The graphics were amazing, with bright clear colors, and a varied palette.
I left the music on, something else I never do, as it was varied, pleasant, and appropriate to the scene.
Yes, the bad guys may have been a bit over the top, but aren't most villains (think of the Bond movies...). At least there were no demons, ghosts, or monsters. It was great to play an engaging, fun sci-fi story. I hope Mad Head continues with this series, I look forward to the next one eagerly.
It took me just over five hours to play through the main game and bonus chapter. I never once got bored or wished the game was over, a frequent complaint of mine (my attention span is short, what can I say?). I intend to replay this in hard mode, something else I never do, just to see how challenging it can be. Two thumbs most definitely up!
 posted in Mosaic: Game of Gods II on Mar 17, 18 6:41 AM
I just completed this game. I agree with all the positive comments; it's beautiful to look at, the music is pleasant, the no timer option is GREAT!

But one thing I found with this that I haven't seen in any of the other mosaic games I own: I didn't find one instance where I had to guess at piece placement. I have found this to be very annoying in other games - guessing frequently leads to a less than perfect score.

Not in this game - a definite plus! And now I'm off to try the first one; fingers crossed that it has the same feature.
 posted in Tales of Lagoona 2: Peril at Poseidon Park on Mar 16, 18 12:25 PM
I loved the first Tales of Lagoona, and grabbed this one immediately after. Unfortunately, I already had Windows 10, and this game will NOT run on it. Every so often I try, hoping something has changed, because I would really like to play this, but it's a no-go.
If anyone has a fix for this, PLEASE let me know!
 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 18 1:04 PM
Just worked at 4:05 pm EST
 posted in Shtriga: Summer Camp on Dec 6, 17 9:33 AM
I stumbled across this game as the DD yesterday. Not sure how I missed it when it came out, but I'm glad I gave it a try.
True, this is an older game without all the bells and whistle we've become accustomed to, but I can see myself leaving this in my GM for a while and replaying it. Longer than I expected. The game play is very linear, and, without a jump-map, there is a lot of running around. However, in general, when you're done with an area, you're done. The area will remain available, but I don't think I had to go back to the opening areas after a certain point.
The story is solid, the graphics are nice (if a bit dark at times), the music is appropriate and not annoying. I had none of the issues raised in the tech thread (Windows 10), so maybe the dev addressed them. Very happy with this game, AND I got it with a PCC.
 posted in Subject 13 on Aug 10, 17 1:09 PM
While I found this game a little challenging, I was loving it. However, I am unable to finish. Every time I play it heats up my laptop to a ridiculous degree. I didn't notice this until I had been playing for about an hour; by that point my laptop was too hot to comfortably keep my hand on it. I immediately shut the game down, and the machine cooled off.
Today I thought I would try playing in small increments. Nope, five minutes of play and there was already a hot spot. It's a real shame, as this sort of game is right up my alley, and I'd even become accustomed to the somewhat unusual controls.
I am running Windows 10 on a machine that's only about three months old, and have never had an issue with any other game.

Guess I'll watch the Youtube video to see what happens - not nearly as much fun as playing.
 posted in Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition on Jul 8, 17 5:54 AM
I love games of this sort, but as others have said elsewhere, this is just TOO long!
It took forever to get to $500,000, then the Sale in the Pantry (which for some reason actually refers to the dining room?) was another eternity. I hung in there because supposedly once both of those were done, Scarlett would tell me what to do to get Seriously, All Done.
I followed the few suggestions I was able to find from the handful of folks who had actually done it. Nothing. My conclusion? This award is totally random. After trying everything suggested, I minimized the game and went back online looking for more ideas. When I found nothing I went back to the game to close out. Scarlett was playing the piano. I clicked on her in one last attempt to get her to tell me what I needed to do...and got the achievement! She never told me anything, and clicking on the clock, which seems like the obvious clue, did not work for me, though it did for others.
Seriously developer, I love this game, but if you do another, please make it shorter. Playing shouldn't feel like a chore.
 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 3, 17 5:20 AM
Windows 10 laptop/tablet here. I had the same issue, but because my machine also functions as a tablet, I was able to finish the puzzle I was working on by dragging the pieces on the screen with my finger. After the puzzle was finished the game returned to normal. I realize this won't be a resolution for all, but if you have a combo machine, give it a try.

Initially I thought the battery in my wireless mouse was gone, otherwise I mightn't even have thought to try tablet mode.
 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 3, 17 5:14 AM
Well, going to buck the trend here. This is the most beautiful game I have seen in a long time, maybe ever. The artwork is exquisite. The music, while a bit too new-age for my taste, is unobtrusive and does change slightly to reflect the current country.

I am a fan of these types of mosaic games, but this one raises the bar in one very significant manner: it plays fair. Previously, every game of this type that I have played offers you a limited number of pieces at a time. In every case, I have eventually found myself left with pieces that do not seem to have any corresponding piece visible (to be fair, in some cases I just didn't look hard enough - but sometimes, there truly were no connecting pieces). Since getting a perfect score matters in those games, you end up playing scenes over and over again.

In this game, ALL pieces are available to you at all times. It's up to you which piece you choose to play. Of course, as far as I can tell, making mistakes with pieces doesn't have a penalty here, so it kind of cancels out, but I much prefer being able to choose the pieces myself.

The only thing I'm not sure of is how long this game is. I got through at least 8, maybe 9 countries in 50 minutes. The description says 25 countries represented, so I may have gone through a third of the game in less than an hour. Alternatively, there may be more than one puzzle per country. (That would be great!)

It really doesn't matter to me, I will definitely be using a PCC on this. It's just too beautiful to pass up.
 posted in Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 17 7:07 AM
Sorry, didn't like this game, which is a shame, because detective-style games are my favorite type of HOP. I am SO tired of supernatural themes that I was predisposed to like this. However, I strongly dislike this particular style of graphics, where everything in sight looks like it needs a good cleaning. I found it dark and muddy-looking.

I did like the clue finding aspect, and it appears that, despite the name, the killer might be an actual person (I don't know this to be true; that's just a guess based on pretty limited evidence, so this is NOT a spoiler).

As someone mentioned, the blood matching forensic work was a real loser for me. Particularly in a detective game, you should be able to use logic, not have to wait and see what randomly shows up.

As a life-long resident of Boston, I was pleased to see it used as the locale, but I assure you, no part of the city I have ever seen looks as nasty as this place. It was good to see the Longfellow Bridge in the map, however - nice surprise, Brave Giant!

I don't think this is a bad game, just not my cup of tea, but try it - it might be yours.
I agree with Pertigal; at least this is something different. I rarely even bother to try HOPAs these days. They are so much alike that even the titles are interchangeable, and completely forgettable.

I like the look of this game. The colors are muted, and appropriate to the northern location. I particularly like watching the ship sail around the map - very nice artwork.

Yes, the mechanics of some of the mini-games are not self-evident, but I have yet to skip one. And I like a challenge, it's why I play games.

Now my only question is what other game to buy in the BOGO sale!

ETA: And now I know - Bonfire Stories. Off to play!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 17 10:22 AM
Thank you for mentioning the touch screen. I had NO luck with the mouse, but was able to finish the puzzle the other way. For those without a touch screen, I hope someone comes up with another answer.
 posted in Maze: The Broken Tower Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 16 11:51 AM
Yes, they sure can!
 posted in Maze: The Broken Tower Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 16 10:32 AM
@ sazoria,

I got it! The first time after reading your post, I went in and clicked right through the dialogue and got gold!

Thanks for your help with this, it was really getting to me.
 posted in Maze: The Broken Tower Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 16 5:14 AM
Has anyone achieved this, and if so, how? I've tried listening to the dialogue, not listening to the dialogue, I've gotten through in 41 seconds, and still I can't get gold! This is very frustrating. Any sugggestions?

Thanks in advance.
 posted in Doodle God Solitaire on Aug 17, 16 6:58 AM
anniebird wrote:These solitaire games are all the same - it's either match 2 or one up/one down. If Big Fish would offer a solitaire game with different types of games I'd buy it in a minute.

That is SO true! As usual with a new solitaire I got excited for a minute, then "Oh, another one of those."

Solitaire has nearly endless variations - why don't devs branch out?
 posted in One Way Flight on Jun 15, 16 8:02 AM
I tried this game, and I doubt I'll buy it. I don't mind the old-style graphics - they remind me of the Samantha Swift games - and I don't mind that there are lots of HOs; sometimes I'm in the mood for that.

What may be a deal breaker is the Hint (?) button. I knew that there were mini-games to be played, so rather than waste time looking for objects, I tried using the button - twice. Both times all that happened was a kind of rippling water effect across the whole screen - NO indication of where anything was. What's the point?

I'll keep it in my game manager for the moment, and leave the remaining demo time, in case someone comes in here and tells me I've overlooked something, but for now, no buy.
 posted in Facility 47 on May 31, 16 12:42 PM
I contacted the dev. They were very responsive, and have sent a bug fix to Big Fish. However, there is no way to fix the problem once you have arrived at this point, you will have to start over. Please note that if you re-play before the update is sent out, do NOT use "Solve" on the valves puzzle; the problem will re-occur.
 posted in Facility 47 on May 18, 16 11:57 AM
Go outside through the garage and head straight ahead (not to the "2" buildings), then go past the "H" trailer. You may need to click more than once, but eventually you will see the red tent.
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