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 posted in Grim Tales: Crimson Hollow on Sep 25, 16 3:19 PM
The usual question, what will I miss out on with the standard edition? Thanks!
 posted in Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 16 7:45 PM
Yay thanks for giving me hope rainworm, I had just given up that I was going to be able to advance and finish the game!!
 posted in Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector's Edition on Jul 22, 16 1:50 PM
Shoot! I came on here to see if anyone had any hints. One time I almost tied it, but usually I get killed.

The skip button does NOT work. I want to advance in the game, I really like it, but I cannot get past this stupid stone game!!!
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 7, 16 10:09 PM
How do you tell which levels belong to each chapter? I don't see it in the Strategy Guide, and I've only gotten 1 of the 5 achievements for getting all gold per chapter. I know the 1st chapter is "Sailor" and the 2nd "Pioneer", but cannot find on the map or anywhere where a chapter begins and ends.

Help? Thanks.
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover 2 on Jun 30, 16 6:48 PM

I'll focus more on the coins.... I was getting like, 5 and 6 regular matches and it didn't seem to do anything.

The most I've been able to get in one round is 3 pieces of winter wear, but that was after playing a million times.....still, have to keep playing to get last achievement!
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover 2 on Jun 30, 16 9:32 AM
YUK! Card-carrying PETA, ALF, you-name-it animal rights person here.

I know they try to make light of it, saying one isn't real, but even with these pretty dismal decorating offerings I had my room looking pretty cool. But I do NOT want an animal skin rug in there!
 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover 2 on Jun 30, 16 9:27 AM
I want to get all the achievements but I'm way behind in the winter wear that you get playing the match-3.

At first, they tried to explain how it worked but I just skipped past the instructions really fast and now I regret it as I'm not sure I'm doing it right! Can anyone tell me WHAT refills the energy bar and basically how to play it so that you win more than one lousy glove every time?

The instructions were pretty detailed but now I can't access them. Any tips?

 posted in Midnight Calling: Jeronimo Collector's Edition on Jun 21, 16 9:51 AM
I'm with you Valdy, what a pleasant surprise, no?

Absolutely fantastic play and story. And loved the blue jay helper in the Bonus game best, so realistic and different!!

BTW Valdy, I just asked in a new discussion, but you might know, if you don't find all the coins, do you have to replay entire game, or until you've found the 2 you missed?

Thanks to you or anyone who replies.
 posted in Midnight Calling: Jeronimo Collector's Edition on Jun 21, 16 9:45 AM
Yay! A forum thread for players who ENJOY animal helpers!!! All I ever read is haters, but I guess haters gonna hate.

My favorite also was the cat in Madame Fate, and fixing up her room was the best. I enjoyed in Midnight Calling: Jeronimo all the different helpers who were quiet and just helped until they could help no more, then moved on. I loved the Blue Jay in the Bonus Game best!!!

 posted in Midnight Calling: Jeronimo Collector's Edition on Jun 21, 16 9:39 AM
Is the only way to complete the Forest Edge (and get the collect all coins achievement) replaying the entire game? I loved this game, just not ready to start over right away!!

I tried replaying the Bonus game, but no coins or morphing items on replay. So, my fear is, if I replay Main game, there will be no coins to find. But, if I start over with new name, I'll lose all my hard won achievements!!!!

Any help, please. Just want to complete my Forest Edge!
 posted in Gnomes Garden 3 on Jun 18, 16 5:40 PM
I can finish this level pretty fast, but then I have to sit and wait for the mill to spit out food, and the garden to slooooowly produce more food. I collect all through the level but always have like 23 food left to collect, and while I wait and wait to collect, I watch the stars disappear.

HOW can I collect food faster?? Any help would be appreciated.
 posted in One Way Flight on Jun 16, 16 6:57 PM
Um....guess I have an iron stomach, opening scene didn't bother me at all. I actually kinda enjoyed feeling like Robinson Crusoe, liked finding all the different diaries and even that I had to pause for night time...annoying, but how it would be if you really were on a deserted island.

So, except for the inserted games which were really dumb yet I failed all of them (the first one killed me, because I had only minutes left of my phone battery and I'm going to play a game?!?) I guess I'm the lone survivor in the game and the lone fishie that liked this game.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 27, 16 11:43 PM
Can't find him. Also, can you go back and just get the mouse and not replay the whole thing? Used to be able to do that and it would keep your original score but add that you have the mouse. Don't think it does that anymore?

Anyway, where is he on level 43 and why can't I hear him anymore??
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on May 26, 16 12:48 AM
Have played and replayed, even turned the music off and sound all the way up. I never hear the "Squeak" which is so much louder in the Emily games.

Anyone know where it is? Thanks.
 posted in Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows on May 14, 16 6:08 PM
I cannot solve this!! Watched the walkthrough several times, but I just can't seem to get it....he even says there must be an easier way than the way he does it, but does ANYONE know how to get all the buttons pushed?? Was loving this game but this is driving me bonkers.

Thanks to anyone who responds!
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 29, 16 5:55 PM
I am on this level right now and every single board says "Board Cleared"....I have emptied every bin (or whatever those are called), cleared the tricky hidden sand tiles, opened every chest, gone over page after page after page and it STILL won't end the level!!!

PLEASE someone help! I SWEAR there is no tile covered, anywhere. I did notice on one board, it was still giving hints but for what reason I have NO idea!!!

I will be eternally grateful if someone reads this and replies. If I don't get a reply by tomorrow I may start a new Subject on this even though I'm sure I'll get raspberries for starting another level 74 subject.
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 17, 16 5:14 PM
Thanks so much everyone!! I curtsy to your kindness and thank you for not patronizing me for not understanding the shield in Killian's shop....I did finally realize that it is a bonus for more shields, not an ACTUAL shield.

However, though I did finally get cloth, I still cannot get the shield bonus nor anything else for my poor malnourished pony, because....I don't have enough shields! [insert emoticon for "gone insane" face]

I'm playing on normal and on level 20 (all with 3 stars and badges), so happy to hear it gets easier after level 30.

Playing today I had better luck getting through the levels, so sometimes you just need to stop and play again when you are refreshed and optimistic. (as thistle809 reminded me, these games are meant to be enjoyed... Reminds me of when I was working on a really hard NY Times crossword and was groaning & complaining so much my 3 yr old stepson asked me, very concerned, "Whose makin you do that?" I burst out laughing and explained I was doing it to myself for "fun")

I love, love, love the characters you meet along the way in this game and the voiceovers are the best since Penny Dreadful's Sweeney Todd. Yes, I love me a Brit accent.

Again, much gratitude for all your help and tips and encouragement.
Love my helpful fellow fishies in the pond, so kind to a venting, angry Skrdykat!
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 16, 16 11:51 PM
I was enjoying this game immensely until suddenly shields were available in the shop....and now I NEVER have enough shields. The game helpfully told me to play more to gather more shields, but I have played and replayed all the levels until my fingers are cramped and I never earn more shields....EXCEPT one game I got a shield out of a treasure box, so when level ended I ran to the shop shield. It didn't give me the shield I found.

And now I'm playing until my eyes bleed trying to get cloth so I can have a shield made but after several hours gave up, there is no cloth, period....

Suddenly, the game is no longer fun, just frustrating.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Apr 15, 16 8:06 AM
Say it ain't so about Northern Tales losing the queue!

plat1098, I know two Swedish brothers, Nels and I'll be calling the game Roads of Ragnar! lol
Yes, pretty please?!
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