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 posted in Incredible Zoo on Mar 23, 16 10:16 AM
YAY - a proper TM game (with room for strategic approach)!

Right click cancels the whole chain of commands. For me, that made sure it wasn't too repetitive - without that it may eventually have descended into having frustratingly inefficient routes.

If e.g. near water stand when new request for water, can cancel the chain, grab more water (if room on trolley) and rejig the route from there.

I played demo in Advanced mode & was pleased (because I don't want a game to be too easy) to miss gold on first try on level 7.

I tend to prefer games where a replay only earns you a bit extra if you do better at it the next time (because I like to challenge myself to get through games with update options limited to earning the equivalent of 1 'best' attempt per level, no matter how many tries I take).

But I can still do that here by keeping an eye on the timer and restarting the level before the end if I can see I'm not going to make expert (or realise that I could have scored much higher with a different approach). So I'm fine with it working the other way to allow for both preferences.

I wanted to make different upgrade choices from the beginning so I restarted the game and got gold on level 7 that time.

But the option to replay for repeat money is still there in advance mode so anyone who wants the character to speed up, or to have more spaces on the trolley, earlier in the game could choose to replay earlier levels to get coins for those upgrades before moving on. (& could potentially earn even more on replays by anticipating some of the requests).

I also like that:

* Requests seem to stay the same on replays/restarts of a level. I find that necessary to play it as a strategy game (for upgrade choice as well as in-level strategy).

* You can order refills before you have run out of an item

* Even if still a green border, the quicker a request met, the more money, e.g 10+10 if passing with right item at right time, 10+9 for very fast, 10+8 fairly fast etc. So it may sometimes be tactically better to serve them out of turn.

* Services such as Vet & Cleaner add variety: You take them to the animal & leave them there to provide the service, so each can't (at first anyway - does show upgrades to unlock later) be given to 2 animals at the same time. Each needs a slot on your trolley to reach an animal, but they walk back. Cleaner leaves trash bag for you to collect & dispose of.

Bought it
 posted in Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe on Oct 9, 14 6:13 AM
ClassicalJazz - I had the same problem but I had switched to system cursor on the way into the game (because I always do).

I switched back to the game specific cursor and that one worked properly. I played 3 puzzles to make sure before coming to post in case anyone else had the same problem.

& to anyone who is mid tutorial when they realise this, with apparently no way to exit because the tutorial is waiting for you to do something: Using the ESC key gets the main menu up so you can go to settings and change the cursor (or exit).

Edited to add bolding/underline to the fact that it worked properly when I switched cursors (because that could be missed on skimming the thread).
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 7, 14 5:04 AM
Sanderella wrote:Is anyone else having trouble cancelling actions? The red X appears over the bubble, but no matter how many times or where in and around the X, I can't cancel an action.

I seem to have passed level 13 with no problem - thankfully!

That X on the car's bubble isn't how you cancel.. it's telling you that the car is waiting until the place you've sent it to next becomes vacant.

To cancel an on the car to see the sequence numbers showing where you're trying to send it and click on one of them to cancel it.

(If that sentence doesn't make sense to you, posts 2 & 3 of the thread 'Tips on Controlling Cars' explain it all in detail).
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 6, 14 2:10 PM
Glad that worked for you too Mia .

I've started playing Rush Mode and I'm posting to report that the Stop object doesn't work in there.

It does stop the traffic but by completing freezing the game with an Access Violation error.

I do know that sometimes get that kind of error when have been in one session of a game for too long so I did try a few times in new sessions, but I am consistently getting that error.

EDIT Colour Bomb doesn't work properly in Rush Mode either - it changes the car colour but only the car colour - the game still treats it as the original colour when it colours the outline of the next station and for combos.

Both work fine for me in Story Mode but not in Rush Mode.
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 11:50 AM
Thanks for not leaving me wondering what happened , but I'm sorry to hear that it gave you more problems , especially after you put quite a bit of time into it.

I hope you at least got some pleasure out of it between the frustrating problems.

& Happy Gaming to you too
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 11:29 AM
A review of Rush Mode, which is accessed by a button underneath the Story Mode one:

This endless (expert) mode opens up after a few levels of Story mode have been played, but each season, upgrade or power-up only unlocks here after being unlocked in Story Mode. (& some power-ups are not valid in Rush Mode at all).

To chose a Rush Mode season (which only seems to affect the background): Either click on the displayed season to move round one, or drag it sideways. Click on 'Play' to select the one being shown.


A random selection of cars will be sent and you keep playing until you miss 3 on the road, trying to beat your earnings from previous attempts.

It's about making as much money as possible from the cars which you do get (making the best combos that you can etc.) as well as how long you hold out for.


To give an idea of how long an attempt can last:

In a profile which, having finished Story Mode, had all buildings, pumps, registers and parking spaces ...

... my 1st attempt processed 26 cars making $ 31,100.

As you'd expect, it started steadily enough that I was making combos easily but eventually got fast enough that I was shoving them to any old pump just to get them off the road .

I hadn't used any of my objects or bonuses so there is obviously room for improvement.

I was surprised to see that the 'stop' object is one of the ones that can be used in this mode & I want to try that out. EDIT: I suggest you don't try the stop sign in Rush mode for now. It works fine for me in Story Mode but unfortunately stopped the game (Access Violation error) as well as the traffic when I tried to use it in Rush Mode. I tried a few times but that wasn't a fluke.

I'm so hooked on Rush mode now though that I'm going to carry on playing without that object. EDIT & without colour bomb which also doesn't work properly in that mode . I can still improve my score without those though... up to 33 cars $50,900 and getting fire engines now too

Also I had forgotten to look for the +1, 2, 3 etc. behind cars and had missed out on snacks and shopping requests by chaining too many straight from petrol to checkout.

So of course I'm now keen to beat my previous score (that's the point of it after all!) and I will probably get hooked on this mode for a while .
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 11:10 AM
Maybe everyone else has already worked this out and it was just me being slow (only noticing this properly while playing level 24!).

Those numbers tell you how many extra requests the car will make (unless you send it to the checkout before it's had a chance to ask for everything).

If a car arrives with no number behind it at all then you can be sure that it's a quick 'petrol & checkout' car and you can chain that in advance without missing out on extra income.

Any + number shown will decrease as the steps are taken.

But, when the number disappears, you will still have one other task available before checkout (This will be petrol if not done yet, but will be one of the 'extras' if petrol already done).

After watching a few cars closely, I think that's because even doing the petrol task reduces the counter by 1, despite the starting count not including petrol.

This means that when it gets to zero there is still something left: Either petrol itself because all extras were counted off correctly, or a final extra task because petrol has already been given and was included in the countdown.
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 4:31 AM
What do you mean by 'the up/down arrows don't move'?

Mine don't work by clicking on the arrows, I have to select the thing with both arrows on and pull it up and down.

But I'm guessing you've already made your scroll work given the things you've already bought.

Do you mean you lose the whole profile and have to start the whole game again? I can understand you not wanting to keep doing that! I have all 3 profiles in use and am finding that replaying the early levels would be a lot better if could skip the tutorial on replays.

Good luck - I hope your uninstall/reinstall does the trick
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 3:56 AM
You're welcome , pity your game is playing up though .

Just in case your eyes are skimming past it, I'll tell you exactly where it is on my list

2nd from the bottom in the 'station' tab

When you scroll down beyond pumps, parking and registers you should finally see
Luxury Tips
Snack Bar
2nd Object
as the last 3 on that list

Or you may see pro tips rather than luxury ones because, in my other profile which is only on level 9, the luxury tips one isn't there (I think that only appears after you buy Pro tips).

In that profile it's:
Pro Tips
Snack Bar
2nd Object
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 2:14 AM
It's in the station list.

Sorry, when I said 'bonus menu' I thought that's what the shield thing is called that you click to get all of them.

I said 'station' tab too though - with the extra pumps etc.

& it's not that expensive (15,000 IIRC) so you'll be able to get it .

(Btw, even if you don't have the money for something - the thing will still unlock at the right time, you just won't be able to afford it.

& they show in the lists even before they unlock, but the prices only show up after unlocking)
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 2:07 AM
Sorry only just reached this level ... the flag is a power-up in the 'objects' section & unlocks after level 16.
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 2:38 PM
I had level 13 unending the first time too - got to zero cars then it just hung. I had 3 stars so not as if I hadn't earned enough.

I had (accidentally) missed one car though (or maybe 2 because one of them was when LEVEL 13 SPOILER* the second gate needed repairs and I hadn't noticed. (I've put that as a spoiler because I only ever needed repairs at gate 1 before).* END SPOILER).

So, remembering Sonofstar's post above, I hit pause, then restarted the level (I didn't go back to level menu or anything - just the circling arrow icon).

I got all the cars that time, same as Sonofstar, and the level ended normally for me too.

So maybe the bug in this level is triggered by that missed car(?).

I'd suggest to anyone who had level 13 hanging, if you're keen to keep playing and had only missed one or two cars, it may be worth your while having another go and see if you can get all the cars in case that's a workaround rather than coincidence.

(If you want to that is. I totally understand you may prefer to wait for a fix).

Mia - about the snack bar - I think you can (maybe) choose to ignore the snack bar request. I say that because a few times I've chained pump to checkout as usual, only to notice the car sitting at the checkout asking for snacks (but it's too late for me to send them there by then),

I haven't yet tried sending to checkout while being asked for snacks when checkout not already queued (because in that case I'd send them for snacks ).

Mistygem - I found that about the stars on the profile page too - but it's too soon for me to tell yet whether they will reset to correct number if stars if passed but with less than 3.
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 1:04 PM
I just unlocked it too (after level 10 if we are talking about the same thing) and it was in the bonus menu... same place that you buy the extra pumps, parking spaces etc. (the 'station' tab).

I was surprised but I suppose that's because the carwash was provided by the tutorial.

I am playing in a profile with loads of money from replaying levels so I just bought the snack bar right away but I'm wondering now if I should have tried to play level 11 without it first to see if it's easier without that added extra thing to be asked for!
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 9:33 AM
.... contd

3) Click on a car, any time, to see the queue which you have set for it. You can click on any station to remove it from the chain (unless the car is already committed to moving there) or can click on a new station to add it to the end of the chain.

You can remove a parking space without affecting other items in the queue but, if you remove a petrol pump, the game would remove a queued checkout too because the car can't checkout without petrol.

4) If any car on the road doesn’t have either a tick or a cross against the symbol on its roof then you haven’t set any destination for it and it is currently set to just stay on the road and not visit you.

A tick means it is set to turn into the garage at the next available entrance & go to the first programmed destination. (You may be able to change that destination - it depends how close the car is to a garage entrance when you try).

A cross means that its first programmed destination is currently occupied so it is set to only turn into the garage if that spot becomes free before the car misses the last entrance. (You may have time to change that choice depending how far along the road the car is).

5) If your car in the garage has a white cross (in a red circle) against the symbol on its roof, that means you have programmed the car’s next step but it can’t go there yet because it’s waiting for that station to become free.

It will stay where it is until the programmed station becomes free (unless you alter its queue).

So, in the garage, it’s mainly the absence of that white/red cross that I find useful to watch for:

If a car is at a petrol pump, has dollar sign on roof (to show ready to checkout now), shows no signs of moving but does not have that (white/red) cross on its dollar sign to show why it's waiting, then I’ve probably forgotten to add the checkout to its queue.

That can be checked easily enough by clicking on the car to look at its queue, but it’s the missing cross (on a stationary car that is finished with its current action) that draws my attention to it.

I hope some of this helps someone. If not then it'll at least help me if I end up not being able to play for a while and forget what to look out for .
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 8:56 AM
... contd

1) If a car has been selected successfully, it will have flashing white circles under it, so look for those before trying to send it anywhere.

If no white circles, then you didn’t select it (& if that’s happening a lot in tutorial stages then maybe you are trying to select the oncoming car when the tutorial is about to stop it and ask you to select it).

2) When you’re setting up a car’s queue, watch out, as you do it, for the sequence numbers, which show which stations you have added:

If you successfully add a station to a car's queue then (unless the car is very near and heads there immediately) a number will show up telling you the position of that station in the car's chain. That number will be in a green shape if that station is free at the time & will be in an orange shape if that station is either occupied, or about to be occupied, but has still been successfully added to this car's chain.

If the next sequence number doesn't appear after you select a station (and the car isn't already heading there), then you either mis-clicked or cannot add that station at that point in that car's chain.

If a station is occupied you can only use the sign to add it to a queue (if you try to use its marked space on the ground, you'll be switching car selection to the car that's sitting there).

If selecting the station didn't work, glance to see that you still have the right car selected & click the station's sign again. If it doesn't work this time, watch out for a red cross appearing briefly on part of that sign.

I've only noticed that (quickly disappearing red cross on the station's sign) when the station is wrong for the car's needs: Trying to send a car to the checkout when I haven't included petrol in its queue first, or trying to send a clean car to the car wash.

You can queue a new car to an occupied station as its first destination (I thought you couldn't but that was early on when I was absent-mindedly clicking the space not the sign, so I was really selecting the other car )... but... you will lose the new car if that 1st destination is still in use by the time the car would need to turn into the last garage entrance (unless you change the car's first destination in time).

contd ...
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 7:04 AM
I think I saw a comment somewhere about controlling the cars.

I found it a bit awkward for a few mins at first too, until I noticed what to watch for. Now, even if I occasionally mis-click, it's quick to re-click because I notice it at the time.

Detailed tips on controlling the cars follow in the next post, but a very general tip is:

Give yourself more time to manage them by realising that you are *not* always supposed to want to take them all.

The traffic is there for you to select only the cars which will help with your goal, and to ignore the others that would hinder you (such as by breaking a combo at a bad time, or by making you miss a more useful car).

I reached that conclusion after finding that deliberately ignoring specific cars was the only way to get 3* on some (early) levels without having to come back later with future upgrades.

In the tips that follow, when I refer to 'stations', I mean the locations (parking space, petrol pump, checkout, carwash and so on) that a car can visit within the garage.

contd ...
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 3:39 AM
Was any of your frustration down to the arrangement of the colours in the traffic making it seem impossible/frustrating to try to build up a decent combo?

Or finding it hard (or impossible) to avoid missing some of the cars when you tried to play the game?

Or due to feeling that you had to serve all of the cars for you to feel satisfied with your progress (even if the game itself didn't seem to mind that you didn't get them all)?


If any of the above caused some of your frustration then you maybe didn't realise (as I didn't at first) that ....

... In this game, the traffic is just a selection presented to us so that we can choose the cars that we need to meet our goal, and ignore the ones which would get in the way.

If the next car would break a combo at a bad time if you served it right now, but you don't want to park it because you need the parking space for another car (which does match the combo), then leaving that mismatched car to drive on by may be part of your strategy, so long as it does leave you better off overall.

So it's *NOT* a case of having to accept that we'll 'fail' with some customers until we have more upgrades.

Once I realised that, I found it quite liberating because it makes a change from games where you won't get any new customers until you deal with the ones currently filling your waiting spots, &/or they'll kick up stink if you ignore them.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to twist anyone's arm into liking the game. It's just that most folk who are finding it frustrating seem to be (like me) strong fans of old school TMs & we so rarely get new ones (2 this week, YAY!, but before that a very long wait) that I thought it worth posting just in case even 1 of those players was only finding it frustrating due to a misunderstanding of what the aim is meant to be. I'd have been glad to see someone point this out to me if I hadn't realised it.
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 4, 14 1:46 AM
The only way I could get 3 stars on this level (I know that's not what you asked, but bear with me ), without waiting until I had further upgrades, was to deliberately let some cars pass by so that I could build up better combo scores with the other cars.

I came to the conclusions that (in this game) the customers are there for us to choose which ones we want to serve, and that we're not always meant to take them all.

In fact, choosing which ones to ignore seems meant to be part of the strategy I think.

So I didn't have any trouble getting the last car in level 2, but that's probably because I was deliberately only trying to get a specific 3 out of the last 4 customers (having realised that trying to take all 4 would screw up my combo at the (single) cash register, not to mention that they arrive fairly closely together).

I suspect that it'll be easy to get all the level 2 cars later on, once we've got an extra cash register (comes quite soon) and a 2nd parking space (I'm not sure when that will unlock). Having only one parking space is what's stopping you having anywhere to send that last car when you took all 3 before it, isn't it?
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 3, 14 9:23 AM
The goal for 3 stars is $11,000
where are you seeing $22,000?

Edited post: I just replayed the level and here's what I did to earn 14,200 from it:
(There are probably easier ways to get 3 stars after playing ahead to buy more upgrades but this is how I did it when I hadn't gone any further).

Have 'drive' object selected

Ist car (brown) --- pump... checkout
2nd car (red) --- pump... checkout
3rd car (blue) --- to another pump but then PARKING space

Next, be ready to use drive object as soon as first grey traffic jam car appears.

After speeding up the traffic:
Process 1 red and 2 brown cars as normal
(having sped up the traffic jam allows the small brown car to arrive early enough to be out of way for the big brown car - necessary because the parking space is occupied)

Then IMMEDIATELY send original blue car from parking space through checkout (it may have run out of patience and give 0 tip, but at least it will start a blue combo & you made more from the brown combo by holding this one back)

REPEATED CLICK on gate obstacle as shown in tutorial
(that may pop up before you send the blue car to checkout)

Process the next 2 blue & 1 red cars
(I usually choose to park the bigger blue one and process smaller one first, with bigger one then queued to follow it - to earn more from the combos - but that's not essential for 3 stars. I didn't do that when playing to write these notes and still made 14200)

GATE OBSTACLE came back for me here... repeated clicking again

IGNORE the next brown car (it would cost you more than you'd earn from it because it would screw up your combos)

Then process all the remaining cars but make sure that the brown car (last of the level) is also last through a checkout.

Hopefully these steps will get you to 3 stars. Never going to reach 22,000 though (not without later upgrades anyway).
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 3, 14 7:30 AM
3* trick for 2nd part of the level:

To just get 3 stars, the only trick needed in 2nd part is similar to the one used in the first part. This time SPOILER * You only get one green car in the second part, so park it up after filling at pump and don't let it through checkout until last red car processed through the red combo. You'll still be using the blue checkout (for blue cars!) at that point.* END SPOILER

& that should do it


But, if you want to make an extra $150-200, then play around a little with the red cars in this part too:

Park the (bigger) 1st one and have it follow the (small) 2nd one through the pumps/checkout (both will still be out of the way by the time you need the pumps for the 3rd red one).

This should (and does) earn $100 extra (between the 2 red cars) at each of pump and checkout by doing the smaller car at lower combo, and bigger car at higher combo

But the net gain is only $150 because the delay doing it this way is enough to lose 50 coins worth of patience on the car waiting to checkout behind all the reds.

(The fireworks bonus can save that $50 if you use it while the waiting car is still on its highest patience level - around the time that the last red car turned onto the forecourt worked for me).

If you want to complicate things even further in search of another $300:
The first car to approach the new muddy puddle is a blue one so there's no harm letting it get dirty then chaining it via carwash to pump/checkout (extra $100 - small car - and, as it happens, no impact on the blue queue).

The next car is the big red one so, if you are going to park this to let the small red one get ahead, then you may as well dirty and wash the waiting one for an extra $200.

I queued that red car up to go the parking space then hit the clean road button as soon as it had passed the puddle. When the blue car had finished being washed and moved itself to the pump, I then sent the parked red car to the carwash and was (IIRC) able to chain it to pump/checkout in advance because the small red car was either finished or in progress by then (with its route already queued).

& that still all happened soon enough for the 3rd red car to be brought to the pump/checkout via the first garage entrance.


Even though 3* here doesn't need them, I decided to post these extras anyway because the ideas may be relevant in other levels.
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