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 posted in Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster on Jul 9, 14 9:30 PM
I beta'd this one with no problems but now once released here now I am having issues- I am on a Windows 7 lap top and starts off slow and sound goes in and out and scenes move a pixel at a time and not even worth playing in extreme slow motion

Sadly depressing after a great Beta
 posted in Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms Collector's Edition on Jul 2, 14 1:06 AM
Disbeliever wrote:Everything was going along fine with my game until the very end of the trial. After meeting the dragon, I was being shown scenes of what was yet to come and all of a sudden, the screen went black, the game cursor froze, and I had to use ctrl+alt=del to get out of the game. Once out of the game, I saw that I had an access violation, though I don't remember exactly what the violation was. I am playing on a Windows 7 computer and I am always logged in as the Administrator.

My issue was the same as Disbeliever discussed
I purchased without reading technical thread -
I am playing on a PC laptop with Windows 7, firefox

After having to Control Alt Delete right near the end of the demo I was able to reenter and replayed under a new sign in name so I could hear all the dragon was saying right before it froze up-- since the replay went OK, I went ahead and purchased- For the most part it played alright but there were 2 times in particular that the audio was cut off as if I had clicked to skip the remainder of the discussion but it continued until that back and forth conversation was completed. The worst area was once the sister was cured she was giving information and had 3 or 4 times the discussion was continuing and I only got the first 4-5 words of each clip which really ruins the story as that seemed to be important. No problems with other parts of the game, so I now need to decide if I replay immediately or try deleting and reloading or call it good enough and just replay it in the future at some point- or just replay the mini games from the extras page and skip the whole story aspect altogether.

With the cost of the CE's you should not be missing out on ANYTHING which makes this a bit of a disappointment for a game I would have enjoyed very much otherwise.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 19, 14 6:43 AM
Would have loved to send you pictures of my farm I was about midway through my 2nd play through when I sadly downloaded the new quests Jan 24 and that was the end of my farm. I have not been able to sign in since Jan 27th. First I was blocked from progressing past the main page & I did not want to pay cash to restart since I had gold in my kitchen collections, but now I can not even get the new Valentine version to download at all. VERY sad!

When I restarted I had the unlimited energy until returning to the main pg, almost 500 gold & over 24 million in silver so I was able to grow my 2nd farm fairly quickly. I filled my whole farm up with plots & then I would sell off plots as I needed to build an animal pen or a factory. This helped to prevent rocks or stumps from blocking access to various places. Only during the 4 hr unlimited play did I have all my plots planted as they required too much energy unless they were planted with trees or bushes so the crops would not die before I could harvest them.

With this new Valentine version taking away the unlimited energy on a restart it just seems like the dev are trying to remove more & more of the ways the players were able to play w/o needing to purchase gold. They released the game last June & were happy how they had it set up & only once the game took off & became more popular they started to want to make even more money & every release since then they have taken away more & more & not fixed simple things like selling off large quantities w/o clicking 1000's of times. I understand they are in the business to make money but they are loosing players as people choose to walk away from their farm due to the dev becoming greedy about how to force the player into needing to purchase gold. Their greed in trying to alter the game has ended up costing many of us to not be able to play and then even more people finding that the game is no longer as much fun due to the changes they have made in these last 2 releases.

I miss my farm. I wish there was a game on the market similar as I would rather buy it outright & not have the game a Free to Play. I do not have a Face book acct to access the games there.

I can not send you a photo since I can not access my farm. We almost now need a cemetery for all of us who have lost our farms due to these new releases they put out. Wish I had taken the advice about saving my farm prior to downloading any new versions. I will NEVER make that mistake again.
 posted in World Mosaics Chroma on Feb 18, 14 1:22 AM
I agree with Bpup. I too would have purchased this game immediately if it was the standard game purchase for $6.99 or a PCC. After feeling burned by Farm Up and still unable to play that game even after the latest upgrades, I have vowed not to pay any money for free to play games. If I can play for nothing then OK. If their ploy is to pull me in to love a game then start requiring money, then I will go elsewhere, to other games to play. If I am pulled into any more F2P games and get frustrated, yet again, I will swear off even demoing any of the F2P games and just pass them by. There are many other games to play.

I do wish BFG had more of these nano/picross style games as I already have all those they have available. Many of the recent picross puzzle games, released here, have been being released with puzzles that you must guess to solve some of the squares. These puzzles should be able to be figured out without having to guess. I find once I am required to start guessing I become highly frustrated with the game, so I have stopped purchasing any of these types of games until other players can confirm that the puzzles are able to be solved logically without guessing. I really would love to PURCHASE another, but this one will not be where I put any of my money.

Edited to add- I too would be interested in knowing if this becomes available elsewhere in the regular pay for the game instead of F2P.

PM with any info would be very much appreciated. ThankYou
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 3, 14 7:50 AM
Yes, You will only take your silver and gold with you and as other threads have instructed be sure you sell off everything, that means All collections, all animals you can, all pens after you have cleaned and repaired them, all buildings, all decorations even all the plots on the farm, sell everything and all animals you are able too.

At the end of my first game I worked at just building up gold mainly by kitchen collection gold, and once all was sold off I was able to start my new farm with over 24 million in silver and just under 500 gold. Also when you plan on restarting you will get unlimited energy until you click out to the main screen so plan to have a stretch of time to play and what ever you do do not go to the main screen by error as you will be able to make great progress with the unlimited energy as well as all the silver and gold from the prior game.

Now if I had only not downloaded the new update that has effectively killed my farm.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 27, 14 8:59 PM
Many of us have played a 4 hour unlimited but it sounds like most of us were able to continue signing in and out and playing even afterward before we started receiving the access violation. I was able to play at least 3 days without issues after I downloaded the update and often sign in and out many times in a given day.

I am also on a windows 7, technically my laptop is a notebook, (Acer Aspire 5534), so laptop windows 7, did not protect me from the problem, nor did the 4 hour unlimited trigger the problem and I had grown and harvested most of the new additions during that 4 hour cycle without having issues for another 2 sign ins and over 12 hours before the problems started. Also the last time I had signed in I had only harvested crops, animals and factories before signing out and crops were only lemons and wheat. For me it is something that is happening once you click continue more than it is about what each of us was doing just prior to the problems starting.

Thank You BFG Deveron for keeping us informed.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 26, 14 11:52 PM
I down loaded the new version a couple days ago. Besides some issues I have with the new additions, seems to be rigged to cause you to spend more gold than even the last edition. Otherwise the game was working well for me. I played a 4 hour unlimited last night/early this morning and it still played well, this afternoon was fine too, now all the sudden I am getting access violations and the game shuts down. It logs on and lets me go to the setting screen to change volume etc but once I push continue the problem happens.

I have tried un install /re install and also tried opening from the desk top numerous times, without the game manager, both had the same negative result.

Can you just put the prior version back up until you get the kinks worked out?

This is my second play through and as others have stated I have lots of time and money invested. This game I started with 450 gold plus over 23 million silver all through long hard hours over 7 long months of game play. I do not want to loose it all! I want it fixed and working well.

I feel like I have been burned and if my information/ or my game level is lost, I will not down load ANY updates until they have a proven history of no bugs or tech issues with them. I already skip any game that has tech issues and I am Kicking myself for trusting this "new update". Never again!

PLEASE fix this FAST!!

Edited to add I play on a laptop, pc, windows 7
Acer Aspire 5534, 64 X 2 processor, HD3200 Graphics
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 26, 14 10:55 PM
I Soooooo agree with you mellowfuzz it makes me stop and hunt the board each time it happens! Even my 5 y/o grandson told me I needed to go see who came to the farm! Wish they had used a different sound than the other sounds used. They each have a different reason to be notifying us.

I had said my lemon trees were not doing well after 2 harvests in another post, but by the 3rd harvest I at least had 2 kitchens but when I did a 4 hour unlimited last night, I ended up with 10 kitchens which is way higher than my normal of 5-6. I also made 1060 blue bottles in the 4 hr time. I do not just do radish or cabbage with the lemon trees during the 4 hrs, I try to increase my count across the board and from the factories too, focusing on factory items I can complete quickly, not the 3-6 hr productions. Then end the 4 hour session trying to get new trees planted or a crop of wheat that I can water or hoe before the end or using the blue bottles or the accumulated snack bar energy that I continue to build up during that unlimited energy time period if I run out of time before the task is completed.

Have you spotted any other crop that is doing well in Kitchen productions? I have more plots than most farms so it could still be random to the plot square on each persons farm too. Wish we knew exactly how they programed the game. Thanks for any insight on this you can give.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 25, 14 4:50 AM
Another point to remember if you are trying to coordinate when to return to the computer before a crop dies. The amounts stated are the time needed before any of the players attends school classes. The classes will increase how soon the plant will mature or water will raise an animal to maturity faster. If you have all the schooling then it can cut in half the time needed or even less. So be careful I think we have all had a few crops die because we did not factor in the time difference the schooling gave our crop time correctly. Hope that makes sense.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 25, 14 4:37 AM
Widowkay- You do not want to kill the moles or buy the windmill to get rid of them. After you have to purchase the windmill because you are asked to in a quest, turn around and sell it off immediately after you have been paid for doing the quest.

The moles when you click them will often give you a blue bottle of energy. This game anything that gives you energy is a good thing and in this game the moles do not hurt your crop or block your way doing anything. Hope you have fun!
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 25, 14 4:30 AM
LOL Mellowfuzz will get a kick out of that idea of being a developer

He stated early on that he had been injured and found Farm Up to be his distraction while he recovered. His first games were 2 at the same time one playing with money and the other computer without money and then documenting everything also saving the game at multiple(or more like all!!) points so when people ask questions that he can not answer right off the bat, he can go right to that spot and replay so he can answer them. Doubt he still has to replay any more though.
He has been an angel to continue helping and guiding those who need help for over 8 months now. Way to go MellowFuzz. Now if BFG would give him a small cut for all his time and energy I am sure he would not mind!!
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 24, 14 7:02 PM
Country girl- There is plenty of room on the farm this time around I have 3 of each textile, 3 cannery, 3 dairy 3 bakery but have the starts to 2 more bakery already 4 sheep down now to 1 chicken I did have 3 until I had 1000 of each egg then sold the extra 2 pens off. Any egg sale that drops the number below 1000 I purchase that bird to get the egg number back up. Have 2 Hives and 350+ plots.

The question you need to ask yourself is are you wanting the farm to produce the most you can or make it pretty. Some try to do a bit of each. I have one for pure production.

The items you are asked to purchase do not need to be kept you can sell them right back off once you get the gold or silver for doing what they have asked of you.

This is my 2nd time through & started with about 450 gold and over 23 mil in silver. The last game I continued playing until I had 30 of every factory product 1000 each tree(2500 for apple & cherry) 500 each bush 200 each crop, so once I sold off everything I had quite a lot of money,...... though a bit more gold would have been even better.

You will have unlimited energy until you clicked out to the main screen, this gave me a jump start & I sold of everything on the farm from fences to stepping stones rocks & stumps then filled my whole farm with plots & planted half in lemons & pumped water. Now I just sell off the number of plots I need to fit the next building or pen. I have enough plots that if half of them are filled with dead trees it is not a big deal & I wait until I do a 4 hr unlimited to clear them out & replant...which will be when I earn 2 more gold either tonight by earning another kitchen set or tomorrow when I get 5 more daily gold. With the new changes I am not fully sure of how much it will change the way I have been playing. If any plants ever die I wait until I have a bunch to be restored as it only cost 2 gold to revive all dead plants. I really hope that number has not changed in the update! I try not to let plants die since gold is precious in this game.

If you want to pack things onto your farm you may want to check out how others have arranged their farms but easily can be done on your own by placing things as close as possible without blocking access to the picking up of the crates.

Hope you have fun. Enjoy the game. If it gets to the point you are not having fun then it is time to try a new game for at least a while.

edited- I have 4 sheep not 3, & 319 plots, No Kitchen from my 116 lemon!!!
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 24, 14 6:16 PM
Before rushing to down load the new updates you may want to read through the changes. Those changes will make a big difference the way some of us have played the game. Double production time for radishes and decreased blue bottles for each harvest by 25% if another poster is correct. Then double to 40 to restart and increase charge to buy off gold crops for those of us trying to not pay any cash.

Just read all the changes prior to uploading the new version.

EDIT- I have just played a while longer and the blue bottle reduction is not 25% as I had posted above. Picking my lemon trees you got 1 for 1 until the picking of #7 and to earn the 7th you had to pick 2 which will be a good thing to remember when you are trying to stretch those energy while finding blue bottles to continue planting or harvesting. So 8 picks = 7 blue bottles Sorry for my mis information.

In regards to lemon trees sadly it is not looking good, my second harvest of 116 lemon trees and again 0 Kitchen collections. This is not the way the other version was, now to figure out if something else provides more gold or if now it is truly random or if specific plots are weighted for Kitchen collection.
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 24, 14 5:57 PM
Can anyone say whether any of the amounts of times for building any of the factories or bee hive has been reduced?

Two biggies for me that have not changed is to sell of large amounts you still must click thousands of times and secondly when the update is used it does not recognize everything you have done. I have not figured out that full effect for me. The first up grade cost me having to build a 2nd cow pen and 4th bee hive as I had already 3 and the game wanted an additional and the cow pen I had already upgraded to the level the new upgrade wanted so had to build a 2nd or tear down an existing.

This time the husband is sleepy from so much fresh air and needs 3 achievements and I have already completed all achievements which will cost me 7 gold or one less slot for the remainder of my game.

Doubling the time for radishes and changing all sales from the salesman to gold and then this time I am receiving challenges that require gold to complete. Sea Buckthorn and tangerines where before you could complete without gold. The last version most of the challenges that you needed a gold crop you could buy it off with 3 gold and now I am charged 7 or 10 with one being 50 gold!! ....seems like maybe Big Fish wants more money than what they have been making on those of us who are trying to not spend cash. If this makes it too gold stingy this may be the last time I play and it has been one of my favorites since June.

Anyone notice if lemons are still one of the better crops?

edit-- Also I did notice that prior when you would be clicking to plant or harvest with the eye icon on and Jennifer was also in the area it would shut off the eye icon, which meant you either had to wait for her to be done or click eye click a plot click eye click another plot which was frustrating. That now is fixed which is a very good thing....just wish there was less negatives as I would rather have one blue bottle per harvest and 2 min radishes again. Seems they took any ideas we shared to help each other and took them away so they could make more money.
 posted in Farm Up on Dec 11, 13 11:45 PM
For those of you who are getting a bit bored without your city quests and have a ways to go before level 55, and do not wish to restart your game since new quests are in the works according to BFGDeveron, (that could mean very soon or next year, no time line has been given.)

You may want to try meeting your own goals. Mine were 1000 for each tree crop, 500 each bush crop, 200 for single crops and 30 of each factory production. I am in my final day, no more than 2, with only a small amount of bakery items left to be produced and have already grown all the wheat I will need, just producing the flour that will be needed. Have been selling off factories and animal pens as they are no longer needed to find out just how many land plots will fit on this farm and currently the number is at 432 but have 3 sheep pens and 5 bakery factories yet to be sold off and then place plots in those spaces once they are no longer needed. I will likely close out at 496 plots, (very close to that anyway.)

There are limitless things to challenge yourself to do with this game while waiting for the new quests to be released, no reason to become bored, just get creative and have some more fun, or play another game and come back once we get the new release.

Knowing that new quests are in the works is making me have to decide whether to continue selling off everything, or to change my mind and crank this farm back up into full production and rebuild the factories, hives and ponds once again. I was just checking in here to see what transfers to the new farm besides silver and gold, particularly the water, log, rock and brink supplies as I do not see where I can sell them off.

Enjoy your games, which ever one you decide to play.
 posted in Farm Up on Dec 11, 13 4:58 PM
I think there are at least 3 places if not even more. I am just finishing up my first farm (I was building up 1000 tree, 500 bush, 200 crop, 30 of each factory item before restarting) so have found in that time 1) to the left of the Riverside Station the plot up against the river bank, 2) behind Grandma's guest house on the far left 3) in the trees there are 3 spots one is close to the wood chopping tree you will get the item showing between 2 of the trees, but you can not clear it, spots 2&3 are in the larger area behind the trees for 1 there is a tiny spot if you click just right, that you can clear it, but the 3rd spot is farther back to the back left of that spot but is unable to be clicked. You may not even see the items stuck in those spots unless you are getting to see behind the trees. That was my 4th or 5th location that I found, though since the one has a small spot so I could clear that one so technically just 4 locations that gave me difficulty. There was a spot behind the barn up behind the numbers for the water, logs, rocks, boards and bricks that gave me problems for quite a while but I finally did get that one cleared also. I found by putting a plot of land on the spots that I could so rock, stump and grass do not get placed there then I could still plant in those spots. I think either placing a crop plot on the locations would solve the problem and still make the area useful, while placing others items would solve the problem but prevent making money from the area. Next time around I will be placing plots on each spot I am able to, so I will not run into this problem on my next farm. Have fun and enjoy!
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 29, 13 12:38 PM
Won't be long and you will likely want to scream because of all quests being textile. They seem to go in cycles, always one category seems to cause a back load of requests.

If you are only doing the random quests, after the city quests have run out, then it also makes sense that when your barn runs out of a certain item then that is going to be the quest you are going to need to be working on.

Then the next farm request will also run out at the same area especially if you are clicking the gear, main menu, continue, and getting additional requests from the truck, ship and rail people visiting the farm.

Hope your still having fun!
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 27, 13 7:48 AM
If developers do read this I really no REALLY REALLY would like for them to have a confirm before selling as in the wee hours I have accidentally sold off the whole lot of an item, when I had meant to click for more information. 2nd I would like to input the number of how many to sell not have to click several thousand times to sell off any items less than "all". At this point I am just not selling any because I am not going to click that many times to sell the unneeded items.
3rd the amount of flour needed to create some of these bakery items is ridiculous in flour and time needed.=frustration, not fun. Why don't we need to make orange juice or lemonade with all these lemons. Also need to have updates that can recognize if a goal was already completed before the update requested it. Frustrating having to build extras purely because the program did not look to see what we already have done.

Lots of additional recipes they could choose from but currently their recipes do not make much sense so I doubt they would start making sense in a new upgrade either. Just make the game function well and play even longer with additions that will actually HELP us to enjoy the game more not bury us in wheat or lemons.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 27, 13 6:57 AM
Also be aware that there is a mix up and it is probably bilberry not blueberry that the game asks for. The blueberry plants cost gold and the bilberry costs silver so a big difference. My advice is to try using bilberries by growing them first and clicking to produce and if you already have both bilberries and blueberries then check which number went down in your inventory. But easier just to try bilberries prior to even growing any blueberries. Would hate for you to waste your gold needlessly.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 27, 13 6:51 AM
I did not have the board needed for something and did not have Grandpa but it worked out OK because one of the collections gives boards as a reward and I did have enough of the collections to go ahead and build what was needed. Hope it may solve at least part of your issues.
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