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OK, boy do I feel dumb! Finally figured out where the code was *spoilers* it was in the bottom of drawer. Did not notice, as I thought that was just the puzzle area. Next time I should maybe wait to play until I've had my !!

OMG Duh! Move along... nothing to see here LOL!
I think 13th Skull was great.. still hoping for a sequel, Cooder (think that's the guy on the porch's name) and his wife were a hoot! And Victor, was just great. Reminded me of old Carroll Burnet actor, cannot remember his name, he played "Mr. Tudball" with Carol as the dingy Secretary Mrs. Wiggins. Bring um back, all but Lea Thompson, as a huge 80's fan, I was thrilled to hear she was in a MCF game, but shocked at how bad her acting was.

Bring back the cast of 13 Skulls, and a sequel.. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!! Also Victor. He, though gave "me" a bump on the noggin was perfect for the role, and great acting.

tookat wrote:As long as we are mentioning great old games...
anything Sam & Max!
all the Wallace and Grommet games
and I wish more of those wonderful series would be made.
Seems there developer has gotten more interested in monsters and shooting action....
too bad....they were one place I could go for great stories that were a lot of fun.

I keep waiting and looking for more of the Mishap Series games.....Mishap 1 and Mishap 2 were so funny.....just great games, and I want more from them Big Fish!

OMG I played 1 Sam & Max game on (W cosole), reminded me of old school point and click adventure games, was over the moon, laughing all the way! Are there more for PC, or W console???

You might want to try, City of Fools, they also made a sort od "sequel" "Who Am I" but it was just quick, and so easy a kindergartener could play it, though humor is a bit "adult", and I (Looking up COF, my brains not awake yet) just came across Big Brain Wolf, looks similar to this Genre. HOG/HOPA's are my favorites..Vampireville was hilarious btw too..

Adventure games and RPG and my 2nd 3rd fav Genre. I would hate to see HOGs spawn into Adventure. Call me a purist/old fashioned.. but I like old school and HOGs period.. let HOGs be HOGs and Adventure games stay in thier separate genres. BUT, some CE HOG/HOPA's in the style of City of Fools, Sam & Max etc all HUMOR would breath some new life into the Genre and I would buy in a heartbeat!
Sooooo glad I stopped to read this waiting for help, TYTY for the info gwenofala and cwy2009 ! Kudos! *clap clap clap*

Happy Gaming!
tookat wrote:
eedebeep wrote:Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Ravenhearst series, but I really miss the feature of a casebook/notebook. Loved how it was incorporated into finding morphing objects in the last game and then leading to a bonus game.
This game, I clicked too fast on a book, missed the entry, and now have no way to go back and read it.

So....why no casebook/notebook this time?

I feel the same way.
I missed what was said on a heart that locked a cupboard.....and now, cannot look back at the notebook to read what it said....and I miss the MasDet's often snarky comments that went in there.

I also miss looking for and finding humorous graffiti, book titles, names...addresses.....comments etc, that was often a hallmark of Big Fish's in company games.
As much as I love and need the continuing creepiness of the Dalimar;s I miss seeing games built around humor.....Hidden Expedition had a lot of it once upon a time.....not anymore....and the story line changed entirely with the change of company.

I miss the Drawn and Mishap series too

Ditto, esp the BOLD PARTS as I mentioned in my stuck post, but ya'll said it better. Esp MCF, that was as you mentioned a "Hallmark" of all MCF games. I liked the (trunked animal) Dev that helped create the last (I think) MCF game, now another Dev is. Kinda feels like BFG is "Jumping The Shark" in their own/biggest series. So Sad as I was jumping for joy at the surprise early release of my Fav series/storyline. Ravenhearst was my1st HOG, and still is a great game. We got *spoiler alert* "throwback" Music" if you click the Phonograph in the main page. But no Detective's Diary. Perhaps our Detective is getting a little forgetful with age? LOL
I am totally stuck in the bottom door of the cottage (very early in game) HOS that is all silhouette items, that you find and use in one of several "zoom areas", in the HOS to get the next one. There is a puzzle (rectangle shaped pieces) missing 1 on the drawer of what looks to be of the Light House, in the HOS.

I have the box cutter, but can't find anywhere to use it. It is not listed in the guide, I I fear a lot of the game might be this way. ( Note #1 to Developers: What's the point of giving us a guide if parts are missing??! ) I finally (did not want to, and it was no help) used a hint, which takes me to the lock/code like you'd find on a briefcase, but don't know or remember seeing any hint of the 4 digit code. So I'm STILL stuck with a box cutter and a lock, but no idea of the 4 digit code, or zoom area to use box cutter it. What do I do?

Anyone else have/has a problem with this? Or am I just not seeing where to use box cutter or find code? I remember playing that I was suppose to remember something, but was interrupted and had to come back to the game later. (Note #2 to Developers the game is not the same without the Diary, MCF Detective always did and always should have a diary, IMO ) In the guide, it looks like it's only the Light House puzzle on the bottom of the door, missing a piece. But you get the silhouette HOS, which I'm guessing you'll get the puzzle piece. after finding/using all the items in the scene. They all make sense, but the box cutter, which is all I have and is not usable in any zoom area's.
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I'm loving this game!!!!!!!!! I just wish mini's had instructions! I finally figured this one out, but it had me stumped for awhile! I was trying to connect the tops of the colored wire pieces to the very bottom end of yellow tape, as most wire minis work. Silly me.. this game really makes you think outside the box! If you want "easy", this aint it! You need to use your gray cells, nice surprise for what at first looks like a straight HOG. Wish they'd make more like it, really miss games like this! Reminds me of (Possible Spoiler about a puzzle in the beginning of this game) Highlight >> the 1st MCF puzzles! OMG, as soon as I saw the door puzzle I was hooked! I LOVED that one. Hope there are more!! <<

Anyway, Here is how to solve "The Lift Puzzle":

One at a time, click and drag each of the 4 white and colored pieces of wire, so the bottom end of each touches the yellow taped connection (on the top row) The exact spot on the yellow tape, is tiny. So you just have to keep moving/dragging each wires bottom end around over the yellow tape connections, (somewhere around the middle seemed to be the "sweet spot") until the electricity blue bolts show up, then let go.

Since you only need to drag them around on the yellow tape connections, and the animated blue electricity automatically comes up, you can skip following the red wire paths!! Thank goodness, as they are sooo tiny it's hard to see them and is a major eye strain! When the 4th connects, it will end and you can move forward.

Hope this helps someone! It's kind of like the weights puzzle, you just have to "fiddle" with it.

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Excursions of Evil on Jan 24, 15 7:15 PM
I used the dropper on each colored bottle on the Right to Left, dropping each color in the test tube before picking up the next, the tube turns black and is corked then. It took a few clicks to pick it up.. sort of drag it towards your inventory.

And the locks make the forums look UN-organized, stop it please! BIG

When I first came here for help (and though I am loving this hidden gem of a game, since it lacks directions, we need it!) I thought the whole game forum was shut down! Also, people don't always respond to a game question in the forums (esp for older games) right away. Sooo if you lock them, you prevent someone posting an answer. NOT helpful or cool !!

I love BFG... but the changes you're implementing (like taking away chat for customer service) are making a mess of the company, JMHO.. and will cost you members. With Non-Member sales almost the same (if not better) lately and open forums gone.. longer CS reply times etc etc all these little things "tweeks" add up.. and to me it's because I ! I don't want to see a day come that my investment of around 3000 games, are unplayable, a day where I no longer can check to see the TGT and DD. I don't believe that not buying games is the answer. If we all did that, obviously BFG would go belly up. I just hope the higher ups realize not everyone will hang around when these changes are made. Some are going to other sites, some of my games I can't install.. and I don't like the other game sites. I want BFG to grow and thrive! Listen to your customers esp the members that have continued to buy games and pay the monthly fee.. that have stuck around and supported BFG with fierce loyalty and still hoping the next changes, are what the people want...

Start now.. ditch the locks, so we can help each other. Games like these are timeless.. I had it, but forgot about it. I know many bought it as a DD the other day.. and half the question's I have are unanswered, and I didn't even think to post when I saw a forum with EVERY POST locked!

My 2 , please don't fin slap me, as I posted with for .

P.S. Since I've already gone slightly off topic... bring back the Chocolatier series!! I had just found it and then *poof* it was gone. Makes me wonder how many games like these I own, yet not played, or want to replay, will suffer the same tragic fate.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 11, 14 5:11 AM
On the bright side...

We're all behind you Thistle!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 11, 14 5:00 AM
*tries to grab Thistle to fin hug her into staying*
*trips over Gonzo and goes flying into Thistle*
*tries to pull barbs out of tailfin*
Well, looks like neither of us are going anywhere now!
*stretches out fins to grab Gonzo and rbsworld * =
*snags fins and whips them off their logs and onto Thistle's sides*

There. Now we're all stuck.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 10, 14 6:01 PM
Ditto to Gonzo..

And a Ditto to rbsworld too!
We get a "forced update" (I've never seen that, but I've not played from the beginning.), than a "fix update" with no description, now another. I think we should be told what the content is fixing before we make the choice to put it on OUR computers!

After losing so much..I'm waiting.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 10, 14 4:19 AM
fabulaparva wrote:In-game mail would really make a lot of things easier. The only thing I'm afraid of is that it might cause some additional lag. If that won't increase to be an even bigger problem than it already is with the social page, then I'm all for it! (Maybe the messaging feature could be added in the same update as the proper "delete-an-inactive-friend"-function would be.... Here's hoping!)

That is my worry too. For those with non dedicated graphics cards, slow internet etc what would be wonderful for many, would effect the entire game play of other's. The game is already pretty resource heavy.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 9, 14 3:36 PM
tazruby2000 wrote:So I downloaded / installed the updated version and got the message about the tournament starting with all the scores showing. I went back in a few times and see when the next one is going to start. All I see is the Please Wait just like when the tournament update came out but was not activated. Anyone have this showing up or is it a glitch in the game that is not showing the scores?

I've never played one, but used to see scores. Clicked envelope 2x, nothing. Always "Please Wait" now nothing but "Please Wait" Can't even see scores.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 9, 14 3:24 PM
misch8 wrote:I have never been able to play in a tournament either!

Playing on a PC
Well past Level 8

Have never seen a countdown to a tournament, just a list of winners or a please wait sign. I play every day and at all times but no chance to participate as yet

Ditto I'm PST, US

I have seen the envelope, but when I click it, all I get is please wait.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 8, 14 5:02 PM
TY for the reminder, as someone who was hit hard with the thief bug I will be backing up now.

1) Is this OK to so on my External Hard drive? I would imagine it's the same as a flash drive as long as I "paste" it to a different area than my games are at. Can't find my Flash Drive right now.

2) I also remember from the My Singing Monster's we added like a *Just the number, no "") "1" to the files, AFTER it was pasted, then took it away if we needed to restore our games, from the back up folder. It worked fine, as I had to do a reinstall once on that laptop. Copy/pasted the file after removing the "1"

3) BE WARNED. A "back up file" may NOT WORK, when moving to a computer running a different Operating Software!

I had 2 FTP games MSM and Archie, both backed up, when my Mother Board fried on my gaming laptop, I was running Windows XP as my OS. (And my PC guy is AWSESOME, saved that laptops hard drive! Photo's emails, programs etc all were saved, and work fine to this day.) I was so relieved I had backed up my games Folder/Files! I'd even saved an extra copy just in case External died. But, when we tried to replace them,as I did before, it did not work. The Folders and Files were fine, not corrupted. (He tested them on a XP laptop he had and my game worked.) but it would not in this one with Windows 7 and even ruined the one set of saved file folder's.) Finally we contacted and they tried a few things, In the end told us, it's not possible to used the saved/back-up files to a different O.S. so I lost everything anyway.

I will not start anymore "free to play" type games on this laptop, as my new one will have Windows 7 Pro for the OS, (Picking that as some older games will run better in in Virtual XP) I had a lot of $ I never got back in full, for those 2 games and tons of hard to get items I paid for (or Spun).

While I don't know if it's true of all FTP games, I just wanted to share what happened to me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 7, 14 5:48 PM
No, it says in the Game Manager it's to fix bugs, I had the "thief bug" hit me, lost so many gifts, items, gold and progress. It took my stamps, but all my crafred items were gone too. I hope this fixed it and the "lag" an floating cursor on the social page.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 7, 14 5:43 PM
YAY! TY Bella for the info, I kept checking and thinking it was my game. I'll be glued to it. I never got to play one, I think I entered once sadly, so my 1st time got wasted but can't wait to play one!
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I knew about the star at the top and have always gone in/out. However I was told a looooooooong time ago if the star or item is at 7:00 to keep spinning. While I've gotten a lot of things, I wasted a lot of gold in the beginning chasing items and eggs, I even spent on gold, before I knew different ways to get it. (Even little s add up.) Diamonds are better, as you can craft.. Which was fine until the Midnight Castle Reserve stopped minting stamps, thus creating the current Great Depression, and Stamp Rationing. Personally, I blame the Chamberlin. Anyway, that didn't always work, so I'm interested to see if this does.

After limiting my wheel, learning other ways to get things, I was always broke (Lvl 20) opening new areas, or stocking up for the Quests requiring large number's of crafted items. Which again we can't stock/craft like before. I like crafting a lot. But it seems the wheel gives items coming up, making it a necessary evil, so this would be nice. Since I've been ill lately (Lupus/**** and other stuff) play time is limited, I off a lot too waiting for timers. (I thank the VERY generous 's of my friends! Without them, I'd be totally stuck, ) I'll post too if this works better!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 30, 14 10:46 AM
SweenyOdd wrote:
WiccanWoman530 wrote:
SweenyOdd wrote:Just I noticed same screen shots, there is not THAT cheating slot window on the crafting page!
Nice work if we can get it, we don't have to see Red X anymore

SweenyOdd, ( the screen name!) could you explain your post? What slot on the crafting page?

First, I should apologize to you to be misunderstood what I mean because my horrible broken English skill and didn't use quote of Valdy's post "On the main game page, the last of the 3 screen shots show ..."

Red X that I said (and dislike) in my last post, is just in the two of small slotmachine-like-but-never-jackpot windows we can see them when we craft, and now on the main page of the Midnight Castle (see "Try this game" link), it seems to me as if EG have finally took down those fake/cheat wheels on the crafting for this update... but it's just a dream.
Never to mention for game closing/options X-button in the round shape.

On level 44 now and max(3085/3520), I've done all the things what I could do for the quests in story and since the end of June when I started this game, this will be my first time experience of catching up with latest update...
Maybe I was tooooo much expected for new challenging things in this update .

Thanks to Alex_Gordon for your information.

Your English is good SweenyOdd! I forgot about the side circles when you craft. I always wondered if anyone ever won anything other than gold, wands, Stamps, Crystal Bfood? It drives me crazy to see eggs go by on it, (unlike the wheel, rare but I've actually won a few) it's like they are only there to tease you! But, I've heard of eggs being won on the dice game, but never even seen 1 to win. Maybe it's just my bad luck. If anyone's actually won big in the crafting area, please post so we can at least dream! Anyway I agree with you. it would be better if you just saw what you "won", when you exit, just like HOGs. I'd prefer they make the odds better!

Maybe a coincidences but "winning" different things crafting; Gives me certain Chests using my pet in that area immediately after almost every time!
Gold+Gold=Gold Chest.
Gold+Stamp=Silver Chest.
Gold+Food=Bronze Chest
Gold+Wand/Crystal Ball=Rusty Chest
No Gold= A Wooden Chest

So I Craft in different area's till I get 2 Gold or Gold+Stamp/Food
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 30, 14 3:33 AM
SweenyOdd wrote:Just I noticed same screen shots, there is not THAT cheating slot window on the crafting page!
Nice work if we can get it, we don't have to see Red X anymore

SweenyOdd, ( the screen name!) could you explain your post? What slot on the crafting page?

I noticed this update you are FORCED to do it. Before you could either click OK, which took you to the GM to update, or click the "X" and close the notice and keep playing. I'm hoping this is just due to the added tournament content, and other updates will be your choice to install them or not. Because if an Update has a bug or problem, you can't wait to see, or be warned by other players and skip itm or even wait to see the before/after if you're not at the top level yet.

I also noticed no change in my social area lag/floating cursor.
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