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 posted in Sara's Super Spa Deluxe on Aug 30, 11 7:42 PM
I love TM games, but this one is just flat irritating. The game lags in spots, especially in the teeth cleaning mini-game and therefore I don't have enough time to finish. I even had it on the easy mode. The instructions were not clear on many the treatments for the clients so I wasted time trying to figure them out. Not cool. This game might have been a buy for me if not for the lagging and confusion.
 posted in Fashion Fits! on Jul 25, 11 1:20 PM
Yes, if you like TM games!
 posted in Fashion Fits! on Jul 25, 11 1:18 PM
Great game for TM fans! I bought this game a long time ago and it took me a while to finish, but it was a good challenge. Very addictive.
 posted in Super Granny 6 on Jun 5, 11 8:22 PM
yep, Moses, you got me through. Thanks!
 posted in Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills on Apr 13, 11 8:47 AM
Just an update....I finally made it all the way through. I think what helped me was going back through previous levels again to make higher scores to be able to buy more upgrades. And all that practice made me get into the groove of the game better. Now I am in expert mode on the 3rd restaurant. It seems easier playing it through this time. Not sure if it actually is easier, or if I am just better at it.
 posted in Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills on Apr 12, 11 1:07 PM
Yes, thank you! The revolver was near impossible to find.
 posted in Megastore Madness on Apr 11, 11 1:10 PM
Ah, I see here it is only 45 levels. Oh well.......
 posted in Megastore Madness on Apr 11, 11 1:09 PM
Does anyone know how many levels (days) this game is? The day planner shows 45. But it took me less than 30 minutes to get through the first 10 days. At this rate, I will finish the game in a couple of hours if there are only 45 levels. That's not worth the money to me, even if it is a DD. Someone please let me know before the day is out........
 posted in Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack on Mar 13, 11 5:45 PM
FL1591 wrote:I never give the dessert nor do I put the flowers on the table. I just try to be the one to take orders, give snacks and cash customers out. Cashing customers out is where the points are. I never give drinks either. There are no points for drinks. I have gotten expert on the waitress levels many, many times with these tactics.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! That is the key to beating this level! I tried this and ended up getting over 13,000 and the fellow waitress only got a bit over 6,000.
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Mar 6, 11 7:26 PM
So glad I read these reviews first. I would hate to have bought this game to find out that ends this way. How tragic...
 posted in Diner Dash: Hometown Hero on Feb 14, 11 1:12 PM
Ok I just beat the museum extra waitress level. I did my best to go as fast as I could and not pay attention to what she was doing. I think this way it breaks her chaining bonuses and keeps me focused. She even got the energy bar instead of me, and I still beat this level. Go ME!!!
 posted in Diner Dash: Hometown Hero on Feb 14, 11 12:46 PM
I am looking in here for help on the level where there is an extra waitress that I have to beat by like 4500 points. I see people way past me getting stuck on other levels. How the heck did yall get past the levels with the extra waitress??? Please tell me how you did it! I am finding it impossible!
 posted in Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack on Feb 13, 11 1:07 PM
Has anyone figured out how to get past the levels with the extra waitress???
Please do tell!!!
 posted in Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack on Feb 9, 11 11:51 AM
I agree. This is really hard to pass. I can get a couple thousand points ahead of her, but 5000? (I'm on the spooky cafe one.) Once I seat the first set of customers, she beats me to it on all the other rounds of customers. It's like as soon as they show up, they are magically seated and she gets the color match points! FRUSTRATING! Someone who has passed this, please give us some tips!!
 posted in Cooking Dash on Jan 28, 11 6:29 PM
itweetyfan wrote:i agree i really like it too! but i'm stuck on 41 when i try to get there meal ready they put it on 2 different plates can u tell me what i'm doing wrong? u know when they order there is 2 items on there plate but i can't get both items to go on 1 plate. thanks

The reason it is doing that is because someone else has placed an order for that too. Look at what the people are wanting to order and you will see it.
 posted in Cooking Dash on Jan 28, 11 6:27 PM
Seat your people from top to bottom with these colors. Red yellow blue, red purple green. This will maximize your points for matching colors. Be aware of who you put next to each other. The booklover man does not like to be next to the cell phone guy at all! Keep food prepared ahead of time, and keep pushing the red buttons for super fast cooking. A good time to push those buttons is when you are waiting on the jambox to come on because it doesn't require Flo to go over to them. Try for chains as much as possible, but dont worry about them if someone is about to leave. Clear plates all at once and hit jambox to make them happy before your seat them. If you are in the middle of a chain of checking people out, dont serve cake to someone who you could just check out because it will start your mulitiplier points all over again. Stay on your toes, and you can do it!
 posted in House, M.D. on Jan 28, 11 2:04 PM
Yes, I see the walk-through now. Looks to be a fairly entertaining game. It's got its quirks, but overall I think I'll end up getting it with one of my credits. Thanks.
 posted in House, M.D. on Jan 24, 11 2:38 PM
Can anyone tell how many patients are in this game? Is it just the actor with the cough or is there more? If so, how many? Need to know if it's worth the money or not.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Jan 22, 11 7:41 PM
This is quite an addicting little game. It was nice to play, and I have been playing it all day long! I am normally a TM lover but I really have enjoyed this HOG. I played in timed mode and it was still very relaxing. I prefer this type of HOG to the dark, dismal kind. Are there any more out there like this one??
 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on Jan 21, 11 5:36 PM
After I finished playing this game all the way through, I played a level for fun just to see what would happen if I let the mom with the kid get mad. She throws down her basket and goes straight to the kid! She knew where he was the whole time! She needs to get off that cell phone and watch her kid! LOLOL!
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