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 posted in Red Cross - Emergency Response Unit on Apr 22, 10 12:33 AM
collier1 wrote:I was having this issue too. Here is the fix.

What is this? Do i need to download the software.
 posted in Kindergarten on Apr 22, 10 12:21 AM
b00kworm wrote:Due to the way any antivirus software works, a file can be considered to contain a troyan (or other kind of malware) without having any troyan inside. The software looks for certain lines of program code that are also found in malware and brings up an alarm when it finds them. That does not necessarily mean there's a virus or other malware inside the program.

My tip is: if you get a message from your antivirus when downloading a program, wait a few days, do regular updates of your antivirus and try again. Most of the time the newer virus definitions will give the antivirus better details and allow it to distiguish between a harmless program and true malware.

Thanks for the info!

Now I can play the.
 posted in Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond on Apr 22, 10 12:18 AM
I did not find any kind of glitch!
 posted in Governor of Poker on Apr 22, 10 12:13 AM
SirDancelot wrote:Hi,

i love the game but now i got stucked, ive earned 6922$ and it's day 629, but in every town it is dark and there is no pokergame to play in each of the city's i can go to...
When i click on next day, nothing happens.
Does anyone know what to do ?

I can only suggest you to contact the customer support for help.
 posted in Youda Marina on Apr 22, 10 12:05 AM
MistressAngela wrote:Would someone please tell me where to put the deep sea tour tried land and see and it wont go HELP PLS

I think the submarines are coming from the deep sea events, which means they'll never be able to dock the way the boats do because the people in them already came from your marina. You'll also start to see other event boats, too, and they won't dock either.
 posted in Youda Farmer on Apr 21, 10 11:58 PM
Just want to say it has beautiful designs and addictive game play!
 posted in Youda Sushi Chef on Apr 21, 10 11:54 PM
Its good to know that now Youda Sushi Chef is available for Mac operating system.
 posted in Youda Camper on Apr 21, 10 11:51 PM
I got stuck on fifth level can anyone help! I like the game and do not want to leave the game in between.
 posted in Baby Blimp on Apr 21, 10 11:28 PM
Do anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get the twins or triplets when I have the normal baby. Can anyone help!
 posted in Youda Fairy on Mar 26, 10 3:41 AM
Yes! the game Youda Fairy has 60 levels. We can enjoy the game for long period of time.
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