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 posted in My Tribe on Oct 12, 10 10:53 PM
Lisa - thanks for the info. The food storage wasn't full, and they weren't exhausted, which is what puzzled me so much. As for the wood, I forgot to check and see if the trees were marked unharvestable... but when I pick up the tribees and drop them on the trees, they get right back to work... only to stop again after only harvesting a few. Very annoying!
 posted in My Tribe on Oct 12, 10 2:35 PM
I think others may be having this problem, though I've had trouble finding a message board with any actual solution. Basically, I like to check in on my tribees only once, maybe twice a day, leaving the speed on 'slow' so massive changes don't occur between checks. However, what I've been finding lately is that I come back the next day to find that one of two things has happened: all the wood gatherers have decided to stop working (on an island that still has plenty of wood and huts available for them to sleep in if they're tired), so the pile has run out and there's no fire and everyone's starving - OR the fisherwoman (a different username, brand new tribe, so only one person on each job, and not enough science to get a farm yet) has decided to stop fishing - again, plenty of huts around for her to sleep in, but for some reason she decided to do absolutely no fishing until I returned - in both cases, I come back to find everyone starving. VERY annoying! Why do they randomly decide not to work like that? It happens even if wood gathering or fishing is the ONLY task they're assigned to. Can anyone help?
 posted in My Tribe on Oct 9, 10 6:34 PM
I'd like to know this as well - but you might want to ask on the My Tribe forum if you want an answer
 posted in My Tribe on Sep 21, 10 10:04 PM
Thank you for the suggestion. I did play it for an hour; however, that was not long enough to find out that the storage sheds do not upgrade and the agriculture is so much simpler in the purchased game.
 posted in My Tribe on Sep 20, 10 11:08 AM
Discovered this game via Facebook and really enjoyed playing it - so much so that I decided to come here and buy it.


1. The graphics on the free Facebook game seem more advanced.
2. In Facebook, I can plant a variety of different seeds to grow building materials (straw), berries, or food. In the purchased game, it seems that I have no choice in what is grown or when it is grown; I just plop down a garden square and the people set for agriculture will grow veggies.
3. The buildings in the purchase version do not seem to have an 'upgrade' option, so if I want greater capacity for storing stone, wood, or food, I have to build multiple storehouses across the island.

Maybe it's just me, but I assumed that the game I'd have to pay to get would somehow be BETTER than the free one, but that has not really been my experience. I like that I no longer have to spend tedious time visiting others' islands if I want enough stork feathers to increase my tribe's numbers, but thus far, that seems to be the only advantage the purchased game has over the free one. I had assumed that I would be able to, say, grow berries like on Facebook, but be able to use them for potions instead of just clothing dyes. I guess overall I was surprised at how much the free game seems better than the version that must be bought. Am I missing something? Has anyone else experienced this?
 posted in My Tribe on Apr 5, 10 9:39 AM
I have also been having trouble with My Tribe. Today I just found out that my tribe members have maxed the science out - 10k. The problem is, there's nothing in the science section that I can research with only 10k science anymore - I've already gotten everything! And the next technology step requires 350k science... but my capacity is only 10k. Am I totally missing something? Do I have to use pearls to increase the capacity at this point or something lame like that? Help!
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