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Tried to load having bought this game, just get a blank screen and have to go to windows task manager to get out. Windows 7. See there are many complaints, can you arrange a credit or refund on this game for me please as obviously has huge running issues.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 21, 13 2:47 PM
I can still not access this game since Monday, just adding name to list as must be one of the small number still unable to play this game from PC have windows 7
 posted in Art of Murder: Secret Files on Apr 13, 11 7:25 AM
Oh no I am so disapointed they have seemingly changed the Art of Murder series into HOG's only, I hope this is only a short term glitch as I found the originals brilliant as they often required some lateral thinking to solve.
Has anyone got any suggestions for older large file games with good player interaction and a quality storyline, that are based on either something scary/ murder or adventure ?
 posted in Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets on Apr 5, 11 9:48 AM
This is so boring compared to other Art of Murder games it is really only HOG with few other mini games thrown in. Loved the other large file games as were really interesting and often required lots of lateral thinking to progress in the game, this is just tiresome and after looking at the provided walkthrough it would be incredibly short to play, something which seems to be sneaking in to many big fish games at the moment. I have quite often felt cheated at just how short some of the recent games have been almost like they were unfinished. I often spend quite a bit on games from big fish but now check carefully how much value I am getting.
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on Jul 12, 10 11:26 AM
Thanks Guys I had been stuck for quite a while on this flippin slider puzzle but followed this advice and solved within about 5 minutes, brilliant.
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