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 posted in Gnumz 2: Arcane Power on Jun 12, 17 3:59 PM
In general - there are "strong" monsters and you need to have upgraded the traps to their maximum to destroy them - same with "fast" monsters.

There are invisible monsters and there are certain trap upgrades that will expose them. However, the minute you damage a monster it becomes visible so the best strategy is to use a spell on them to inflict at least some damage so they become visible to the traps.

The other monsters you'll get to know as you play the game, but there isn't really a strategy you can use against them, other than upgrading your traps and using your spells / magic.

You'll probably need to play through a level to see what is going to come your way and then plan a strategy and which traps to place and replay the level in order to master it.
 posted in Gnumz 2: Arcane Power on Jun 9, 17 4:10 AM
In general, 8 floor tower-defense games work like this:

You will need to play the game through on easy and buy upgrades as you go along. Your strategy will be just to pass the level. Once you have enough upgrades you can try the levels again for 3 stars. Once you’ve completed “easy” on 3 stars you’ll probably have enough upgrades to play “normal” and try for 3 stars etc and then move onto “hard”.
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At the start of the level you are given limited funds and you have to decide which trap to set that will most likely destroy the enemies.

The traps and the enemies are colour-coded. The diagram at the bottom of the screen shows you. The colour opposite to the colour that the monster is will do the most damage. The colour pointing at the colour the monster is will also damage that monster. (Its own colour will do very little damage to it.)

Pink (shadow) monster – attack with a green (earth) or red (fire) trap
Green (earth) Monster – attack with blue (ice) or pink (shadow) trap
Blue (ice) Monster – attack with a red (fire) or a pink (shadow)
Red (fire) Monster – attack with a green (earth) or a blue (ice) trap

You can only place traps on the places provided – sometimes you have to “unlock” them first using crystals. Having all the available colours will normally help you defeat all the available monsters.

As the enemies are destroyed they drop money that allows you to buy more traps during the game.

However, you can pause the game – buy and place the traps – and then continue the game.

If you don’t have enough money you can sell an already placed trap and buy a new one – click on the trap and click on the money bag - also do this if you need a different type of trap on that spot.

You can click on the count-down timer to start the enemies immediately – this also gives you extra money. And a tip here is to click on it, wait for the enemies to appear so that you can see what colour they are going to be, and then pause the game and place your traps.

Traps can also be upgraded to do greater damage. Click on the trap to select an upgrade.

At the end of each level you go the shop where you can upgrade items.

Traps (they do more damage or cost less)
Common (more life and money)
Spells or magic (harm a group of enemies at once.)

The spells or magic will appear as your game progresses. You have to wait for spells to recharge or you can immediately activate them again using your crystals (I don’t recommend this, as you’d be better off buying upgrades with your crystals.)

 posted in Puzzle Galaxies on Jul 14, 16 12:31 AM
@isis1313 - Click on Start Game - then there's a pop-up showing the list of games in progress. Click on New Game then when there is a pop-up type something in it - your name or just a letter so that it has something - where you see the * flashing. Then it will show you that profile and click continue next to it to use it.

Black screen: The game does open onto a black screen and then after a few seconds there's text in the middle that pops-up that says click to continue. So those of you getting a black screen try clicking your mouse every few seconds in case the game has loaded correctly but the text didn't display. [But I suspect you would have done that several times already.]
 posted in Farm Tribe 2 on Jul 13, 16 3:51 AM
I had no problem with full screen - it opens in full screen and under options there's an option to switch to and from full screen.

However, this game does change the resolution of your monitor so I suspect if you can't get it to work for you in full screen it's because the game is unable to change the resolution of your monitor - that could be either a setting on your computer, or your graphics card / monitor is not supported.
 posted in Puzzle Galaxies on Jul 13, 16 3:23 AM
Puzzle Galaxies is nothing like the 2 games mentioned in the description!

This review is based on 50 minutes of play in the demo.

What you're doing:
You have several boards with 4 different tiles on them. Your task is to have all 4 tiles the same. You do this by first linking 2 boards - click on the one and then click on the other and then clicking on the tiles you want to swap. When you're finished swapping tiles right click the board so that you can link 2 different boards. You do this until all the boards have the same tile on. The game does have instructions in it.

As the game progresses there are more boards and there are enemy ships. Enemy ships will remove a tile and then you cannot match or complete the board until that tile is dropped off again. However, once a board is complete the ships won't pick up a tile from it. So your goal is to complete the boards as fast as possible.

Although the description and the game settings says there is an untimed version available - I clicked that little button several times and couldn't get it to trigger. Nor would the turn tutorial off button trigger. Which means either you first have to complete a game in timed mode before they become active - or there's a glitch in the game.

Having said that, I did not enjoy playing this game on timed mode because then it became a click-fest rather than thinking out a strategy. On the other hand without the timer there really isn't much of a goal or point to the game other than beat your score which is shown at the end of the level, so you really can't see how you're doing while you're playing. You did get bonus points for the amount of moves and time - but since there was no goal or indication of moves on the game board this did not excite me.

I did time-out while an enemy ship was traveling around with my last tile and there was nothing I could do but wait for him to drop it off and in the meantime the game timed-out.

Verdict: I think a lot of people who play games here would really like it if the untimed version is available from the start. For those who play timed / strategy give it a try, it's going to come down to personal preference. For me I already have a game that is similar but it takes the concept a step further - I'd rather replay my game.
 posted in Back to Bed on Jun 22, 16 2:09 AM
I lasted 8 minutes into this game. Not because I didn't like the game - I actually really did like the game and the concept - but the controls are so clunky and impossible that the game is unplayable.

They do suggest a game controller - and I'd guess less than 5% of the people that play games here would own one. I don't.

You can use your mouse and the keyboard. Initially when you encounter the menu the mouse doesn't work and you have to use the arrow keys to navigate and the enter key to select. Once the game starts they show you how to use the mouse or keyboard.

The main idea is that Bob is sleep-walking and you have to place apples in his way to prevent him from falling off the platform he is walking on. This is quite cute / fun.

However, I found that the mouse and arrow keys were not very responsive and were slower than Bob was walking. So I found it very difficult to get to the spot I had to place the Apple in time - not because I'm slow, but because you have to walk around Bob and your character is moving at a speed that is not fast enough for you to even have a split second of hesitation. So even level 2 I had to play multiple times just because I couldn't get to the spot I needed to go fast enough.

I think this game would've had a lot of potential if the developers worked a bit more on making the controls easier to use and speeding up the character you control a little bit.

Not for me.
 posted in Next Stop 2 on Jun 1, 16 2:40 AM
This review is based on the first 28 minutes of the demo. Why only 28 minutes? Because I was simply too bored with the game to continue playing it.

It's a very simple game - you build a signal and then the trains stops and you run and collect money. Everything you need to build / clear costs wood or money. This game was created in a way that everything costs you money - so to get wood costs money and they keep you busy by making everything very expensive.

The only strategy is what to upgrade first and once that decision is made there are no more decisions to make - but you can spend at least 10 minutes just waiting and watching. Wait for the next train ... wait ... they require you to load a cart with wood and so you're just running to the cart placing the wood there ... wait for it to reset .... repeat the process ... wait ... Did I mention you have to do this 5 times? Why? Well else it wouldn't be a long game - no other reason.

Oh and the story - well here we go again. "Oh dear, there is a blockage. Oh my goodness we better clear it!"

If you play games to keep yourself busy and you don't mind being bored - this is the game for you. If you're looking for a challenge - this one isn't it.

I had no technical issues or problems with this game.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 27, 16 3:30 AM
About your requests for the 1st game in the series:

The 1st game in this series was a short game with 4 levels only that the developers put out in order to see if there was interest in it and to get feedback.

Search for it on the internet - it's available for free from a couple of places.

And it does have a fun part of the story line - it does give you the bit of story before this game starts.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 25, 16 1:16 AM
The levels are locked until you play the previous level. If you didn't pass the previous level it is likely that the next level will remain locked. So you would have to replay level 2 in order to play level 3. If this isn't you are asking - then as BFFirefly said, you'd have to contact customer service.

Using an online translator - so I have no control over what this is really going to say:

Usando un traductor en línea - por lo que no tenemos control sobre lo que esto realmente va a decir:

Los niveles están bloqueados hasta que juegas el nivel anterior. Si no pasa el nivel anterior es probable que el siguiente nivel permanecerá bloqueado. Así que tendrías que volver a nivel 2 para poder jugar el nivel 3. Si esto no se preguntan - y luego como BFFirefly dicho, tienes que contactar con atención al cliente.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 24, 16 10:38 AM
greymalk wrote:I tried to download this game twice and both times my anti-virus software said there was a program that was behaving suspiciously so I deleted it. Does anyone know anything about this? My antivirus is Norton with windows 7.

Yes, I got the same warning but I just told Norton to ignore it - it's because at the time I was downloading I was only the + - 5th Norton user to download it and they hadn't learnt yet to "trust" the game. The commands BigFish game writes to your pc in order to give you a demo hour is what is triggering the warning.

Once more people download it and trust it that warning should go away.

 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 24, 16 6:50 AM

The season 1 game was a "test" by the developers to see if people would like the concept. It's available free - it has 4 levels.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 24, 16 4:15 AM
This game is the same as the Delicious - Emily games. In this game you are playing with Emily's sister Angela - although it seems to be a very different Angela i.t.o. her personality.

As with the others there is a very interesting story line.

The game, like the others have 3 difficulty settings - easy, normal, expert.

You have normal levels and special levels but in this game they're all numbered and part of the 90 levels of play.

I did find that the bonuses cost a lot and it made it more difficult to buy the power-up items you needed. This made the game more difficult - in a good way, it gave the earlier levels a bit of a challenge.

Certainly if you enjoy the Emily series games this is a nice change of scenery and all the regular features are exactly the same - the mouse, the extra tasks...

I could've done without the human voices at the end of the level and especially after you find the mouse - but I guess that comes down to personal preference.

I didn't have any technical issues (Windows 10) up to the end of the demo. And I am going to warn everyone that despite a long list of glitches in previous Delicious games these developers have a track record of NEVER fixing anything or posting an update.

 posted in From the Sky on May 14, 16 3:58 AM
This review is based on playing the 1 hour demo.

From the Sky is a game very similar to the 4 Elements games.

Game Play
You mark out a match 3 (or more) path with your mouse. You have a game character that has to reach the light. In order to get him there you need to make matches around him. You need to make them in such a way that he moves forward. He ends up where your last mouse release was - so you need to make sure you make the match in the right direction.

Unlike the 4 elements games you don't have such a large explosion when you make a large match, that means you have to make a lot more matches too advance. In addition the game character will not fall down or move except by making a match next to him. That requires you to really think and plan the matches and not just make them.

The good, the bad, the boring?
These developers have created a long game by placing 3 or more lights on a board and then 3 or 4 locks on them, this means you have to get the character to the lights and then make 3 or 4 matches while he is there. In contrast other games have kept you busy by building large and intricate boards - this one has not. However, this strategy is challenging and requires you to think carefully about the matches you make. On the other hand you can get stuck and frustrated because there are no tiles to match near him and so you're making a lot of matches to either get a power-up or to have the right tiles fall down. This is really going to depend on your personality - whether you're going to find it fun or frustrating. I would really recommend you try it for yourself.

Mini Games
I played one of the mini games - they were impossible but a lot of fun. It was a cute feature that they had added.
 posted in DragonStone on May 13, 16 10:28 AM
There are no viruses on Dragon Stone.

What often happens is that some anti-virus programmes pick up Big Fish game console features as "virus" behaviour and incorrectly flag them as viruses.
 posted in DragonStone on May 13, 16 10:26 AM
I've had no problems using Dragon stone on Windows 10 - installing it or playing it.

I doubt that the problem is with the game, probably with either your graphics cards or memory settings or permissions.

Maybe you can try to see that your graphics cards have the latest versions

And / or check what versions of Direct X you have installed as this game shows that under its list of requirements. I have version 11.2 installed.

To check: Click Start - type dxdiag - it should bring up a blue circle with a yellow cross in it with - with run command written beneath that - click on that. It will then open a block showing you all your pc specifications in that.

Else search for latest version on Dxdiag on the internet and you'll probably find a site that will check for you that your computer has the latest version.
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The laptop is if you beat the developers record.

If you complete the game in gold time you'll get the gold badge.

If you complete the game in silver time then you'll get a silver badge.

If you meet the bonus clue for the flowers then you get a red rosette on the badge.

If you play relaxed mode you'll get a gold badge with no stars.

If you play casual you'll get one star.

If you play expert you'll get 2 stars.
 posted in ClearIt on May 1, 16 10:29 AM
I only played the demo but I just kept sending tiles where there were 2 of the same colour into the board randomly because then a bomb would appear sooner or later - I got the impression one would be created every x number of tiles - so by mindlessly making matches I could guarantee a bomb would appear.

That's not going to solve your "wish" but it might help a little.
 posted in ClearIt on May 1, 16 10:26 AM
No, there shouldn't be a catch. At what place are you stuck? Starting a game or once you're in a game?

Once in you're in a game you need to click on a tile on the side of the board.

If you can't get that far then you would need to contact BigFish Technical support directly for help.
 posted in ClearIt on May 1, 16 10:17 AM
Select tile from the side and then one from the top / bottom.

Try to create a container like this - where the X's are creating a "container" to catch the x from the side:

o ..... XO
x ......... X

Then you release the X and it creates a match 3 instead of a match 2 and that allows you to clear the board much easier.

Use that kind of gimmick to create a catch to get rid of the tiles on the side until you have the right colour available.

Also if there are 2 of the same then by all means just send them into the board anywhere, because they'll clear each other out and the colour you're looking for might be right behind them.

(Sorry, I didn't buy this game and without using screenshots it's really hard to explain!)
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