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 posted in Runefall on Dec 16, 17 12:11 AM
yeah. It takes us to level 61 and then just clouds over. All of us who complained were offered a credit!!! (how helpful is that?)
I started the game again and so far (says she crossing fingers) have had no trouble.
bon nuit mes amis
 posted in Runefall on Dec 14, 17 11:42 PM
Have you all tried MatchVentures!
It's a pretty tricky game and some levels can take up to 30 mins to complete (69levels)
bon chance et
joyeuse Noel
 posted in MatchVentures on Dec 13, 17 10:47 AM
I know they are generous - this is why I didn't run out the first time around!, SynthpopAddict - badge? Wot badge? - just kidding!!+
joyeuse Noel
 posted in MatchVentures on Dec 12, 17 7:28 PM
either I am extremely lucky or the # of moves is large - this is my second time around ... and I ran out of moves!
Here I am moseyimg along enjoying the challenge, and whoomph! I am told I have run out of moves.
I was blissfully unaware that there was limited moves. Now I have found out where they are posted. Oh! now my eyes keep wandering over to that part of the screen and I am losing concentration!
"bah humbug"!
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 12, 17 5:51 PM
I haven't even heard of "the Emily Game" So this is why I probably couldn't find out how to play! I did NOT find any instructions. So it was hit and miss - mostly miss!
and it took forever to DL
 posted in Runefall on Nov 25, 17 4:08 PM
from CANADA with love
was playing MatchVentures and really enjoying it, and you were kind enough to remind me of Runefall which I had purchased several moons ago. (I had forgotten)
I prefer to choose which direction to go rather than "aimlessly" making pointless matches so I can travel N S E or W.
Both are enjoyable games - but - I get more of a challenge with MatchVentures (for the aforementioned reason)
 posted in MatchVentures on Nov 25, 17 3:26 PM
Merci tres beaucoup, mon ami (?)
 posted in MatchVentures on Nov 25, 17 9:29 AM
Please remind me of a similar game where we move from room to room, like this .
As it takes me 1/2 hour to complete each level, and I'm only on level 33, I have many more hours ahead of me!
 posted in Spooky Bonus on Nov 24, 17 11:13 AM
returned to this fun game after many moons.
was wondering why it didn't say complete when I cleared ALL the gold tiles.
Then I realized there was a secondary task to complete. Duh!
 posted in MatchVentures on Nov 20, 17 10:18 PM
I am so embarrassed
I went back into the game and noticed a small corner in one of the rooms. As soon as I cleared it I was able to move on!!!
Guess all that battling addled my brain??
 posted in MatchVentures on Nov 20, 17 10:10 PM
obviously I have opened this room. Every other room is complete - but I still cannot move on.
I'll try to remember not to use that shield. I am not looking for awards or badges.
In the meantime I have to keep battling that evil knight, whose strategy I do not under stand!
thanks for trying SynthpopAddict
 posted in MatchVentures on Nov 20, 17 9:03 AM
I have been in this level for days!
all gold tiles have been found. I simply CANNOT win this battle!
Is there a way to by-pass it? I have tried all the tips and simply dread this 'dark' and unfriendly) knight
I'm beginning to unlike this game!!!
lost in CANADA
 posted in HexáMon on Nov 14, 17 10:22 PM
how do you know what is the highest level?
Is it a certain score or # of 'monsters'????
 posted in HexáMon on Nov 14, 17 10:19 PM
what are the rules? What is the object of this game?
I find I am just endlessly matching those little people for no purpose!!!
 posted in MatchVentures on Oct 10, 17 4:07 PM
I am completely lost in these battles.. What am I supposed to do. and how can you bypass. How can I make these optional (DavyRavenhorst) and go to the next level?? I would dearly like to skip these, as I do not really care if I get badges (don't think that I have any)!
 posted in Cursed House 4 on Sep 13, 17 3:57 PM
How do you destroy the magnet?
how do you get a rocket to appear?
I am just playing a 'hit-and-miss' game right now. I'd like to play a more focussed game and know what I was doing (and why).
 posted in Crazy Eggs on Sep 12, 17 11:42 PM
I am now in a wonderful Retirement Home and can play with my computer all day long - if I wish.
I play the tricky games first (claws and feathers, crazy house etc.) and when I am thoroughly frustrated I can zoom into the "egg house"
 posted in Home Run Solitaire on Sep 12, 17 11:26 PM
I am now halfway through the Mountain Bears - and I have just realised that you don't have to clear ALL the cards. Just the ones with baseballs!!!
Did I miss instructions somehow?
 posted in Claws & Feathers 3 on Sep 3, 17 7:21 AM
silly question!
How do you get rid of those cats in the middle, so that I can move the cryo blasters to the right?
I have tried moving same coloured birds around them. I have even tried bombing them!
there must be an easier way - or am I just having a 'senior moment' ?
lost in CANADA
 posted in 5 Star Rio Resort on Aug 18, 17 2:32 PM
seems to be a good game - BUT - I can't tell!
I am in my 70's and found I had to squint at the screen in order to find out what was going on. the words were far too small for me.
ah well !
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