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 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 15 9:07 AM
I reloaded Drawn 3 because I could not get the gate open at the git-go. I went back to the book and the software will not allow me to re-acquire the star as it will not reappear in the book when the dragon breathes fire. That is the only item that I cannot reaquire. So not being able to open the gate in part 1 prevents progress in part 1.
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Aug 16, 14 6:52 PM
I never get to play any bonus games. When I select the house on the upper right of main game level selection menu, every bonus game has a "not" sign on it. How do I get to play those games. I have perfect scores up to game three of Season 4. What am I missing here.
 posted in Burger Shop on Apr 6, 10 12:00 PM
This is a great game. I have not been able to get an answer. . .maybe this is just a vocabulary issue. . .to what are "bonus points". Are they the same thing as the "power up" points? I'm having trouble understanding the scoring. Like how do the food purchase amounts play into this? There is a "goal" score but even if I exceed that goal. . .sometimes by A LOT. . .I still do not get a perfect score. I guess what I'm after is what are the components to achieving a perfect score. I'd like a breakdown in numbers.
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