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 posted in Law and Order Justice is Served on Sep 11, 14 4:04 AM
I'm stuck here as well. I've already received the research report on Mark Greenfield but there is no phone call from Records about banking. I'm thinking it's a glitch~~
 posted in Law and Order Justice is Served on Sep 11, 14 4:01 AM
I'm stuck at the same point. It looks like I should have waited to request a report on Greenfield. Now I have to start the game from the start.......
Not happy.
 posted in Skyborn on Jul 15, 12 9:40 AM
I've played games like Aveyond and Eternal Eden, and always had fun upgrading equipment. When purchasing new weapons or armour, the amount of increase or decrease for each stat was very clearly displayed, which made decisions regarding whether or not to purchase a snap.
This game includes more stats, and categories like intelligence, agility and strength seem to be more important, especially keeping in mind the role they play in 'augmenting'. The other odd thing is when purchasing, the amount of HP that will be increased is very easily visible, while other stats are a little more tricky, and you almost have to have memorised how much of each stat you're using with your current weapon in order to make a smart choice.
Anyone who has a lot of experience playing RPGs and has played this one who might be able to help me make my trips to the weapons and armour shops more enjoyable, please leave some advice! Augmenting, as well, while quite creative and interesting, is a process for which I'm still unsure as how to make accurate and timely decisions based on where I am in the game.
I'm enjoying the game so far, but would enjoy it more if the stats and equipment were a bit more straight forward.
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Feb 4, 12 4:31 AM
jskeleton69 wrote:Hey all I herd from another forum member that got a response from bigfish/playfirst that we the fans can encourage a new chocolatier game so i started a petition. heres the website.

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Thanks jskeleton! I signed. Everyone copy and paste this link in your address bar and sign the petition! If enough people sign it, PlayFirst just might listen.

Great idea^^
 posted in Bistro Boulevard on Jun 6, 11 4:15 AM
I'm a big fan of Nancy Drew and Chocolatier and I love this game!
I just say that in case there are other people who like games I like; it's a sure bet you'll like this one too! It's a holiday and I wanted to spend the day at home, and I'm glad I found this game! I've been playing all afternoon!!!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Apr 16, 10 3:30 AM
Figured it out! Have to say "yes" when the random lady asks if you're feeling lucky! I'm not a gambler and I thought that was what she was hinting at hehe.
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Apr 16, 10 2:38 AM
I know I have to go to Toronto after I've accumulated 11 recipes but I can't seem to find where the 11th one is! I'm still slowly trying to make enough Coffee Grog to buy the Baghdad shop. But other than that, I've made evertying except for the recipes with Honduran cocoa. I don't know what else to do. Anyone know???
 posted in Aveyond: The Lost Orb on Feb 26, 10 1:11 AM
Thank you Thank you!!!!
 posted in Aveyond: The Lost Orb on Feb 26, 10 12:16 AM
Where is it?
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