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 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on May 7, 13 2:27 AM
maeedna wrote:please help me find the diamond for the glass cutter

you can get diamond from safe box at Annie office,
you need 2 codes to open the safe box.
you will using paper & pencil to trace the image code on the table.

good luck!
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 26, 13 6:45 PM
you need 3 rocks to use as a weight, you can find the rocks at the forest before farmhouse, then put them into the basket.

anyway, you can get basket at farmhouse dining room.

Good luck!
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 13 10:37 PM
Got gold on level 40,
based on the walkthrough at the top left of the screen

1. Repair the wharf.
2. Repair the market and storage and upgrade them to level 2.
3. Repair and upgrade the farm to level 4.
4. Upgrade the hut to level 4 to get 4 workers.
5. Repair 2 barracks, the town hall and the cottages.
6. Upgrade 2 cottages to level 3 or 4.
7. Exchange resources with traders if necessary.
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 13 7:15 PM
mejeep wrote:i've restarted many times but once ememies start coming out, I can't move forward as workers won't leave hut to do anything... any help would be most appreciated

Don't build barrack first..
I realize every time we build the barrack, the enemy would show up immediately.

Build your Market and storage, to get resource.
Repair the wharf! They will give us so many many resources.

by the way, there is walkthrough available every level, look at "?" button at the top left of the screen.

Good luck!

 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 13 7:09 PM
My review is just like all of you,
I truly love this game!

First, I thought that this game will only like MKFTP, but No!
Even the workers got to back to the hut every time they got resource like MKFTP system, but this is lot lot lot better, every level I found is new new new, new obstacles, new challenge, new variety, new bonus.

Have no regrets spend my whole three days for playing this.

 posted in Push The Box on Mar 19, 13 6:41 PM
There is update available at Big Fish forum.

Seems like they fixed all bugs including three stars at level 38, 62 and achievement

 posted in Push The Box on Mar 14, 13 8:01 PM
LizzieK wrote:I have posted a video walkthrough of level 87 on youtube.

Good luck

Thank you!
You are truly my savior!

 posted in Push The Box on Mar 13, 13 9:35 PM
LizzieK wrote:I have posted a video walkthrough for level 84 on youtube.
On youtube search for
Push the Box PC level 84 walkthrough

Thank you so much!
If you have time, please make video walkthrough for level 87 too.
 posted in Push The Box on Mar 13, 13 4:42 AM
Stuck on level 87 for an hour, need help please.

I know I can skip this level, but it really drive me crazy, I want to solve this level normally and not skip them.

Help please.
 posted in Push The Box on Mar 13, 13 4:34 AM
Browneyegirl99 wrote:Can't seem to get this one. Any help would be appreciated.

Note : all perspective is on your computer, not the piggies.

push the left ice downward, save the first pig on the left,
next, push box above pig upward.
push icebox, to the right,
rescue pig on right,
push the right icebox downward.
go back to the left icebox, push to right. (there will be two iceboxes)
rescue the pig beside black hole.

then leave.....

 posted in Push The Box on Mar 13, 13 2:26 AM
I've been playing this for hours, and gonna say this is pure cuteness and a lot of fun.
Absolutely NOT A KIDS GAME. Its pretty hard for me, got stuck on level 87.

Graphic : Simple and Cute.
Music : Okay.
Leveling : Its getting Harder and Harder each levels. What I like is that we can skip the level EVERYTIME we gave up and playing them later.

Its been the best Strategy and Brain Teasing game after a while.

Absolutely love it and recommended!

 posted in Push The Box on Mar 13, 13 1:50 AM
aussiebell wrote:Please help have spent an hour on this level

- Hide between iron box and 3rd piggy,
- When the wolf want to go up, quickly save the 3rd and 2nd piggy. The right timing will make wind blows the wooden box down and prevent the wolf to chase Oink Oink.
- Now its only 1st piggy, save the 1st piggy and follow the wolf path to prevent it chase you.

edited : You can also drag the line to save all three piggies at one time then hide behind the left wooden box, we need the right timing to pass this level.

Hope this help.
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 12, 13 7:43 PM
mamsies wrote:How can I sharpen the axe? What can I merge in the barn to get the stone working?Love the game and am quite far. Can't stand to give up. Help please?

Have you played HOS inside barn? you will get "scoop", then use the scoop to dig soil at farmhouse outside, you will get "padlock key and pedal" from there.

Next, use padlock key to open box and play Box puzzle to get "Rubber belt"

Then place Rubber belt and Pedal and grinding stone. You will able to sharpen the axe from there.

Good luck!
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 7, 13 10:11 PM
1000bill wrote:Xdophine, Thank you so much, it was so easy, I can't believe it. Thank you so much.

ur welcome!
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 7, 13 7:18 PM
exact wrote:Where did you get the gloves and the screw driver? I fixed the net, the boots are in the pond but can't go from there. I've tried everything, Thanks

I got them from HOS scene

"Screwdriver" from HOS in Mansion Storage, and "Gloves" from HOS in Toilet Bathtub.

 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 7, 13 6:16 PM
1000bill wrote:I love this game but am sruck in living room with the cutting of the wallpaper, I can't find anything to merge with the glasscutter, have tried everything in inventory but nothing merges. all I can think of is maybe I missed gathering something up along the way.

You have to merge Glass cutter with "Diamond", which you can find at safe in Annie's office.

To open safe, you need 2 code, one is behind the wallpaper (need scraper to scrape wallpaper off) and the other code is at Annie's office table.

Good luck.
 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 7, 13 6:08 PM
kygal224 wrote:How do you get the glue on the chisel??

You will get "Glue" from HOS in Annie's dressing table.

 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 6, 13 2:55 AM
You will need to cut Hans' chain first, then there will be HOS show up in Farmhouse bookshelf for 2nd time.

You will get "Gloves" from there.

Hope this helps.

 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on Mar 5, 13 8:00 PM
This game looks a lot like Royal Envoy, but not a bad thing, I mean, how many games we will find truly original these days?

I like this sweet game, easy to play.

The only minus only its super-long tutorial, I know I can switch it off, but I need tutorial, but please make it shorter to read.

4 's from me by the way

 posted in Silent Scream II: The Bride on Mar 5, 13 5:40 PM
Merge Shears with Gloves.

Then you will need to cut tomato and carrots at Barn outside.

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