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 posted in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis on Sep 2, 12 5:37 PM
I don't normally write any reviews for any games - maybe 3 or 4 so far - but this game is simply the BEST game I've played in a very long time. The story line was so intriguing and the fact that most of it was set in space was tremendous! More games like this one, please! If you are wondering whether or not to get this game, wonder no more - it was a nice, long game which was just a joy to play.
Developers take note - MORE games like this!!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff on Jun 10, 11 9:34 PM
All Developers should take heed - this game is the absolute best game I have played in a very long time!! It was nice and long, great puzzles, made you think, tremendous graphics, and an interesting story line... I enjoyed Mystery Trackers - The Void also, and will anxiously await the next Mystery Trackers installment. After playing Voodoo Whisperer and being totally disappointed in the "ending," this game was certainly a breath of fresh air! Excellent all around!!
Thanks BFG and Elephant Games - more please!
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water on May 28, 11 8:24 PM
This game was very short and disappointing to boot. The puzzles were really easy, not much to do in some rooms, and some things were just aggravating. I loved the first 2 games in the Dream Chronicle series, but as other people have said it has lost its soul and challenge. I'm glad I got the game with a free credit... If the Book of Fire is coming out soon, I'm going to wait until it's the Deal of the Day or check out the posts on the forum before jumping to buy. Really disappointed...
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air on Jul 20, 10 4:49 PM
Wow! I am stunned... I simply cannot believe this game ended as quickly as it did!. I love the Dream Chronicle Saga, but this game was over way too soon. The end does leave the door open for another chapter, but more could have been done with this game to make it a little longer. I hope the game developers read this and make the next chapter a little longer. Still, a very enjoyable game! Great graphics, great music, and I could figure out all the puzzles!!
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 23, 10 10:02 AM
I absolutely LOVED this game! I hope that there will be sequels to it in the future. The graphics were excellent, voice-overs were tremendous, and the storyline kept me engaged the entire time! The music, also, was wonderful... The puzzles were hard enough for me, and hidden objects were sometimes difficult but not impossible. More like this please!
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