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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 3:42 PM

While I can certainly understand your thinking, this is indeed a not a coin boon. It is a coin loss. Please read back through the thread where players have calculated the coin loss from this new update.

You cannot please all the people all the time, is an oft used adage for a reason, however, in this case the math just doesn't add up. That being said, I am glad you are enjoying the update Happy gaming
Take care,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 3:18 PM
Thank you bfgMurrumbidgee!

It is indeed encouraging to get this message from you as it seems to emphasize the point that you are indeed doing everything possible to communicate our ideas and frustrations to the devs.

It was also very nice to have our feelings about this game acknowledged and therefor somewhat validated! Isn't that truly what most of us want? Other than the obvious un-update from the devs.

Once again Thank you for taking the time to give us a more in depth response

Take care,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 9:08 AM
Yes, we tried to convey one very specific item in the petition thread and that was locked "stating that these threads tend to turn into opinion threads". I still get pm's from folks who want to sign the petition.

Agree, that this thread, in an attempt to corral the information in one space has become convoluted with so many ideas (not that any of them are bad) just so many that it is becomes "ideas for dev" as opposed to what it was meant for which is our loathing the one thing TAKING AWAY OUR HOS ITEM DROP.

I love many of the ideas posted here but I thought the goal was to first give the devs ONE CLEAR CUT THING THEY COULD DO as an interim fix. Perhaps I am just projecting my thoughts and if so I apologize.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 9:37 PM
Could not agree more, Amerige, Thank you for putting it so pointedly to task. It could not have been said better!! The higher ups that dictate how responses to our queries are handled. While it may not all be pleasant. This is akin to outsourcing customer service o another country where they are given cue cards to read off in response to ?'s. As I have stated before this is the larger part of the increasing frustration level of players and extreme lack of forethought on the part of the owners of BF. How sad, one quick perusal of multiple game threads would provide a quick and clear insight as to the fact that their current approach to CS/sales is failing. Until BF recognizes that CS(including forum management) and sales are one and the same no clear resolution is in sight.
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You are unclear as to why u r stuck, u just have to keep playing through it and earn what you need to. There is no easy answer and not sure what you are asking. best of luck!
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banned for what? wth? I never saw anything that wasn't dangerish? and certainly not offensive! wow, what a loss to big fish and the forum goers. always a voice of humor, keeping the peace and forwarding the issues in a responsible manner. omg whaT DID I MISS
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 5:23 PM
Yes, if there were awards Kingratso would win funniest poster ever! Shaving? is that why my personal life has taken a distinct downturn? Dang, If only I had made that correlation! Thank you so much for bringing us all back to reality. Reading your messages has been far more entertaining than playing the game, hands down.
Just saying, I am an achievement junkie and still would like to feel free to get the daily bonus thing and play dice once a day. Not interested in anything else and DQ's aren't blizzards and don't involve oreos I'm not interested since it's impossible.

Sign me up for the Fan club either that or FAA (forum addicts anonymous) LOL
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 3:51 PM
Agreed, not playing is good, not paying is better!! But dare I say, I would be hard pressed to disagree with the King Rat. LOL
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 3:01 PM
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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 2:52 PM
Agree wholeheartedly with all of Apollo's suggestions. That would be the gold standard for a new update. Now sitting here cowering in the corner afraid to ask so much! Just sort of hoping for anything even just putting it back than nothing at all
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 2:32 PM
Ok, I just have to chime in on this... To the players who feel that getting an extra 15 coins to help them advance and stating that they need help to be able to make to level 69 is a falsehood. How do you think those of us that are at level 69 got here? I, sincerely, mean no disrespect by asking this.

At the risk of repeating myself, I have NEVER had a boatload of coin and I NEVER will. At level 44 there was a time I actually had ZERO coins, and yet here I sit at level 69. Those of us at level 69 got here one way only. Playing repeated HOS scenes, selling off inventory that wasn't needed to get additional coins, using diamonds etc. At level 68 I went down to something like 6 coins. Cannot imagine making it to level 69 without being able to sell off or craft items to sell with my inventory items I wasn't using at the time. The most of any inventory item I have is about 15.

The extra 15 coins is not helping you progress, It is slowing your ability to get extra coins. You are losing money most of the time you get them and you are definitely losing money every time you get a shard. I have wracked my brain for a different way to make these facts clear but just can't come with any other way than what has already been said.

I can't at this point even be glad you think this is benefiting you in anyway because the facts clearly show it is not. This is akin to letting the IRS take more out of your check so you can get a bigger refund. This only means that the IRS is making interest on your money instead of you. If you took that same money and invested it week you would be making the interest instead of the government.

Pretty much beating a dead horse, but the HOS drops need to be changed back
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 3, 16 8:10 AM
On the upside, Bryant from Customer Service has been fantastic; very polite and as helpful as he can possibly be, given that my complaint is beyond his control to fix. I also was possibly one of the first to write directly to Elephant Games and did hear from someone very quickly, who indicated that my feedback would be passed directly to the development team.

Ajtho, Bryant is the best of the best!! I also wrote to EG and didn't hear anything back so it is nice to hear that at east some did!

On the topic of hiding threads. I DO NOT think this is intentional. There have been a few odd things happening on the forum. The last page of a thread doesn't have anything on it so when you click it, it pops you back to the main screen. When that happens you have to click on the next to last page. Also, I was looking for a different thread a day ago and it was nowhere to be found either. It was also current and should have been on the first or second page.

Soo, while I understand we all have a heightened sense of paranoia(is it really, if they truly are out to get you? LOL) Pretty sure this is not on purpose. Besides, what would be the point? They know we will just find it anyway!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 2, 16 6:34 PM
Thinking of you and you will remain on my ist as well. I too am not really playing much and have no wish lit up, whats the point, right? We will all still be here for you!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 2, 16 11:47 AM
Nope, only way to save is to exit. That stinks about your internet connection! It is very frustrating. Your best bet is to exit often, in spite of what a pain it is. Sorry for te bad news
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 6:46 PM
Once again, I would like to extend a personal thank you to the players who have added levity to this thread, as it was much needed! We all know what the issues are and have made a concerted effort to ensure we are heard. There does; however, come a time when poking fun at our own seriousness has its welcomed place. So a sincere thank you to Ratso and the General for keeping us all honest, especially with ourselves and that one is mostly just because I like cats!
much love to all
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 2:23 PM
What do you mean? Need mroe info. What platform are you playing on etc? If you playing with pc, the game is on your hard drive and on BF server. It should stil be there when you start your computer up at your new place. Not an expert on this by any means, you could always ask tech support but you will get better info now from the forum if you clarify until you hear back from tech support
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 2:20 PM
Whats the matter with you guys? Can't you do the new math? Oh wait, neither can I
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 6:44 AM
Hi, do you remember your old id#? If you do then you send a request to bf cs and give them your new id and old id and ask them to reinstate your progress. If you don't remember your id #, you pm some of your friends and ask them for your id # as they will still be able to see it! Good luck
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 6:24 AM
God or someone else please bless The Rat and the General for they are truly bright (in more ways than one) lights here on your (BF's) forum, an important distinction, I'd say.

Thanks so much for the wit and the laughs, if we don't we'll be listening to Neil Diamond and crying in our beer and pretzels which won't do us any good, other than the beer and the pretzel part and if you're a fan the Neil Diamond part.

I will not be deleting my game in any set deadline and urge others not to do so either. The changes that have been affected in the past have taken quite some time to happen.

Firmly believe players would not be so eager to delete their games if BF's forum had been handled in a less denigrating, demeaning and dismissive manner.

Rat, where do I git ahold of that thair dictionaire?
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