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 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition on Mar 18, 11 12:06 AM
Could someone give me a list of all the games this developer has done? I'm trying to get all of them
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 17, 11 6:35 PM
I don't think I cheated the company. I mean,they messed up not us.I guess if they need it back they can tell me
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Feb 17, 11 12:19 AM
Grabbed this one the minute I saw the developer. It's my favorite.Plus, a collector's edition for 6.99!
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Feb 13, 11 10:31 PM
Buggy. The first time I downloaded it,it took an hour. The second time it installed fine. First time it crashed bad. Now after the first hidden object scene it freezes. I wouldn't pay money or a credit for this mess. It's not Big Fishes fault. The developer usually makes good games. This is an abortion of a game.
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Feb 12, 11 1:16 AM
I'm having a lot of the same issues. It took an hour to download on DSL. I click to play the game and it crashes every time. If you fix this I'd be willing to try again.
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Dec 28, 10 8:16 PM
Well,after reading other people's views I don't feel like a complete moron. I took the day to find anything and in the long run was wearing out the hint button. It looks nice but leaves you wondering what the heck you're supposed to do. I guess I'm more in the mood for a straight up hidden object game.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Dec 17, 10 12:41 AM
I've not gotten far but I like the graphics. They look cel-shaded. I think the hidden object searches are really pretty good but sometimes rough. The only problem I had was needing to find a casket in a search. I never saw one in the conventional sense so the old hint button helped. Oh yeah,the hint button fills up quick. All I can really say is I'm ultra-picky and think this one is pretty good.
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Dec 11, 10 10:27 PM
GrammaKj wrote:I finished the CE a couple of days ago and I rate this game in my top 3. I liked it better than MCF 13th Skull and Haunted Legends: Queen of Spades.

Really? I like Queen of Spades a lot more but then again,I'm partial to the developer
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Dec 11, 10 10:25 PM
I love these games but this one is very hard and unforgiving. You don't feel like you accomplished something when you finish a scene but are just glad to be through it. Simply put,it's just not a lot of fun
 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 10, 10 12:46 AM
After I got my screen woes worked out I was able to dive right in. Granted these woes were of my monitor,not the game. Anyhow,in one scene I found the oddest things...a camera and a flashlight. Has anyone else seen this?
 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 9, 10 12:12 AM
Thank you for trying though
 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 8, 10 10:39 PM
I need to play this one in windowed mode. The reason being,all the dialogue ad stuff is at the very top of the scree and I can't read it. I tried to go windowed mode but it won't do that. Can someone lend me a hand?
 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 7, 10 12:15 AM
This one seems like fun. Nice and nasty for all us grown ups out there. I may be ready for some hate mail over this but oh well.
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Nov 9, 10 6:32 PM
Thank you both very much!
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Nov 5, 10 10:37 PM
Is this game made by the same company that makes both Puppet Show games? I really like that developer and if it's the same one I want to get this. Please P.M. because these forums fill up so quick. Thank you all
 posted in 3 Days - Amulet Secret on Nov 5, 10 7:35 PM
Flickers really bad. Can't the developers simply complete the game before they send it out the door?
 posted in Downtown Secrets on Nov 5, 10 7:29 PM
I guess I'm not alone in this boat. I do wanna apologize to Big Fish and lay the blame where it needs be. The developer shouldn't send a faulty product to retailers or a company like this.No,Big Fish has always been really good to me and taken the brunt of the blame whether they did it or not. Boycotting this game company,not Big Fish sounds better
 posted in Downtown Secrets on Nov 5, 10 1:30 AM
I'd love to try this but oh no! It crashed twice on me. Yet another flop from this company
 posted in Downtown Secrets on Nov 5, 10 1:29 AM
I was looking forward to trying this game out. I wasn't looking forward to 2 restarts of my computer because all the screen did was flicker after an absurd load time. I tried going through Program Files also but I got the same results. My computer surpasses the requirements to run this. I am only acting like this because this is twice this week that a new release has flopped on me. Maybe I should just let my membership expire and wait for the company to make a game that runs.
 posted in Harvest Mania To Go on Oct 30, 10 10:22 PM
Any hints or things for the DS version can be found at
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