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Hahaha, got it! I didn't use the paperclip to fix the wire in the box in the backyard first. I didn't realize that the machine is a telegraph. All good now!
Same as the poster below - every time I try to place it, it bounces off and any one of the generic error messages displays. I can't finish the game without this step.
Did you click on the table on the left hand side of the screen, where the super puzzle was? This will get you up and down :-)
Yeah! I didn't realize there were new Hidden Expedition games.
Ehhh...nevermind...I had too many things in my inventory and didn't see it.
There's no mention of where to find it in the strategy do I get it? Thanks in advance!
I wasn't expecting to finish the game tonight, but I guess I didn't have much of the game left.

I enjoyed it, the super puzzles were fun, but the HOGs just weren't as good as in previous games. The detective snark wasn't as entertaining.

As another reviewer said, this game really was all over the place. Having to go back and forth to collect things is not a great way to extend game play. Yawn, click on all the clocks, really? Three times over? The couple of chapters was mostly randomly matching objects to things that they triggered. After a strong start with the story, it really fell apart.

The atmospherics are really lacking. What I loved about the previous games was that the sound, atmospherics and lighting were top notch. Unique! As the other reviewer, they didn't look like other games. Does Big Fish no longer have an in house team? I noticed there isn't a new Hidden Expedition game lately either.

Although it was great to see the Madame Fate characters again, I couldn't help but feel that the art quality was lacking overall - this game just looked like any typical Russian or Chinese produced game. The bonus content was good though!
It would have been nice to choose between a female or male bobblehead for the Master Detective, but I find the story in my head changes from game to game, so it doesn't bother me too much :-)
I enjoyed seeing the characters again - I wish I replayed the first game to refresh my memory!
I really enjoyed Isis in the game and buying things for her room! Once I discovered that playing solitaire earned me money, I was more inclined to play that too :-) I found a 100 pound gold brick in the game, so that was a bonus!
Unfortunately this is the only puzzle I skipped. I tried to find hints and only found that other people had skipped it too :\
Hi there Fishies,

I just finished playing this morning. Really loved the game, especially the live acting and depth of the story. The environmental effects were really good. I played a little at night and after a visit to the basement of one particular location, I was pretty wary!

The green/gray palette was interesting, but it made it so hard to see things. I still have a 17" monitor.

The multi room HOGs were interesting but I prefer the old style screens.

I had to laugh at the other posters who say this game is repetitive with the "visions". The original Ravenhearst strikes me as the most repetitive with the continual piecing together of pictures. I thought the visions were challenging.

Like other commenters I didn't realize I should have done Grimes Quarry first. I thought it was mostly a separate game/level. Now I don't feel like going back to find the objects. Because I couldn't see the way into the mine office very clear in the crane, I thought I needed something else.

Lots of humour, that was good. There weren't enough droll detective comments though.

The strategy guide was well designed. I hate flipping through the entire guide for one little clue.

Great job MCF team!
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Aug 26, 12 7:28 PM
Hi Seine,

I bought this game for my Samsung Galaxy 7 Tab, but it's fussy. The "story" section stopped updating after I passed through the security gate. Right now I can't finish playing the game because I can't get the blue mushroom out of the bowl. Single tapping, double tapping, holding and dragging don't seem to help. I hope not all the Android games are like this because it is frustrating.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch on Mar 18, 12 4:21 PM
Ah! I remember playing this ages ago. It was cute and fun and vaguely horsey themed. I remember laughing when I tried to saddle the horse and the screen flipped if you didn't do it right. Then when you were chopping wood, if you hit it on the wrong side, it would fly at Nancy and she would scream. I really enjoyed the maze at the end. It took two tries to get through it, and yes, the barrel racing took forever! At the time I called it "Nancy Drew and the Case of the Crappy Horse Game" because when it originally came out, there was a slew of horse games for girls that were maddening for me as an adult. I can't imagine how frustrating they were for the young folk!
I gotta give this thread a bump! I have two cogwheels and the third one disappeared from my inventory or else the game proceeded without me picking up the first one back in the underground part. I found the other two as described in the walk through. Now I can't progress through the game because the part that needs all three wheels isn't skippable.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart on Mar 11, 12 6:48 AM
Howdy fishies,

When I play this game full screen, everything looks a little crunchy and the image quality isn't that great. Widescreen is grayed out, so I can't choose that as an option. I followed the screen resolution problem solver that was linked to in another post, but the highest my monitor will go up to is 1024x780. I can play in a window, but then it becomes so small. Any ideas? TIA!
Awesome guys! I'm glad it just wasn't me that found so much what you all mentioned funny! Baby Charles was awesome. Again - all the little detais for us fans - no one else gives you that :-)
As usual, Big Fish Games has done a stellar job on this game. Other game studios can't compare when it comes to attention to details, from the titles of books on the shelf to the lovely, art and atmospheric music, sounds and effects. It is always such an immersive experience. I bought the Collector's Edition mostly for the in game strategy guide.

I was happy to see the return of the morphing objects because I really enjoyed them in Madame Fate. I would have liked to see a few more traditional HOG scenes though. There are a few things in this game that are not for the faint of heart and even myself I had to turn down the environment effects now and then. There was one puzzle I couldn't get right and upon failing it each time, something demented happened as a result. It had me howling! I think other people might find it offensive though.

When I think how lightweight the story was in the original Ravenhearst, the depth of story here shows how the series has grown over time. Although I still love and play the older games, the newer ones just have so much more going for them.

I did have to peek at the strategy more than usual, but this game is so detailed that it really requires keen attention and note taking. It would be hard to judge this game by the free preview because it starts out slowly at first, and then becomes more layered. Can't wait until next year!! Thanks BFG team!
Just wanted to say thanks - I had the same problem wiht the lacing!
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Feb 24, 11 5:30 AM

The mold for the arrow head is in the tall armory cabinet on the right. The feathers are in there two. There are two games you have to play to get them. Once you get the arrow head mold, then you have to place it on the anvil and make an arrowhead.

There is a picture puzzle you need to solve or skip to get into the tall armory cabinet first though. Hope that helps!
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