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wondering if this a glitch or what but when i am in the genreal store i am in the puzzle on the first floor and says i have to find a garbage can i have clicked it sevrel times and nothing and the hint shows it as right there as well i am picking the big wooden barrel garbag can what am i missing?
ty i was trying to get it and thought i needed a ladder lol
i am not finding what i need to shut the water off grrrrrrrr
well just dowloaded so here i go!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Nov 24, 09 12:10 PM
it has been a long time sense i played it but if i remeber it is ff to the left on a plantaion but u don't spot it easy but as i say been a long while sense i played it
35 here love these games!!!!
yeah system requirerments would be good to know so i know if it's home pc or laptop i downloading to tonight!!!!!!!!!
can someone tell me where i go on FB to check the pic's and such!!!! out at work so a wee bit behind on the thread!! thanks
well that was worth the watch now the waiting will be torture grrrrrrrrrrrr
could it connect with a time gate or travel!!!!!
We will propose the concept of a “four-terminal device” which functionally surpasses three-terminal devices like MOSFET's and bipolar transistors in the ability of controlling the current flowing through a device. The enhanced functionality at the very elemental transistor level is quite essential in creating intelligent functions at the system level. A neuron MOSFET (?MOS), a multiple-input-terminal floating-gate device, is taken as an example of a four-terminal device and the implementation of new-architecture electronic circuits is demonstrated. The binary-multivalue-analog merged hardware algorithms conducted by vMOS circuits provide a highly flexible data processing scheme while assuring the accuracy of binary digital computation, thus presenting a very promising approach to implementing human-intelligence electronic systems on silicon.

the last part seem intresting
this was the lastest for the irish gaelic site 3 people have came up with the same thing i posted here


ceathrar mac léinn ollscoile ar iarraidh

4 university students missing


Tiachóga ceithre mic léinn ollscoile

4 university students' satchels


this is what i posted on the gaelic site and this first answear back

i have this following messages no spaces or anything any help i would love thanks


then this followed


"Oo er maybe mac léinn the surname, scoil is school. looks like nonsense to me though, even if I havent had a coffee yet"

i put in mac leinn and found a student center with that name and a few other student based stuff
lol this is intresting but need sleep
4 ,a attempt ,a dictionary
ha ha ha making me work on this cause not split and some things can mean other blah blah
mac usually means son of but working on this one
ceathrar means 4 people or just 4 depends on what translation i get
iarraidh means a attempt
well looks like gaelic to me but when i put the whole word in my gaelic traslortor nothing so trying to break it up see what i get
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