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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 23, 15 1:26 PM
I feel blessed. Makes up for all the lost rounds to get that back......

You guys are great... thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 23, 15 12:40 PM
Well y'all - the flaws have finally worked in my favor

Some of you may know that I have been experiencing a lot of restarts and game loss. I have taken to using a force close on the kindle every time I complete a round to make sure it saves, even with the new update.

I did not do that this time, after my bumble, but let the screen saver close it like I used to do all the time. When I came back after jumping on my pc to post my pain, I found when the kindle woke up that the griffin was still asleep and my diamonds were back.

Wow. It finally went the other way and made me happy rather then mad and frustrated. There is a MC fairy after all.

I will continue to perform the force stop after each round.

And make sure to never leave a sleeping pet lie .

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 23, 15 12:09 PM
thanks whitebutterfly.

I wanted to let beginners like myself know about the danger.... It hurts and no one to blame but myself.

Misery does love company. Glad for the sympathy.

I will be off doing another round in 20 minutes.

Appreciate the advice even if late.

Will be sure to put the sleeping away now, so worst is accidently sending and loosing a few bags of feed. I put my pig away because it is so cute it keeps attracting my attention, and I am trying to conserve feed. I get the impression from reading this forum that I will be asked to use my pets at some point in the future beyond the daily quest requests.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 23, 15 12:01 PM
I love this game. I can complain about anything, but I would cry if I could not play.

By reading the forum, I know what I am up against and am willing to spend the time, because then I have the items that I need. I am only level 26, but intend to get up to the 60's too. And to get there I will go round and round.... with a smile on my face even when the HOS spits out an item I have 100 of...

Glad to be one of the MC crowd...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 23, 15 11:45 AM
Ok - talk about needing a box of tissues...

I just accidently pressed the zap on my snow griffin while I was changing hands holding my pad and lost 99 diamonds....


Boo Hoo....

How can I have been so clumsy????

I'm guessing this is a fatal mistake....

Wish my kindle would lose game now.......
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 1:33 PM
I think we should be able to do both. Then it is not so painful. Submit first for skill, then play the wheel and retain both scores so it won't hurt your "skill" submission.

Or spin only if you have a bad score and the wheel is necessary. As it stands now, the wheel is necessary no matter what.

Best of all - do as two separate events. HOS's for both. Same for both or maybe even new HOS's.... Then it would be possible to do better in the "skill" on a second round but maybe not the "luck", if that happens.

Just a idea for a new spin on things (pun intended)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 12:24 PM
I have been able to win a few diamonds, but only because of the wheel. And not very many times! The wheel is the only way I could ever get a score high enough for that.

I think it would be great if they had two types of tourney. One that is based entirely on skill at the HOS's. Then spin the wheel to add the component of "luck". I can see the value in both kinds of tourney. The really good players win most of the time in one kind, but there is the opportunity to improve your skill for gems. Skill will not necessarily win in the other. Just a thought.....

I love it when I get a score high enough to win a diamond or two, but It is so discouraging to get my highest score ever at the HOS's and then get a -% at the wheel.

Mostly I tell myself that it is just a crapshoot when I play so I am not so disappointed when I don't win anything.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 11:04 AM
OK so I have to eat my words again. I did just get a gem for gathering flowers. First one since update. Frequency definitely reduced, but they are still coming.


I actually enjoy collecting them.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 9:23 AM
ReallyHelpless wrote:
What's really nice is the return of the top score lists for the HOS with the last update. Sadly, I have a lot of speed demons among my friends, but I'm still no. 1 or 2 for some of the newer HOS. Just really brightens my day to see how my friends are doing.

Well nicer for some than others. I am generally at the bottom of the list so not so encouraging, but hope to improve as time goes on (which probably means getting lucky in the order items are requested as some are much easier than others). It does provide some modicum of motivation if needed. I try not to care too much, although I cannot help myself from trying to get them all, even when I say to myself I am not going to - LOL.

So how often are you getting stamps with the flowers, or can you tell. I used to get several of each item every day, but now seem to be lucky to see a couple of stamps.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 8:22 AM
Diane here from Houston TX (YUK it is hot and miserable here now - I don't recommend as a place to live unless you like that sort of thing).

I am a N. Calif. girl born and raised and it will always be home, but relocated for work.

Love hearing where everyone is from. Now, what do we all do when we are not playing???

I am a geologist.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 8:09 AM
Has anyone else noticed the morphing flowers rhythm has changed, or is it just me?? I am going way more than 10 groups before getting anything but coins, and I no longer receive diamonds, just ordinary or unusual stamps so far. Is there a new rhythm or is it random now? Is it because I already have 10,000 or is it the same for all?? It was not this way before the update.

I appreciate that they have value so not complaining, just wondering what others have observed.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 22, 15 6:43 AM
what is with all the spam today????

At least it looks like spam to me. Pages of entries. Mods?????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 21, 15 3:34 PM
As far as I can tell that only works for PC. My Kindle (Android) cannot play without a connection.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 21, 15 1:53 PM
Comment on tournament scores:

How can someone legitimately get over 300,000?? Can anyone get more than about 120,000 from the 5 HOS's??? If you get 2 +50%, that still only gets you to 270,000. Are people really spinning more than 1 +50% on a regular basis??

That is truly amazing.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 21, 15 1:44 PM
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 21, 15 1:44 PM
I am at level 26 and have over 1000 plain stamps. Hard to imagine using them up faster than being replenished if you keep making the rounds.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 19, 15 4:17 PM
Hi new family,

I have only been playing for a couple of months but am thoroughly addicted. Not sure what I will do when I have to go back to work...... I've never enjoyed being layed off so much.

This is a great game. I cannot explain why I want to go around and around, but I do. I find it challenging. I am not big on patience, but it can be rewarded... I have never been much of a gamer, but this has me hooked.

Sorry pudmuppy. I'm with them. I don't want an ending, I want to keep playing. Now I would not mind a few more rewards along the way....
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 19, 15 10:27 AM
This forum is a great place to get help or just share thoughts. Thank you for providing it!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 18, 15 9:57 AM
Hey all out there with Kindles having trouble with game restarting.

I have found a solution that works for me. I do a force quit after I finish every loop around the HOS's. If I do a force quit, I do not have trouble when I come back.

I suggest to the developers that they put in an "exit game" option for us, as we just go "home" and expect a clean exit, which apparently we are not always getting.

Anyway, this solution is working for me. It is a pain to go to settings, apps, all aps, midnight castle, and then force quit, but better than losing game time!!!!

I hope it works for you too!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 18, 15 7:43 AM
LesleyMcd11 wrote:I had to reset my Kindle to factory settings. I contacted technical support to find out if I would lose my progress..I was told I shouldn't if I was logged into FB before and was playing while logged in. That I should be able to pick up right where I was....FYI.!!!! Not true..I lost it all. I was on level 36 lost everything. I have started over, I lost my friends as well. My number is 552167, I would appreciate new friends. I do play everyday. My last game I had played every day since December 26 and lost it on the 5th of July. I was so upset...
Thanks everyone.

I was told yesterday when I was instructed to reinstall the software on my Kindle that if I did lose all (which did not happen) they could reinstate using my player ID. Have you tried asking them to restore???
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