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 posted in Criminal Minds on Apr 21, 12 2:34 AM
I have come to a stand still in the game to go further i need a knife and scissors to get the ladder off the van and the knife i used in the eveidence box dissappered and i never got scissors from when i was looking for evidence under the stairs. I was just was if this is an issue or if i can get these supplies eleswhere though i have looked everywhere.
 posted in Fairway™ on Mar 13, 12 4:29 PM
I have been playing the iPad version and have just completed the bonus pack and in the left hand corner of the game screen it says that I have 186/240 but I have no idea where to get the rest of the is there another bonus pack as I don't understand how you get all 240 if I can't play anymore courses.
I also have all trophys Please help
 posted in Twisted Lands: Insomniac on Sep 16, 11 4:58 PM
Thank you very much for your help Valdy and _DD . I well check all the links now. Now I will understand what all the posts are about lol hehe Just found out what HOG meant.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Insomniac on Sep 16, 11 2:06 AM
Have been a big fish customer for years, but I am new to these forums and I was woundering what CE and SE mean. And also if there are any other codes that A newcomer might not know
 posted in Vagrant Hearts on Sep 13, 11 2:41 AM
It also reminds me of a game called link and I was playing that 16 years ago. I wont be downloading this game, not even for the trail game. Please make better games then this. I cant believe I waited all day for this game
 posted in Be a King 2 on Jul 7, 10 8:30 PM
I was getting help with big fish admin with the problems I was having with vista and playing be a king ll. But I figured it out myself. I was having trouble playing the game after I activated the game it would just close down and big fish manager would say thanks for playing. even thought the game displayed activated on big fish manager my computer was thinking it was still a trail game. so i tried everything and then through mucking around I found the solution I went into
C/users/user name (your name)/downloads then I right clicked be a king ll and clicked run as a administrator and the big fish manager came up and said buy game and I clicked on that and then clicked on already purchased game and it the clicked play game and it worked.
I had also done before with clicking on C,program files/be a king ll and right clicked the game and clicked run as an administrator and that did not work only the the other way did. Hope this helps with a game that does not work on windows vista.
 posted in Be a King 2 on Jun 29, 10 8:34 PM
please help me the game let me play the trail version and as soon as I activated the game it wont let me open it I have widows vista. I think it has something to do with windows vista thinking the game is still on the trial version and I need to allow access some how
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