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 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands on Jan 16, 12 8:35 AM
still no answers
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy on Dec 25, 11 4:54 PM
Loved the game spent about two hours and forty-five minutes to play, and fully enjoyed the story line. The characters were great and made the game more fun to play. It got confusing a few times but looking at the walkthrough explained it.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands on Dec 25, 11 4:49 PM
its been out on pc for a while, any news as to when the game will come out?
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Nov 7, 11 10:07 AM
they made anothre chocolatier but its it nothing like the first three games it is called chocolatier the great chocolate chase.
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Nov 7, 11 10:04 AM
I loved it too the story line was a little dark at times but i enjoyed all the hidden object scenes and overall it was a good game a few things were confusing though and had to refer to the strategy guide.

 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Nov 7, 11 10:01 AM
This was by far my favorite myster case files game by far. The story line was fanominal as well as the use of real people. I really enjoyed this game and the bonus game that came with the collectors edition. I really love love love this game it was so much fun to play. I have played it about 5 times now its one of my favorite games of all time. The whole game was well put together and i hope the next MCF is just as good.
 posted in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast on Nov 7, 11 9:56 AM
I really enjoyed the game it was a pleasure to play it. I really like the story it made sense, even though it got slightly confusing at times but having a map really helped. The graphics were amazing and i really enjoyed the characters and how they were played out. I will defiantly play this game a few times.
yeah i liked the game took me about 4 and a half hours to play i liked all the puzzles but i wish there had been more hidden object scenes there just weren't that many and it got a little confusing at times
its been roughly a month since the release and really want to play the game but i only have a mac
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on May 15, 11 3:07 PM
what does beta mean?
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Jan 28, 11 5:11 PM
yeah its taken over a year and a half, way to long.
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Jan 12, 11 3:28 PM
come on big fish you're breaking my b@))s on this one release the game already
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Nov 29, 10 4:45 PM
I feel ya! its been forever since the last game game out, and hearing that it was coming spring 2010 and its almost december. Please hurry and release the game!
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 19, 10 12:47 PM
hopefully soon the game came out october 24th last year these games usually have a year inbetween their releases, so hopefully it will be out soon even though it said spring 2010. I feel like ive been wating for ages.
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Oct 8, 10 3:14 PM
I hope so i love theses games
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Oct 2, 10 5:38 PM
I've had to play some levels over and over again some parts of this game are difficult
 posted in 2 Tasty on Oct 2, 10 5:36 PM
I love this game just like gourmania but a little harder
 posted in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past on Oct 2, 10 5:34 PM
A really fun game hours of play. I really enjoyed it as well as the Hidden expeditiion games
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 2, 10 5:31 PM
you have to light it theres something with a tube and an arrow
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 2, 10 5:29 PM
the game will be continued when its released is still unknown. they usually release the games around october at least thats when it came out last year. It should come out soon it feels like i've been waiting for a very long time.
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