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 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on May 11, 11 6:23 PM

If I remember correctly, I found it quite a bit after I first found the teddy bear - in a H0 scene.

There's so much going on in this game I'm not completely sure!! LOL.

Good luck!

 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on May 11, 11 6:18 PM
I have Windows 7 on my computer that is about 18 months old. I have never had a problem playing any of the games in that time - and I play ALOT of them.

It's so weird that some with Windows 7 have so much trouble. Could it be something to do with other things such as memory and graphics cards, etc?

My computer isn't high end - just average. There has to be more to it than just Windows 7.

Best of luck with this game y'all - it's a good one.
nat_pink25 wrote:Is it me or does Lilly/Lillian look a LOT! like Violet from A series of Unfortunate Events?

Anyway the game is great, good graphics and i love the mystery about it.

She looks EXACTLY like Violet from Lemony Snickets........... Very cute.

Just finished the game - awesome! But the ending....yikes.......I hope the next one comes along VERY, VERY soon!

 posted in Dark Ritual on Apr 26, 11 6:17 AM

Does anyone remember a game in a creepy hospital/asylum where there is a dummy lying on a stretcher outside a broken elevator and you have to resuscitate it? I thought it might be Green Hills but am not sure......anyway, this game has the same scenes in it! What's with that???

About 1/2 an hour in I enter a room that seems familiar - well, the next hour is spent in the same rooms from another game! Some of the puzzles are also the same - I finally fix the elevator and go down to another floor - and it's the same room from the other game again!

WTH?????!!! The game industry is getting so bad they use half of one game to build another?

If anyone else reaches that point and knows what game those scenes are from, please let me know. I don't want to replay Green Hills to find out but I thought maybe it was that one.

What a rip-off!
 posted in Mystery Novel on Apr 11, 11 7:01 AM
outhval wrote:
jeffory wrote:You know there are some people who like the sparkles instead of wandering all over the place and having to click on everything in site to know what to do next, if you do not like the sparkles that is fine but quit griping about them because a lot of us that are not that great at these games (and I presume the ones who hate sparkles are geniuses) like to have some idea of what to do next, have been reading about the hate of the sparkles for weeks now and just had to finally say something!!!!!!!!!!

Well said Jeffory. I am lost without the sparkles and hope the devs keep putting them in, otherwise I won't be able to play these games and just hate wandering around just clicking aimlessly not knowing where to go next. So hope they at least keep them in for Casual Mode and let the "geniuses" have none in Advanced Mode.

Unfortunately, many games also have sparkles in the 'advanced' or 'genius' mode (jeffory's word, not mine) and that's what bugs people. I prefer no sparkles and always choose the harder level when it's offered - when there are still sparkles, that's frustrating for me (and others). Just as it's frustrating for you when there are no sparkles. So, no hating required - our complaints are justified just as yours are. .
 posted in The Fool on Apr 2, 11 7:39 AM
dobbiemijnboekje wrote:
spiritdog51 wrote:DragonLady, I felt bad dumping all those rocks on the dragon, I liked him!!!
I felt the same.

Me too, I thought the dragon was just misunderstood.
You obviously have a problem with this game CasualGran!

I, for one, enjoyed its originality and offbeat storyline and puzzles.

To each his/her own, yes???

At least the game and story was original - perhaps a little quirky but what's wrong with that?

Do you miss kidnapped Grandpa already????
housebound wrote:well Roos, it looks like that you & I are the only ones that don't like the game
as for the vocals, they bugged the carp out of me ,so I turned them off.

I agree - the voice acting is horrendous - I wanted to slap her the minute she opened her mouth and that Mrs Thorne or whatever her name is !

I'm enjoying the game though...without sound!

Have a great weekend y'all!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 11 2:06 PM
bfgfan25 wrote:I usually don't like FROGs, but I loved Briar Rose and this seems great too. I'm waiting to buy the SE though. I have to ask: are there any giant spiders like in the last one? I have an EXTREME spider phobia and I just like to be warned.

There is one area where there is a cartoonish spider that comes down and when you click on him/her there is a comment about 'spiders not stopping me" or something cute like that. It doesn't look like a real spider and I don't recall any others (I'm about 3/4 of the way through the game).

I guess it depends on how extreme your phobia is??

I hope you'll still try the game - it's awesome!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 11 1:56 PM
Yes, it is like that. Very much so. But maybe still give it a try?
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Feb 13, 11 7:22 AM
"I'm still puzzled by the warning about the 'adult' music."

I think it was more about her hotsy-totsy, hoochy-coochy outfit that the adult comment was put out there - I'm not even sure kids would notice that if they played it. They know vamps are usually 'vampy'. That's what makes them fun. The music was pretty upbeat and fun IMO, although I didn't listen closely to the lyrics - were they 'adult'?

I didn't find anything at all offensive in this game and I hope no one else did. It was all meant to be good, campy, fun.

I do wish they had given us all the chapters and made it a CE though. If the sequel doesn't come out for months we may have all lost interest.

As it is, it's still a great game (IMO)!

 posted in Phantasmat on Feb 5, 11 10:09 AM
I haven't played for awhile so can't remember but it looks like there's a Walkthrough now. Check through the recent threads.

Good luck!
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 11 11:09 AM
copper1967 wrote:This is why I like it soooooo much I h.o. scenes,,,,,,,,So I am hooked

You are gonna LOVE this game!!!! I think most Fishies will...

I just know there are a few of us that like a few less H0 scenes so wanted to mention it.....

I hope it comes to BF soon...I can't wait to see what everyone thinks!
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 11 11:06 AM
And another picky thing! I played the game in expert mode (or whatever they called it) and it was not too hard (I didn't use the SG once and I usually do at least a few times) but the Bonus Chapter didn't give that option (or I missed it) and there were sparkles everywhere - if you hate those sparkles you may find it annoying.

Also, in the H0 scenes (all the H0 scenes) they have this cool 50's sci-fi/murder mystery music which I loved for the first 3 or 4 scenes then, for the first time EVER, I turned off the music in a game.'s still a great game!
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 11 10:54 AM
BlueDeuce wrote:Small disappointment with the morphing objects...the cursor changes to the hand when you roll over one, so you know you should click. Twice I didn't see it morph just clicked and surprise I had one. Takes the challenge out of finding them.

Also when you are in the puzzles you cannot back out. You must complete, skip or go to the main menu and quit. I like to be able to back out and roam a bit if I get stumped, then come back to complete. I know that's picky...still a definate buy!

One other picky thing....there are ALOT of H0 scenes in this game - ALOT! And they go back to the same scenes quite often (with different objects). Parts of it are pretty easy also's still a great game!
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 11 10:51 AM
chris122049 wrote:I realize this has lots of bugs but bugs don't normally bother me. Does it have a lot of snakes? Thanks! My hobby is dollhouses so I hope it doesn't have a lot of snakes in it!

I hate snakes too and there were only a few little guys in a couple of the H0 scenes. I think you'll be ok!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 11 10:43 AM
I beta'd this one recently (at another site). It is AWESOME!!!

It's very similar in style to the first - has the same 'feel' and, of course, excellent graphics and story. In fact, I think I was enjoying the story even more than the Curse of Briar Rose (which I loved). I found it a little easy so I'm hoping they'll make it a bit more challenging but I am really looking forward to playing the full game. I hope it shows up soon!

Have a great weekend ya'll!
Just finished my opinion a pretty good game. I liked the story very much but found a few things that turned me off (besides the horrible voice acting of the circus 'gypsy' and the kid). There were ALOT of H0 scenes...I know it's a H0/adventure game technically but this game has way too many H0 scenes in my opinion. At least it gave you some items you needed but....blah ! I also thought the gameplay was a bit too easy - some of the mini-games were a bit challenging, some were super easy (I played the experienced level). The story saved it for me - interesting and different from the norm lately. I thought the extra gameplay was short but it did finish the story up nicely.

out of 5 in my opinion.

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