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 posted in K3Y on Jan 15, 18 9:23 AM
I liked the Jar of Marbles games, so I bought this game right away. However, there are several problems with this one, so I wouldn't recommend using a credit for it.
 posted in Santa's Christmas Solitaire on Dec 19, 16 11:06 AM
Just curious if anyone who purchased this game was getting any type of error message. I installed and played the demo with no issue, but when I purchased the game and tried to activate it, I get an error message.

Access violation; program terminated. Also cannot find a suitable resolution.
Never got this error message on any game before.

Big Fish responded to my help ticket by offering a replacement credit good on any game, so I bought the CE new MCF game for $6.99 so happy about that. They said if the game was fixed later, I could still keep it, so was just wondering if I was the only one to experience this. I also just bought this computer a couple of weeks ago, so that might be contributing to the problem.
Poodlebear wrote:
jojo3983 wrote:using windows 8. got into the car and the game freezes. The music still playing but won't let me out of the car. I am clicking on try to find the pairs.

EXACTLY the same issue for me at the same spot. I had gotten to last group of pairs - coins. I can move my cursor but nothing happens, clicking does nothing, can't exit or use hint or strategy guide. Using Windows 7 Home Premium.

Me also. I thought it was just me and was coming here for advice.
 posted in Tumblebugs on Sep 6, 14 7:07 PM
I have the same problem also. I played a few levels, but the flickering and blurred game field made me dizzy so I gave up on it. Hope it can be fixed, because these were games I played over and over.
 posted in Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land on Aug 20, 14 11:56 AM
Well I always play the timed version when I have a choice, just because enjoy the challenge of it. Usually the quicker you clear the board and achieve the objectives, the higher your score. That's why this part of the game makes no sense to me. Am I supposed to be doing something else? Is there a place to see how many stars you have accumulated so far before ending the level and getting your final score? I replayed both levels that i only got one star on, and still wasn't able to improve my score.
 posted in Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land on Aug 20, 14 10:56 AM
I enjoyed the demo of this game, but don't quite understand the scoring. On some boards, I got three stars without difficulty, but only got one star on other boards. This in spite of clearing the board quickly and attaining the objectives. I don't understand what else you have to do to score and gain stars. Unfortunately there was no help feature in the menu.
 posted in Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon on Mar 13, 14 11:19 AM
I don't even get as far as the crystal. On level 5 of Phoenicia, where you are finding all the pieces of the four items, is where my game hangs up. After I find the last piece, I get kicked out of the game and back to game manager.

Also, this game seems to "pull a lot of power". While I am making matches, the fan on my computer will start racing and the cursor is sometimes jerky, making it more difficult to do. Restarting doesn't help. Think I will shelve this game til a fix is found.
 posted in Love Story: The Way Home on Jun 26, 13 9:21 AM
Yes, this game has big problems. I've installed it twice and both times the cursor freezes up about 2/3 of the way through the first ho scene. Will try again when a fix is made.
 posted in Magic Vines on Nov 10, 12 8:42 AM
I agree; it is an adorable game. It was one that I played over and over. Very sad when it stopped working.
 posted in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector's Edition on Nov 8, 12 1:25 PM
Wil Jul, what did the skip button look like? I went back to it several times and never saw one. I would like to get past this if I can. Thanks!
 posted in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector's Edition on Nov 5, 12 7:17 AM
I don't think there is a skip button in advanced mode (even though the description on the page where you choose the gameplay mode says hints and skips recharge more slowly in advanced). There is no reset button to get all the lights back off, either.
 posted in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector's Edition on Nov 5, 12 7:02 AM
I am liking this game so far. There are a lot of HO scenes; hence the name Hidden Object Game, and in my opinion they are good ones. The one drawback I've found is that at the beginning when you are choosing your gameplay mode, the advanced says hints and skips recharge more slowly. That's what I wanted, but on the fuse box puzzle, there is no skip available at all. Nor can I see a reset button to get all the lights off, to be able to try the combination shown in the SG. So in order to progress, it looks like I will have to go back to the beginning of the game and create a new player and start over in standard mode. Am I the only one dealing with this?
 posted in Big Kahuna Reef 3 on Jun 18, 12 9:04 AM
I love a good match 3, but this one was slow and jerky on my computer.
 posted in Villa Banana on Jun 9, 11 11:18 AM
That's what I do, also. I couldn't figure out any way to get rid of them, so I just move them to a corner where they are out of the way, and then make matches to break the plates underneath. I thought at first that maybe if you grouped three together, they would disappear, but that didn't work.
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 29, 11 7:52 PM
The issue with not being able to progress further after the "jade room" and upgrades appears to have been corrected. I signed in as a new user and almost immediately started seeing rooms I hadn't been in before, and am now almost all the way through the game with no further problems.

Thanks to the tech team! I'm really enjoying this game.
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 29, 11 3:15 PM
Itsupikachu wrote:Well, I played all but 9 minutes of the trial and I like it more than I thought I would. It's a really cheerful game and quite colorful, too. And even the music isn't all jazzy-some of it I really like, as it, too, is cheery and quite pleasant. This game certainly is a welcome change from all the really "dark and eerie" games we've been bombarded with lately. It's a buy for me, after all! and a half stars.

I played completely through the trial and then purchased the game before I hit the wall. You may want to wait until a fix is announced before buying it.
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 29, 11 8:52 AM
Same problem as the three posters above; game is at a standstill. Can't enter any rooms or buy any upgrades.
 posted in Villa Banana on May 24, 11 8:02 AM
I'll buy this one. This was my favorite kind of board in the Hidden Wonders of the Depths series, and I always thought that an entire game based on that kind of play would be something different.
 posted in Hexus on Feb 18, 11 6:32 PM
Got it! Thanks so much, Max. I was only thinking in terms of three strings of 5 and didn't see any way to connect them. Then when you said "groups", I realized the key was to arrange them in a sort of starburst pattern with a central hub.

This was a fantastic game!
 posted in Hexus on Feb 16, 11 7:02 AM
purty pleeze with sugar on top Anyone who has completed all 100 levels, how do you complete chains of more than 12. Can't get past the level that asks for chains of 16 white and black spheres.
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