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 posted in Sale Frenzy on Jan 30, 12 4:25 PM
I have downloaded, uninstalled and redownloaded it again, still cannot play it. All I get is a black screen and music in the background. Can someone help me with this. I would at least like to try the game before rendering judgment but can't do that. I am beginning to think this game was possibly a mistake, have been reading the reviews and they are not good.

Please can someone help me with this. I have always downloaded and purchased games from Big Fish so some help please.

Thank you.
 posted in Renovate & Relocate: Boston on Oct 16, 10 1:45 AM
roxycavalier wrote:another game that will not work in fullscreen, anybody else have that problem

Yes I have that same problem not being able to play it in fullscreen. Also when it is in full screen, I cannot click the menu button.

I really like this game, as I am a fan of HOG and Decorating. I have been reading a lot of negative comments but I for one enjoy these type games. If they can offer a fix to the full screen issue then I will definitely be buying this one. I have contacted Big Fish about this problem and they are working on a fix for me.
 posted in Continental Cafe on Mar 18, 09 10:29 PM
I need help with the mini game, the one with the numbers on a grid I believe. It has numbers that indicate how many should be greyed or darkened and how many spaces in between...anyway, I need help with it, it is driving me insane...please someone HELP!!!
 posted in Mushroom Age on Nov 11, 08 10:00 PM
LizzieK wrote:Don't match the Jokers with each other. Use the Jokers to match the odd cards that don't have a match.

Thanks Lizzie, I was going insane trying to solve this puzzle. The card puzzle and the connect the wires to light the fuses were killing me until I came to this forum. You really know this game. Again Thanks for the help.
 posted in Jane's Realty on Sep 10, 08 1:14 AM
I am so glad to see or read that I am not the only one having problems with this game. I like Big Fish games, however, this one is proving to be quite the challenge. I enjoy playing games for fun this one is proving otherwise. This game needs more time and the hints could be improved upon. I am stuck on level 4-3 and I started over to see if replaying the previous levels would help. I am ready to pull my hair out because I want to advance but I am stuck on this level. Help!!!!!
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