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 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 25, 10 8:38 AM
So excited this has been released! This is a DEFINITE buy for me, I just hope a sale or special offer happens soon! The first MKftP was/is my favourite game purchased through . I just hate that payday is almost 2 weeks away!

As you can see, I don't comment often, but this is such a cute, fun and happy game that I had to share my opinion
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 4, 10 9:26 AM
I *love* PlayFirst games . This one has me a bit torn though. I really like it, it's a great combination of collecting flowers and making potions, with bug clicking thrown in!

But, it feels like I'm not finishing through. I opened the first gate and made it across the path before my trial ended, but realized that I would be starting fresh with a new garden, new flowers and new potions in every garden. And for some reason that doesn't tickle my fancy.

On the other hand, I'm frugal and even I am going to buy this. I still have more then enough work ahead of me to justify it (4 full gardens). And one thing I LOVE is that you can make partial potions, this really helped me a lot! You don't have to have all of the flowers to make a full potion each day, if you have all but a couple and you know that you'll need that big moneymaking potion or quest pot, you can use the flowers you have in your inventory and not accidently use them in another pot, sell them or have them taking up precious space.

It did feel like the tutorial ended way too quickly and I know I didn't accidentally turn it off.

All in all, like almost all PlayFirst games, I love this one the timing couldn't have been better either as I just broke my foot and desperately needed a game to keep me sitting still and 'relaxing'.

Hope this review helps someone else!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Jun 27, 10 11:59 AM
I rarely comment on games unless they really tickle my fancy, and this one definitely did! It's so cute . It is just challenging enough that you don't get the bonus every single time. But not so hard that you want to bang your head against the desk

The graphics are cartoony cute and the story is just as cute. I do love TM games and I have already recommended this to my mom who is also a fan.

Although my review may make it sound slightly kiddy, it is and isn't. It would be FUN for a kid to play, but it's not a breeze through. A refreshing change is what it is! I can't wait to find more like this (not sure if there are more similar?)

Great game!
 posted in Gemini Lost on Apr 23, 10 4:45 PM
This has been fun! This is my first time playing this style of game, I have seen comparisons mentioned to Virtual Villagers but never got around to trying that one. I have to agree with a few of the comments that this is a nice game to relax and chill out with.

Cute and clean graphics that look nice on my widescreen monitor (I run into pixely graphics a lot ). Not a brain teaser but also not a 40 minute and done game (for me at least.).

All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase, now I hope to find another game similar to this!
 posted in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle on Mar 26, 10 6:22 PM
This was my first game purchase through BFG and I was very happy with it! I'm totally new to hidden object games so it did take me a little bit to get into a flow, but I still completed it in 6 hours.

I *loved* the graphics and style of the game and now I'm a bit spoiled as some of the other HOG I'm demo'ing aren't nearly as nice! Hopefully I can find another one like this that is linear, a bit longer and has clean lined graphics. I do believe I'm addicted!
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