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 posted in Kuros on Aug 15, 11 7:32 PM
ok disregard, I can't find some things because they are TINY or hidden I am going blind playing this game. UGH I am glad I got it free it's a real weinie, not winner, IMHO.
 posted in Kuros on Aug 15, 11 6:22 PM
Just started playing; I am in a treehouse I think (oracle) and can NOT find any more music for organ OR a last piece of telescope. Nothing happens. I have covered every inch of the screen and the game closes instead, so I had to switch to play in this a glitch? SHe just keeps saying I have to find some sheet music to play...blah blah. NOTHING happening. Should I uninstall this game? I have windows 7 updated everything...
 posted in Cubetastic on Jun 23, 11 11:16 PM
Yes there is NO help when you are stuck, you have to try to solve the puzzle over and over. WELL just wait till you get to level 12. After HOURS I actually solved it. The ball landed on the final square, the light headed skyward, and my SCREEN FROZE. the game froze. No response. THEN it closes. When you reopen the damn game, the puzzle appears again, NOT solved. I solved it three times, each time it froze. There is a MAJOR glitch. Beyond ticked off because NOW I can't unlock the next set of puzzles. Stupid programming.
 posted in Cubetastic on Jun 23, 11 9:48 PM
I have the same issue and am really ticked off. I had NO problems until I get to level 12. I have solved it THREE TIMES and the light flows upward then the screen freezes and NATURALLY it does not show that I completed the dang puzzle. There is nothing wrong with my laptop. THIS game has a software glitch, I saw an error message once but didn't get a chance to copy it. Tell your tech people, please.
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition on Apr 26, 11 9:33 AM
Yeh I really liked this game. It was just hard enough but not insanely hard like Nostradamus, lol. At least you find the stuff eventually...But I didn't like the hog scenes, too dark, hard to see a lot of the screen. Thought it was my laptop. THe scenes were so cluttered I had to strain every time.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Apr 21, 11 6:48 PM
thanks once again I am stuck. I got the stupid library amp 45 whatever that is. Now nothing happens. the dad doesnt do anything I have no other things to interact with. I wish I could get my money back I really don't enjoy wandering aimlessly for hours and it is more frustrating than fun. Thinking is one thing this is giving me a major headache.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Apr 21, 11 4:04 PM
sorry but I also get nothing in this room to do. I click on everything NOTHING happens. There has got to be some help with this game it is beyond frustrating.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Apr 21, 11 4:01 PM
all I did was use rope to lift bookcase. Saw blood on floor, found a book that talks about his interest in celts. Nothing else happens. Also when I made that bread I cant do anything with it, it says NOT YET so I left it in the oven overnight. Still nothing. I hate this game.
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Apr 21, 11 3:58 PM
I am really hating this game. Nothing happens, no clue no hints and I wander around for hours getting nothing done. sorry I bought it.
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Feb 6, 11 10:07 AM
this was fun but doing it in the easy mode, I finished in around 7 plus hours...thats short. I had to skip two puzzles that were just ridiculous; one with the bugs on wood tiles. Nothing happened no matter what I tried. And another one, I already forget. It was a quick game with hints. without--I probably would have been lost.
13 skulls was a much better game, real embedded video. The dialogue on this was cheesy and I started skipping it a bit.
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Feb 2, 11 9:04 AM
I have to say I loved this game, but I needed to go to the strategy guide for a lot of the big stuff, like the swamp puzzle/cannons etc. The puzzles too were challenging but I got them all on my own with only a wee hint here and there. I found myself sitting there all day on a Saturday to finish this game, while my husband sat on his computer at the adjacent desk, working. He would look over once in a while, try to help me with some mini puzzles. (I tell him I play these games to insure against alzheimers, they give my brain a major workout--and it's him, not me--always asking "Have you seen my car keys, have you seen my wallet, LOL.)
I enjoy these newer games with video and live actors, this game had particulary talented people although the wife didn't have much to say eventually other than go away! Loved the hillbilly on the porch, scuzzy dude.
Overall, It was an addicting game and I finished it during one week in my free time, but I would sit for hours each time playing. Liked the actors, but again like others said, the little girl and dad scene in beginning made no sense when you found out the little girl was JUST as evil as the parents in the end. very weird. and (aSPOILER ALERT: she drowns with them, a very nasty ending.)
Great video and effects though.
 posted in Bejeweled 2 Deluxe on Feb 2, 11 8:34 AM
any updates on whether they are getting it here? I almost bought it at best buy, again it was 20.00 so skipped it. I keep searching games to find it but no luck on big fish. also, how do you get beta games?
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Apr 6, 10 11:30 PM
THIS is the hardest game I have played yet, Dire Grove was tough but this one, mama mia! YOU HAVE to keep saving what you did and go read your walkthrough. IF you miss any steps you have to backtrack. I finished it tonight! YAY. Make sure you have pebbles on you to distract the guards, also knock one out in the dovecoat and take his uniform, then you can run around without being stopped. You roll the barrel on him to knock him out. This game drove me NUTS but I stuck it out. Mona Lisa puzzle was a royal pain, so was that ball drop puzzle in the cabinet. But it was good for my BRAIN!
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