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 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Oct 23, 16 4:07 PM
I don't even come close to trying to get this level accomplished; sure would appreciate any assistance.MEnr56
 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Oct 23, 16 4:05 PM
tamme01 wrote:I have been through this level more times than I care to admit . . . I have the moves figured out but am always one move shy of success. Is it my brain or is there a bug????????? Someone (Calgon????) take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calgon take me away?!?!?! I haven't heard that phrase in years!!! Since I don't have TV reception because of the trees around me and I refuse to buy cable, does that commercial still exist or am I dating the 2 of us? LOVE IT

I'm stuck on the puzzle level 72 and if you remember how you did it, I should would appreciate a couple of "pointers".

 posted in Button Tales on Aug 11, 16 8:01 PM
Valdy wrote:Even with the flips I wasn't able to get all the yellow buttons with the amount of moves available. And this is only level 4.

Unless the devs change the game so that Relaxed mode is immediately available, I won't buy this game. It will be too frustrating having to replay levels over and over so I can move on.

I continually played this game (OVER 10x!!!!) and I STILL can't beat this level and yes, I did the flipping act; if this game is THIS HARD on Level 4, then the rest of this game has to be just as ridiculously difficult. and I am NOT interested. Why is the RELAXED mode UNAVAILABLE?

 posted in Chateau Garden on Aug 1, 16 2:34 AM
I read where 1 player he/she is playing in relaxed mode; I changed profile to start this game over again and I find NO OPTION to play in a relaxed mode. Can someone show me where there's that possibility.

 posted in Chateau Garden on Aug 1, 16 2:18 AM
Ker72 wrote:Hi brimaz,

please do not give up!
The levels are getting increasingly tricky. Our advice is to use the second power-up (rose) and to trigger a combo!

You have to have those damn things before you can use them and I NEVER seem to have any; I am deleting this game on Level 34 -- NO GAME SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BE THIS HARD TO PLAY; GAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING Challenges are fine but not to the point of being impossible

 posted in The Disappearing Runestones on Jul 31, 16 4:40 PM
Thank you for your tip on how to win the battle as I was going bonkers with constantly being told that I was defeated during the last 3 levels.

 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Jul 28, 16 11:12 PM
Rbnhall6 wrote:Is this it? Board after board of the same thing. I'\ am seriously discouraged BF hasn't put out a decent game in a long time, and here's another one. Thu. Fri. Sat. and Sun are .useless because the are all yet another HO. But on Mon. Tues.& Wed we hope but we get this I'm done with BF. There has to be better games besides the endless same same hidden objects. game

This is most definitely not a "hidden object" game and it's also challenging -- in 1 level to the point that I and another member are totally stuck.

 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Jul 28, 16 11:07 PM
oldgamer15 wrote:How do you beat this level in 10 moves. I can only do it in 11 moves. Can't get past this level? Can anyone help?

Stuck on the same level

 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Jul 27, 16 12:31 AM
Complete in 7 moves; someone, please, who is smarter than I am help me!

I can't see how it can be done in less than 9 moves.


Figured it out

 posted in Free the Witch on Jun 28, 16 3:17 AM
Thank you for your advice, Silver_hawk; I've been able to now pass the 2nd tier of Level 34 (every once in awhile, I go back to it because I want to achieve all gold levels in the Woodlands) and am now struggling with the 3rd tier. Hopefully, I will achieve my goal of getting all gold levels.

 posted in Funny Pets on Jun 21, 16 2:05 PM
I have tried for several days and several times per day to complete the above-mentioned level and can't get it done. Does anyone have any suggestions?

 posted in Funny Pets on Jun 21, 16 2:05 PM
I have tried for several days and several times per day to complete the above-mentioned level and can't get it done. Does anyone have any suggestions?

 posted in Free the Witch on Jun 21, 16 11:46 AM
silver_hawk wrote:I just tried it again too so I could try and help you. For some reason I don't get the second bowl to appear either. Since you don't need to complete more than one tier of this level I'd say to just move on and worry about it later (much later) until it gets sorted out.

Other than getting extra coins from it, you don't need play the 2nd and 3rd tiers of level 34.

Thank you for your quick response; I thought that it was necessary to complete all 3 tiers for more reasons than collecting coins, I have seen the 2nd bowl by matching 3 symbols in the side bars but I can't seem to be able to move it further down when it reaches the 2nd side bar; very frustrating particularly when most of the 4 matches make vertical power-up rather than horizontal ones.

 posted in Free the Witch on Jun 21, 16 9:34 AM
What is the purpose of collecting the books and orbs since they can't be used?

 posted in Free the Witch on Jun 21, 16 9:32 AM
Can anyone give me some tips as to how to beat the 2nd play and possibly the last play of Level 34; I managed to beat the 1st play but no matter how often I try, I never get more than the 1 bowl of the 2 required.

 posted in Spring in Japan on Jun 20, 16 12:16 PM
I have played this level SEVERAL times and I don't come close to completing it before the timer runs out; has anyone passed the level and can provide tips?

 posted in Magic Haven on May 27, 16 7:25 PM
Kirioth wrote:Thanks, I will try doing that.

Edit: Okay I finally beat level 100!!!!!! Here is what I did.

I started with 145 mana match swords cleared the blockades and match clouds to build up mana. I kept shooting at evil eyes when I could to open up the paths so items can drop down.

Than I used the float spell on the bombs and put them under the gate. I kept this up until I had one block left and waited for the shuffle to come up, keeping at least 5 mana doing this. As soon as I could when there was a bomb in the one block left, I shot it with my arrow. Hope this makes sense.

Hi there

I have 109 mana which means that I will NEVER beat this level; I don't come close to having enough arrow matches to wipe out ALL the evil eyes and of course, they tend to wipe out those ones that are really not important.

Also, what's up with the small numbers listed by the power-ups? I THOUGHT it meant that that was the number of times that I could use each one but it's not; for example, I had the #15 by the swap power-up but after using it 3x, the power-up was all used up . I played this game in the "relaxed" mode and was enjoying it but now, I doubt that I would give this game a "2" rating.

 posted in Magic Haven on May 18, 16 5:42 PM
SynthpopAddict wrote:I was going to demo this since there's a sale going on, but no option to play timed? Think I'll pass since I'm with you on relaxed mode being too easy for me. The only thing I can think of that might be "timed" in the game is that there are obstacles that show up later that will block up the whole board if you take too long?

Hey devs, not all of us want our games set on easy.

I am confused by your posting as this game IS timed and THAT'S the problem; this game moves so slowly that a person can't seem to measure the length of time that this game is taking and not only that, it's extremely difficult to see the colored tiles that need to be cleared.

I am about to ask for my money back because this game timer goes much faster than I am able to cope with -- with the other involved.

 posted in Silver Tale on May 16, 16 3:01 AM
keldra1024 wrote:I look at the vertical list of powerups on the left while I am in level. I haven't seen any green checks so far. I am in relaxed mode, level 98, have 279 gold. Do the green checks show up only you have enough gold? Or are they not available in relaxed mode?

Hi there

I am playing in the "relaxed" mode and yes, the green check marks will appear once the entire board has been cleared -- that means getting all the resource veins such as the shacks as well as clearing all the grass (green), yellow (sand), and red tiles.

I seem to have a better chance of getting all my boards cleared AFTER I have completed the game level requirement itself -- getting rid of all the red tiles; I then return to whatever boards that haven't yet been cleared. When ALL the boards have been cleared, the dialogue box will appear giving you 3 stars and a "medal", Since I have improved my playing tactic, I've returned to previous played levels to earn all the 3 stars and the medal.

The only levels that I can't do are the puzzle ones wherein you've only got a set number of moves to rid the board of all the objects; I've never been any good at that.

 posted in Silver Tale on May 15, 16 2:31 PM
If you read the comments concerning this level, you'll quickly ascertain that many, if not all, believe that they're not able to obtain the needed material necessary to move onto the next board; it's stated that the sand tiles underneath the cypress tree hides the necessary material (axe, rope bridge, etc.) and it's only been luck that one successfully rids the board of said sand tiles to get the needed item.

After playing this level 5x, I am writing this note to let everyone know that the needed item to move onto the next board is NOT under any of the sand tiles that are beneath the cypress tree located at the lower right-hand corner.

The item is located on the left-hand side beneath either a sand tile or green tile -- I don't remember which color BUT I did visually follow the needed item leaving said left-hand side of the board and plant itself in the circle to be used.

I am referring to this issue as a game glitch due to the fact that during the 3rd and 4th play periods of trying to clear the board as much as possible, I'd gone tile by tile by tile to make sure that all that was left to clear (at a later time) were the sand tiles underneath the cypress tree located in the lower right-hand corner. I HAD, in fact, cleared all the tiles but never got the need item (I think it was the rope bridge) UNTIL I played the same level the 5th time; the item just never popped up.

So don't waste your time nor energy nor sanity trying to clear those sand tiles underneath the cypress tree located at the lower right-hand corner, the item needed is NOT THERE.

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