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 posted in Deadlings on Jun 15, 15 5:11 AM
I had to retry the first level a few times, too - but then I got the hang of it and so far it is a really great action puzzler. I am about to buy it....still 30 minutes to try, though
 posted in Fishdom on Feb 17, 15 2:45 PM
The score going backwards is a normal thing considering how the variables in the program code are defined. The game simply is not written for such high scores

For example:
Defined is a variable as signed integer. A standard signed integer can hold a numerical value from -32,767 up to 32,767. But when increasing the value further than its range it turns to the negative value immediately (-32,767) and all values added to the variable will be calculated accordingly. (-32,767 + 1000 (for example) = -31,767).

The same happens in Fishdom - just at higher values, because the developers used other variable types for the scores (but in the end with the same effect).
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom on Dec 7, 13 5:46 AM
The procedure entry point. ??1critical_section@Concurrency@@QAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR100.dll

I had the same problem.

I was able to solve the problem by simply deleting the two corresponding dlls from the game directory. I hope this helps
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 28, 12 4:40 AM
Thanks BFG. I had to laugh really hard. To sell a game from 2002 chopped up into 3 parts where you have to pay for every single part of it. I´m glad that I have the DRM free version including soundtrack, artworks, avatars and a manual from a online distributor selling "good old games" completely DRM free for a reasonable price (9.99$).
 posted in Mole Control on Oct 7, 10 3:39 AM
I played the demo a few months ago directly from the developer´s site and it is a fairly nice game if you are into minesweeper-like games. For me personally the gameplay is a bit slow but none-the-less it is a good game.
But for the price I would consider to buy it from the developer directly as the game is not much more expensive there and the developer would benefit a lot more from the buy.
 posted in And Yet It Moves on Sep 29, 10 12:17 AM
I own this game directly from the developer for the PC and it is a great game. It is a platformer with absolutely crazy player movement, simplistic graphics and sounds. You simply have to try it when it is available here at BF.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Aug 23, 10 12:31 AM
I know how hard it can be to create something larger with people shattered around the world so I compare the development of this game with the experiences I made for myself.
There where projects I had to wait YEARS for until they were released so I can be very patient
(Especially after reading that the Subsoap team is made of members developing in their spare time after school, work and so on. I coded some stuff in my spare time, too, and know how hard that can be)
 posted in BeTrapped! on Jun 17, 10 2:19 PM
So, after playing Adventure mode and after I wrote that it was far too easy I played the puzzle mode aswell and have to say: The puzzle mode is the real strength of the game. Especially on "deadly" difficulty setting you have really to be careful.

But I wonder what it is all about with the 1200 levels mentioned in the game´s description. When playing puzzle mode you never get a clue whether you already played this room before or which level it is you are about to play next. However, I don´t think that the levels are randomized because many of them (which I played) are very well thought out.
 posted in BeTrapped! on Jun 15, 10 3:10 PM
Very nice game conceptionally, but far too easy in story mode! I just completed the story and there were only a few moments where I had to think about my next step longer than a few seconds.
I hope the puzzle mode will get a bit more difficult...
 posted in BeTrapped! on Jun 15, 10 3:03 PM
The time you have left to disarm the trap is shown near the spot of the trap itself
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 2 on May 31, 10 7:04 AM
suenrick wrote:how many levels are thay or is it a short game

Each difficulty setting has 40 levels. The game has a normal, expert and a hard difficulty setting. When playing through all difficulty settings you have to beat 120 levels.

Additionally there are 5 HOG-Scenes in the normal difficulty setting. In expert and hard the HOG scenes are not available.
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 2 on May 31, 10 6:58 AM
The timer counts upwards.
Under the timer there is a clock which shows you the time you have to beat to get a medal statue. At first the timer is green for an excellent green statue. If you can not beat the given time the timer runs out and begins again in another color for a less good statue (after green comes gold). After running up again the timer starts new again and so on.
The last medal you can earn is the blue - but I don´t know what happens when the blue timer runs out - it never happened to me
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 2 on May 31, 10 6:47 AM
This is a superb match3, in my opinion.

Well, the game field is very static and you have to clear all the tiles with jewels in it in every single level. But the game mechanics are fast and packed with action.
I am at the last chapter of the second difficulty level and there you have to act very thoughtful to get the totems working. And without activating the totems (to roll back the timer for example) the later levels are unbeatable. Until now I was able to beat every single level with a green statue (green is the best you can earn).

My only complain is that the game can give you a playing field where only one move is possible. After that the field has to be renewed by the game. That´s a bit annoying.
That happens in later levels more often because there are many obstacles coming (like ice blocks which can be removed by matching them with stones in the same color and metal plates which can only be removed by activating the blue totem)

The hidden object scenes have to be played on normal difficulty setting only. At the two higher difficulties the hidden object scenes are not available any more.

For me the game is an excellent time waster
 posted in Magic Ball 4 on Feb 28, 10 4:10 AM
Nice game but waaay too easy. The ball moves so slowly I could fall asleep while playing...
There are no difficulty settings and I am forced to play with the given difficulty.
If I was able to control the difficulty level I would buy the game.
 posted in Bricks of Egypt 2 on Feb 16, 10 4:37 AM
I have played many games of this sort but I have to say that this one is one of the best so far.
The graphics and sounds are a bit oldschool and the resolution is rather low, but the gameplay is superb.
There are a few features I didn´t see in any other "brick breaker", like burning bricks which can expand and even destroy the paddle if getting too close.
The flying eyes can become tricky when there are too many of them - and there are a few evil ones, too.

At the age of the game I would buy it at a reduced price for sure - maybe as a daily deal.
 posted in Becky Brogan: The Mystery of Meane Manor on Oct 6, 09 9:25 AM
I played the game for exactly 13 minutes and removed it from my computer. I like the screens with the many objects - that is real a "Hidden Object"-game. But the quality of many of the objects is not very good....sometimes like low-res photographs edited to fit their environment.
The translation into the german language is absolutely horrible sometimes. In the library for example is an object "train". The one who translated the object names into german translated it to "trainieren" instead of "Zug". what?!?
 posted in Fishdom on Jun 2, 09 6:13 AM
LOL...level 7400? I calculated a bit. With 7400 levels and 626 million $ you earned somewaht over 11$ per level?!?
The game was been published on June 2008. Until now it is for 350 days (not exactly) on BF. That means you have to play 21 to 22 levels per day, That is possible when playing really every single day...I would say that you would need to play at least 70 to 110 minutes per day to get 22 levels done.
I never could do that..
 posted in Dragon Portals on Jun 2, 09 5:52 AM
My first thoughts about this game were: "cool! what is this?!?" Never played that match-3-style before. And it does have a lot potential. But after only 27 minutes of playing it got a bit boring for me and I quit the game. There are sooo many possibilities in there - maybe the developer wanted to see reactions from gamers to decide whether to further enhance that concept or to lay it down. I would say: Improve it! The concept is great! But there have to be more features! I want to see different weather conditions. (Thunder-)Storms! Sunsets! Day and Night! Different amounts of dragons and different length of dragons to vary the game a bit. Bad influences that let one or more dragon fly faster/slower than the others for a limited time to make it more difficult to make matches (stormy weather?)
The difficulty is raising way to fast. At stage 2-4 I had problems to not crash down. Seems a bit unbalanced to me.
Wah! I have so many ideas for that game that it hurts
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