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 posted in Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard on Mar 11, 11 4:03 AM
worth the credits that we have all been saving for a decent game to come out,way to go BF. Some of the hidden scenes are a little diff but once you use a hint you tend to slap your forehead and remark you should of seen that,exam. when asked for a bubble level thats what I was searching for lo and behold they wanted just the bubble cute guys cute. So far one gripe make bullets look like bullets not match sticks. But so far I am enjoying the game makes this rainy day worthwhile
 posted in Mystery Seekers: The Secret of the Haunted Mansion on Mar 8, 11 10:09 PM
This game is an example of BF putting out to many games the games are getting worse as they go this game is horrid the objects are so hard to see that even a mag would not work they have a micro piece of a drum hidden and the except you to know its a drum booooooooooooooooooo. Come on BF put some games out that we can use our credits lost 3 already waiting for at least a decent game to come out. If this is the junk that your going to put out please don't give us a time frame to use our credits.
 posted in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: The Strange Case on Mar 6, 11 1:58 AM
This one of the worst **** to come out very very bad not even if they brought this game to 1 cent would I buy it download and see for yourself very tiny objects plus half the time you don't even know what they are asking you to find.
 posted in Soul Journey on Mar 5, 11 1:19 AM
abbmar wrote:I'm having trouble with picking up the candle also. I have the magnifying glass, I go to the tree to use it, it tells me to look elsewhere. I just can't pick up the candle. Any suggestions?
you have to use the magnifing glass on it make sure the candle turns yellow before you click on it with the magnifying glass
 posted in Soul Journey on Mar 5, 11 1:16 AM
This is a game with no frills. **** are very small and well hidden blending in with the backgrounds and don't forget to look at the bottom of screen. Was looking for a comb in one scene looks like a match stick car key looks like a lock. What dic did you guys use............tart-eclair puff, raw fish at least cook it, music plates-records before your time huh, bricks-blocks(children), car-truck, flashlights in one scene torches in another why not leave it flashlights when thats what you want us to find, hamburger-sandwich, glass now this is a good one for I kept clicking the glass until used a hint and lo and behold Lens haha they got me, tacks-nails, diving glasses not sun glasses, tube-snorkel maybe didn't know how to spell it, and the last plaster-bandaids people it's what you put on a cut, well I guess you can plaster it if you want. If anyone found more of these alienation words please feel free to add them to this list. GOOD HUNTING FISHIES
This game is a seq to the margrave series the ****'s are a little hard to find. Overall the game is good but not a CE game the bonus is very very short. You are starting to make to many of these games CE's that should not be CE's This is the third one that I bought that was very disapointing. BAD BAD BAD Big fish it hurts our pockets when you do that but lines yours. Why don't you make all the games CE's and let us use one of our credits to purchase one. You are heading that way anyways.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues on Feb 28, 11 10:11 PM
excellent game this one is longer then some SE that I've played worth every penny that you spend on this game wtg Fissssssssssshy keep them coming. BUY BUY BUY well worth it.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues on Feb 28, 11 10:06 PM
goofyduck77 wrote:Wow, two great iHogs in one week - excellent. This is a continuing story of the search for the Serpent of Isis by Robert via instructions from his grandfather. In the sample, the story is interesting and makes sense even though there are constant pop-ups of dialogue by the main character but you can click through them (and have to get rid of them to continue with whatever you are trying to do), with the character popping up when there is dialogue. The main menu has a “How to Play” which I found nice so you don’t have constant pop-ups telling you what everything is and what to do with it, although you can opt to use a tutorial if you want to.

Options include the standards as well as “Show Help” and “System Cursor”. The graphics are excellent in almost all the scenes, although some of the background areas are a bit fuzzy. The music was a bit overpowering so I turned it down a bit, but it was fitting to the game. There is a choice between casual and advanced modes, the difference being what is becoming a standard, casual having more twinkles and less recharge time for hints and skips. The intro and character is in cartoon fashion but it is well-done. It has a time-keeper which indicates how long you have played, although there are time penalties during the game for skipping puzzles, etc.

There is a map which is very helpful. You can click on locations from the map, and it indicates locations where there is something you need to do. It also contains each chapter. There is also a task window which shows you what you need to do. I had just entered Chapter 2 when the sample ended. I checked for a walkthrough but couldn’t find it. I didn’t wear out my sneakers, but if the game is long, I might need just one more pair.

The hidden object scenes are clear and well-defined, and I am rating them a 3 to 7 on my scale because some scenes are quite easy and some scenes are a bit more difficult, although I didn’t find anything so small I couldn’t see it. It starts you out with one hint - but don’t panic - because you can pick up “special items” which give you extra hints - to a maximum of 5 I think - and when you run out, it recharges at one minute. There is a multiple click penalty where the cursor turns into a swirl for about 2 seconds and the screen darkens a bit. There are a few tricky things to the scenes which require you to perform some traveling and interactive tasks to complete the scenes - I almost got stuck figuring that one out. Lol

The mini-puzzles are a mix of tricky and easy. And sometimes you have to find pieces first to solve the puzzle. The skip appears after about a minute and if you choose to skip it, it will add time (I think it was 20 minutes) to your overall time for the game.. The cursor itself doesn’t swirl.

It is a good game, well, a great game in my book, especially if you like hogs. It has lots of hog scenes. I played the first game in the series, and liked it, but can’t remember it all that well, so whether this one exceeds that one in the way of graphics, game play,and interaction, I don’t know. I will leave it to somebody else to comment on that aspect of it. IHog lovers need to play the sample and then buy it if you like all the aspects of this quite well-done game.
 posted in Reading the Dead on Feb 14, 11 9:11 PM
If you like finding a needle in a haystack then this game is for you the items are way to small even when you find an item if you don't click on it just right it won't pick it up I did so much random clicking my mouse must think its a chicken pecking away at everything when you use a hint you still can't see what the item is in some cases not a buy for me save you money. Really disapointed that big fish went for this horr game. Happy hunting everyone
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 13, 11 3:28 AM
the game is rather short for a CEgame you pay the extra money for about 10 min playing time for all the ****'s are the same as in the regular game plus they ask for most of the same objects so very easy to find NOT WORTH THE CE PRICE so wait for the none CE price it's a great game though you don't need the stragety guide either very simple 6.99 yes 13.99 no way.
this game is pretty tough even in the casual mode my only gripe is that the **** are always the same I have never used as many hints as I have in this game. Good going BF worth every penny. Enjoyed this game. Hope y come out with more like this diff **** would be nice though so u can enjoy playing over and over again. def a buy,so enjoy the game I found no problems at all.eeeeeeeeeeeexcept finding my way lol
 posted in The Secret Legacy: A Kate Brooks Adventure on Jan 23, 11 6:15 AM
jeffory wrote:Is anyone else having trouble seeing the list of objects you are supposed to find, it is on the far left side of my screen and I cannot even see it or the hint button, when in window mode I can see the list but would not be able to find anything it is so small????
yes I'm having trouble too can't see the whole list plus hint just says need to find item in list.
This game is great but all of you please wait for the none collect edi for it is way to short you don't even need the guide to know how to play this game quite easy to finish wasn't to impressed with the extra either not a game that should be in the coll edit
 posted in Dress-up Pups on Dec 21, 10 6:44 PM
just keep using the dice it will fill up do that until you get pieces that match I had the same problem using the dice works well
 posted in Dress-up Pups on Dec 21, 10 6:42 PM
If you use the dice it will fill in with a square you just keep doing that until you get pieces that match
once you get the password (the picture with the boy and his dog) you type it in then hit enter on keyboard
you have to hit enter on keyboard when done with password
 posted in Mystery P.I.: Stolen in San Francisco on Nov 21, 10 10:22 PM
security alert------------my virus seeker is always on the alert for any threats well I keep uninstalling this game and reinstalling and guess what my SECURITY keeps telling me that theres a virus in this program and to GET RID OF IT//////////////////////////Pronto so I guess my wallet is a little leaner for I bought it before it warned me so watch this game for it can kill your puter.
use the screwdriver on cover then place the ants that u got in side then place the statues hap,Im,Horus,Q,and Dau then pull the lever
TheaTheGreat wrote:What is the order for the canopia jar to lower the scarphagus. I have tried every order I can think of. I read the book instruction on the guide, but I still cant seem to figure it out. Can somebody help me.
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