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 posted in Love Story: The Way Home on Jun 26, 13 2:17 PM
I got the access violation pop-up on the second HO scene, too. Curser froze. Had to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of the game. No buy for me.
 posted in Shaban on Jun 19, 12 4:13 PM
You need to look on the BACK of the sign. Go stand on the upper hill...point the telescope on the sign and there you will see the other half of the paper on the back of the sign. Hope this helps.
 posted in 1 Moment of Time: Silentville on Jun 18, 12 2:46 AM
The update worked!! Yeah! Plus I didn't have to start the game over with a new profile. Thanks BF!
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Mar 12, 12 8:25 AM
I, too, will wait patiently for a fix. I like the game and want to see how it ends.
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Mar 3, 12 3:14 AM
still waiting for a fix
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Feb 28, 12 1:16 PM
Are they working on a fix for this game? I was really enjoying it until I got kicked out. Had two "dump" files dumped on my desktop. Plus I noticed the game manager closed itself down before the game started. Never had that happen before. I refuse to start this game over until there's a fix. Why waste my time if it's only going to kick me out again.
 posted in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen on Feb 20, 12 3:26 AM
All my inventory items disappeared, too. Will ask for my credit back if it's not fixed soon.
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Salem on Dec 5, 10 9:07 PM
I really liked this game but because it's sooo's a NO buy for me. I was in the middle of Chapter 3 when the demo ended.
 posted in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention on Dec 1, 10 7:42 AM
I only got to play15 minutes before the game froze on me. Nothing I clicked on would move. Also had trouble with the hint wand. It didn't work.

I had the custom cursor turned off and that still didn't help.

And don't tell me it's my system. I can play Long Game Files and the most graphic of graphic games here on BF. But to have a simple HOG like this freeze on my computer? Give me a break!
 posted in Jane Lucky on Nov 30, 10 10:30 AM
I really like this game. The storyline is interesting and I can't wait to see how it ends.

The game would have been better if they had kept the 'moving-lips and no-voice' part out of it but overall, the gameplay is fun and relaxing.

Will definitely put this on my December buy list.
 posted in The Dragon Dance on Nov 30, 10 7:28 AM
I really like this game. I didn't have any problems placing items or using my inventory like some did. The journal was a little weird to navigate at first but I got used to it pretty quickly.

There is very little hand-holding in this game. Which is a big plus for me. Graphics are great. Storyline kept my interest. Mini-games not too hard...not too easy.

Will buy tomorrow to start off my Dec. punch card.

 posted in Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse on Nov 27, 10 5:50 PM
That's what's so fun about having a sale. We get to 'trial' games we might not have noticed before. Like this one....

I just finished the demo and I really liked it. A definite buy for me.

All I need now is 2 more games to fill my punch card. I have most of the games that are on sale but I'm sure I'll find something.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets on Nov 26, 10 6:37 AM
Now THIS is my kind of game! (unlike the new MCF game. IMHO)

In this game I can actually go where I want and do what I want without being told in a bunch of pop-ups. WOW...what a concept! I can actually think for myself!

I must get this game!
Just finished the demo. Wasn't real impressed. Will wait for the Standard Edition and then maybe use a credit on it.
 posted in Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera on Nov 23, 10 9:19 PM
You might also like:

Deadtime Stories

Elixar of Immortality

Love & Death: Bitten

Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors

Mystic Diary: Haunted Island

Syberia 1 and Syberia 2

Just to name a few. Have fun!
 posted in Fiction Fixers: The Curse of OZ on Nov 23, 10 7:57 PM
Wow! Not much of a challenge in this game! I was at the end of Chapter 4 when my demo ended.

Graphics were good. Story was okay. Characters were cute. But the gameplay was waaaaay to easy.

Definite NO buy for me!
 posted in Letters from Nowhere on Oct 27, 10 8:23 AM
Game runs slow for me, too. I turned off the custom cursor but that didn't help. It looks like it would have been a good game to play.
 posted in Mystery of the Earl on Oct 23, 10 6:56 AM
Very sloooooow gameplay. Everything moved in slow motion. I could see the objects I needed but I couldn't pick them up. I even had the custom cursor turned off but that still didn't help. So....

NO buy for me. Had to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of the game.
 posted in Nancy Drew - Danger on Deception Island on Oct 18, 10 6:38 PM
Yep! Worked like a charm! Thank you!!! (Windows 7)
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of Fate on Oct 17, 10 9:55 PM
Awesome game! Liked the first one...loved this one! Highly recommend!
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