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 posted in Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies on Sep 25, 14 1:02 PM
how did you manage to do it?
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Jun 22, 14 4:43 AM
Can't seem to be able to log in to email. I get the same response- email address recognized, but the password does not seem to work. I'm not logging in through my bigfish account. anyone encountered this before? I'm afraid to close the game in case my progress wil be lost. And it happened all of a sudden, too. I played for days and was logged in the whole time.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince on Apr 27, 11 7:15 AM
thank you, i finally found it. but now i can't finish the game! i got to the last puzzle, solved it, saw the girl talking about the strange woman, then came a window with changing images and a V to press. i ended up in the main menu, no bonus material unlocked, and when i try to start hard mode, i just end up in front of the machine and the last puzzle! which i can play again if i want to.. help!!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince on Apr 26, 11 11:11 AM
i can't find the gorse potion anywhere. i cant even find a mention of it in any walkthrough or in the strategy guide in the game. any ideas? (of course i can't go on with the game without it, as i can't make the uncursed potion)
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