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 posted in India Garden on Mar 27, 17 4:26 AM
i think there is a flaw in 67 as i have played it multiple times with no success. big fish needs to respond. keep smiling...i think there may be another one too.
in the library scene, the pointer changes to a hand but when i try to get the key it changes back. i own this game and i am stuck. i have loaded and unloaded. thanks for your help.
 posted in Letter Quest: Remastered on Jul 18, 16 4:42 PM
help love the game
 posted in Mystika 2: The Sanctuary on Jun 15, 14 5:15 PM
add me to the list...can't make it work and tired of trying...guess i will give up unwind and try again in a few days unless someone has a good idea.
 posted in Fishdom: Frosty Splash on Dec 13, 13 11:22 AM
why does it show the meters for beauty etc as full and then when you return show them as partially empty. My tanks are quite full and don't know what they want. thanks
 posted in Amazing Finds on Jun 20, 13 11:51 PM
i don't know,.,,i am left with that and no crnk for doll house

 posted in Amazing Finds on Jun 9, 13 1:19 AM
I Cant find it or the cd...frustrating. help
 posted in Amazing Finds on Jun 6, 13 6:27 PM
i hear you...i am stuck too no clue about key
 posted in Amazing Finds on Jun 6, 13 6:25 PM
pop the balloons
 posted in Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery on Jul 25, 12 12:31 PM
i keep being redirected to a box with eggs, tomatoes and lettuce. I already removed a piece from that site and can't find a second one. Don't have a tool to cut bundle in tent. any clues?
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